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  • How can I find out what is on my credit report?

    I had my credit report pulled back in April and I had a score of 637 (we had filed bankruptsy about 2 yrs ago) and then I was trying to get a car loan to help rebuild my credit but they said that my score is only 580 so how does my score drop that much in 3 months and how can I see what is on my report so that I can either contest it or get it taken care of. I have not used any credit or applied for ANYTHING since my bankruptsy. Thank you

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  • Potty Training question?

    My daughter is almost 3 years old (will be in August). She has absolutely NO ambition to potty train. I am getting a ot of slack from family members that she should be potty trained by now but I have heard not to push it. Also we bought her a potty and let her pick it out, let her pick out her own underwear and she just doesn't care. Is there anything I can do or am I right to just let her tell me when she is ready?

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  • How do I prove my husband and I have been seperated for 6 months?

    My husband and I want to get an uncontested divorice and we will have been seperated for 6months in just a few days but i never changed my address to where I have been staying so how do I prove that I have been living apart? We live in IL if that matters. Thank you.

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  • DOOL fans who thinks?

    that Sami is raising her granddaughter, that Will is the father of Mia's baby??

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  • Should I be concerned about my daughters speech?

    My daughter will be 3 in Aug and when she talks she occasionally will say the same word over and over before finishing the sentence. For example, if she is trying to say you went outside she would say you you you you you went outside. Strangely it is usually only the word you occasionally it is something else but normally you. So should I be concerned and have her speech tested or will she grow out of it. Thank you!

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  • Who's responsiblity is it?

    Can my ex mother in law take me to court for visitation rights when her son has his daughter every fri thru mon? She threatened to take me to court because I wouldn't go over to her son's house and get our daughter to go with them. She wanted to stay home with daddy and not go with them and magically it is my fault and my responsiblity to make sure she goes with them. But if he has her everyweekend isn't his repsonsiblity to set up time with his mom to see our daughter. thank you

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  • Math help please this is my last problem and I can't get it.?

    y+3 over 8 = y-8 over 7

    I just need the answer none of the work Please and thank you and please no rude comments about doing my own work. This is my last question and I have had a bad week with my grandmother dying.

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  • Where can i buy cheap promotional pens for my business?

    All the websites I am finding have a 500 mininum that you have to order and I only want to order like 50 to 100 and I only want to spend around $25 to $30. I am just getting my business started and I dont' have a lot of money. So if anybody has a website they go thru it would be helpful. Thank you!

  • Am I under any obligation to speak to her?

    My husband and I are seperated and most likely divoricing. My mother in law calls me multiple times a day and if I dont' answer her she leaves me nasty messages. My husband and I have one child and my mother in law says that she just wants to know how her granddaughter is doing, keep in mind she has never done this before until we decided seperate and she only sees her about once a month if that, and she only lives 15 min away. Anyway, I feel if she truely wants to know how her granddaughter is she can call her son(my husband) and ask him. Not to mention that when all this happend she told me that it would be very sad if we ended up getting divoriced and then told my husband that divoricing me is the best thing to ever happen to him because I am crazy and he could do better then me. Well thank you in advance for the answers.

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  • How can I show him I truely care and love him?

    My boyfriend and I have been having problems and he thinks that I don't love him and he feels that I never put him first. He was talking to this other chick(to make me jealous) and he says that I should be there for him to pick up the pieces because he is always there for me. I have gave him more attention (as much as possible) but I don't know what I should do. He says it should be obvious what I do and if he has to tell me what to do then its not worth it because its not the same(which I understand). I don't know if this is enough info to make since or not. Also he has problems with privacy because my ill father is living with us and I am going to find him his own place as soon as I have money but there is nothing I can do until then. Any suggestions! Serious answers only and no sexual answer (that is not the answer). Thank you

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  • What stores are located by the Pittsburgh VA Hopsital?

    My dad will most likely be having transplant surgery in Pittsburgh and we won't have vehicle so I was just curious what businesses are around the hospital within walking distance. Thank you!

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  • What is a reasonable amount of alimony to ask for?

    My husband and I have been married for almost 8yrs, he has decided suddenly that he no longer is in love with me and wants out. We had a daughter 2 1/2 yrs ago and when she was born he felt it best if I quit working and stay home with her. Now if he files for divorice and I get child support, I want alimony too so that I can continue staying home with her until she starts kindergarten. My question is what can I most likely get. He makes appx 60,000 a yr and we live in IL. I know in IL the child support is 20% but I want to know if I will get enough alimony to continue staying home with her. I also have medical responsibilities with my dad that would require me to leave at any given notice.

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  • Which is the healthiest way to cook meat?

    My dad was recently put on a low sodium diet and I was wondering what is the best way to cook meat? I know frying it is bad and we quit using seasoning salt we use other kinds of seasoning. But should we bake, grill, broil, roast? Thank you!

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • What is a good durable brand of shoe for an 8yr old boy?

    My best friends little boy who is 8 goes through shoes like crazy. They only last about a month or two. She doesn't have the money to buy him new shoes all the time, so what brand would last longer and be more durable.

    Thank you

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  • What is the best kind of salt for homemade tortilla chips?

    My husband and I have decided to make our own chips now and then but we can't get the salt right (like resturants). We are using just regular table salt but should we be using a different kind of salt or what could be the problem. Thank you!

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  • Is my doctor right or should I not worry about it.?

    My daughter went to the dr today for her 24month check up (however she is 26 months, not sure if that matters) but she has ALWAYS being above the 95th percentile for height and weight since her 6 wk check up ( I am 5'5 and my husband (her father) is 6'5) any way she is 37 3/4 inches tall and weighs in just under 38lbs. My doctor says she is over weight and i need to cut back on her diet. Although she is a highly active child and she primarily eats fruits and veggies. Just curious what other parents think. Thank you!

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  • What could I be sick with?

    I went to the doctor 2 wks ago and she was feeling around on my stomach and on my middle to upper abdomen I had some tenderness but I didn't have any pain so she wasn't worried about it (that was on a friday) then the following Monday I got diarrhea which lasted 5 days, then I went the weekend feeling constipated now this past week I have felt like I had diarrhea with a strong rush to get to the bathroom then nothing comes out. I have pains in my abdomen all the way around but mainly in the right side. Also just to let you know I have been under major stress lately (we were in a car accident and our car was totaled (no injuries) and then our other car had engine trouble) so I am taking my dad and husband to work which has also messed up my sleep schedule) So basically is it something I should see the doctor about or is it just a stress thing. THanks in advance!

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  • How formal should I dress for a wedding if my husband is an usher?

    I went to a wedding last weekend and wear a nice grey dress shirt and tan dress pants. Should I dress more formal for the next wedding (next weekend) since my husband is an usher.

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  • Is it appropriate to wear the same outfit to two different weddings?

    I went to a friends wedding last weekend and I was wondering if it was appropriate to wear the same thing to the next wedding (next weekend) It will all different people but my concern is that my husband is an usher at the next wedding and I wonder if I should dress up more since he is in it. (I wore a gray dress shirt and khakis). Thank you!

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  • Is it a bug bite or something else?

    My daughter has a bite on her leg(upper thigh). It is greyish in the center and then around it is a dark pink and its firm. It is very sensitive to the touch, it isn't warm and she isn't running a fever but is it a bug bite or could it be something else? I already talked to her doctor over the phone and she wasn't very concerned but my friend has me worried. So any thing you could tell me would help thanks.

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