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I am a divorce lawyer, collaborative professional, and mediator.

  • How can I fix delayed sound on webcam recording?

    When I record myself on my webcam, the sound is delayed so that the visual does not match the sound. I'm using a headset with a microphone. The sound quality is good but the visual is very distracting. What am I doing wrong, and how can I fix it?

    2 AnswersAdd-ons10 years ago
  • What's the best for a college student on a budget to get from Philadelphia to Rochester?

    Homesick college student wants to go see Auntie for Thanksgiving, seeks public transportation that is fast, cheap, clean, safe, convenient between Philly and Rochester. What's the best way in your opinion and why?

    1 AnswerPhiladelphia1 decade ago
  • Safe, clean, cheap Atlanta hotel convenient to MARTA?

    I'm attenting a conference at the Atlanta Hilton, 255 Courtland Street NE. Can someone verify that this hotel is close to the MARTA and also possibly suggest a hotel or lodging that is inexpensive -- plus clean, quiet, safe, free parking, friendly -- and would be convenient for public transportation to the conference site? How long would I need to allow for transportation if the conference starts at 8 AM and gets out at 6?

    2 AnswersAtlanta1 decade ago
  • Switch to Linux or stick with Windows for new machine?

    I've always used Windows and MUST use a program 100% compatible with MS Office due to my work. I'm also a total computer klutz. I cannot do the most basic programming. I need to purchase a small computer to use as an office work horse, mostly word processing, backup and storing files. Should I stick with Windows or give Linux a shot? How would I go about doing it? Also, if I get a Windows machine, should I try and stick with XP since I've heard it's more robust and nobody likes Vista?

    5 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • English name for Cai Xin?

    Can anyone tell me the English name for the green leafy vegetable I know as cai xin? In fact, someone could link me to a web photo catalog showing the many varieties of vegetables sold in food markets in China, that would be greatly appreciated! (For example, another veggie I don't know the name for in English is buo luo, as in "buo luo gao" and the root vegetable that is like a sweet potato that has little hairs on the outside.) If you know where I could purchase legally imported seeds in the USA, so that I can grow these in my back yard garden, that would be great too! I don't live anywhere near a Chinatown, so I know I'll never be able to get them in my local market.

    6 AnswersChina1 decade ago
  • Program for creating home movies from various media (slides, videos, music)?

    I'd like to combine my photographs and videos with music I've recorded myself, to create a home made video. I'm thinking of something like a collage with music. I want to upload this to YouTube. I want to retain ownership and control over my files, so web services that do this (like Hallmark's Smilebox) are out. Suggestions for a good program? I tried using Windows Movie Maker, and it' doable, but I don't find it very user friendly and I want to start off on the right program so I don't have to switch later.

    2 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Vegan Hoppin' John Recipe?

    I am trying to make a vegan Hoppin' John recipe, and I want to flavor it with something equally yummy in place of the ham hock. I'm thinking maybe vegan Tofurkey style Italian Sausage? What are your suggestions?

    2 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan1 decade ago
  • What can I do if unvaccinated puppy is already exposed to parvovirus?

    I live in PR China. Teen daughter got baby chihuahua at pet shop. Prob well over 8 wks. Adorable and welcome addition to our home. Unfortunately, parvo and distemper are "everywhere" in this environment. Can assume she has been exposed already. Hygiene, communication, and practices in local vets are not westeren standard, could get infection there. Spoke w vet who speaks Eng and does house calls, he said quarantine for ten days, no shots yet. He said if (when) she gets sick, call him, otherwise do nothing and start vaccines after we know she's healthy. I asked about worming, and he said to wait even on that. She has probably been on a diet of rice porridge with chicken mixed in (congee, or zou in the local dialect). We switched to high grade dry food and softened with a bit of milk. She developed a touch of soft poop, seems to have a bit of nasal congestion. Is wanting to cuddle a lot but still playful. Suggestions? Ask 4 immunoglobulin shots or dose w/ tamiflu?

    8 AnswersDogs1 decade ago