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I am a geologist by trade. I have a B.S. in geology from UCLA and a M.S. in geology from the U of Montana. My thesis was on discerning parent volcanic composition via volcanic lithic fragment composition. I also have a M.A. in teaching from the U of Utah. My specialty in geology is sedimentary petrology, but I have taught/tutored many intro&advanced classes at the college level, so I consider myself very-well rounded. If you understand all that and get that joke, then you are as big of a Geo-nerd as me. I am a hydrologist for the Utah Geological Survey, and I previously worked in mining. I have done field work in Mongolia, Italy, Mexico, and all over the western US. My homepage is, check for geologic stuff. I have transfered my efforts in geologic information giving to a more stable forum: Wikipedia. Find me there:

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