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My name is Moe Lester.

  • I never took my 7th grade finals?

    Last year I wasn t there to take the finals, I had failing grades yet they still passed me to the next grade level. Right now I m about to finish 8th grade but I m just wondering how they let me pass.

    7 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education2 years ago
  • Why can t I feel emotions anymore?

    I just noticed this a couple minutes ago. These kids on a game ganged up and started calling me weeb and loser. but I didn t feel anything. i didn t feel mad or sad or happy. I just moved on with my normal life.

    4 AnswersMental Health3 years ago
  • Question for ss?

    How did the supreme court decision in Worcester v Georgia and the Indian Removal Act lead to the removal and resettlement of native American groups?

    it's for my homework help

    1 AnswerHistory3 years ago
  • Something really weird happened?

    So last "night" well it was 2 a.m. I was up all night using my phone. So i decided I had enough for today. I get up and put my phone away. Then I got back to my bed and tuck my self in. But i started seeing flashes while I was tucking myself in. I thought it must just be my eyes since I was just watching my phone. Bu then it happened again as I was lifting my blanket. Then I realized, every time I touched my blanket it would produce some sort of electricity. And it was visible. I could even hear it. I was so scared to touch my blanket I thought it my shock me to death. I don t listen in science class so if this has anything to do with science then explain. or maybe I have super powers now.

    4 AnswersPsychology3 years ago
  • I found an iphone6? Read the details?

    I found an iphone6 plus on my way to school. I looked around to see if it was anyone's but there was no one around. So it's been about a month now and I have finally found a iphone charger to charge it. It work perfectly fine, but rip the front camera. Anyways, my problem is that it has a password. How the hell do I unlock it? I need real answers, not a 12 year trying to troll.

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  • About how much does the iphone6 plus cost now?

    now that the iphone 7,8 and x came out. how much would it cost?

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  • How do I make my voice deeper?

    I'm female of course. And i have the voice of a baby. It's not even high pitched it's just babyish. My voice can't go that deep either. Every one thinks i'm trying to make my voice sound like this. But i'm not. One time I was at a store and I was trying to find something and so i taped on a worker's shoulder and asked him if he could help. without even turning around he said "go ask your mom". Well yeah I'm 14 but I'm also not that little. It's so annoying. Especially at school when my friends tell me to make the cute voice. Is there any exersizes or something.

    my grammar is sh*t but I'm serous and I'm not trolling alright?

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  • Attachment image

    Please help meee?


    1.A white dwarf star has a surface temperature of about _______ degrees Celsius.


    b.5,000 to 10,000

    c.20,000 to 50,000

    2.Magnitude means brightness. Absolute magnitude tells us how bright a star is. What is the brightness of a blue star in the upper left corner of your H-R Diagram?

    a.20 to 15

    b.10 to 5

    c.0 to -5

    d.-15 to -20

    3. What is the brightness of a red star in the lower right corner?

    a.20 to 15

    b.10 to 5

    c.0 to -5

    d. -15 to -20

    4. What is the brightness of the Sun, a yellow star?

    a. -20

    b. -10



    5.The super giant stars in the upper right corner are very bright. Their brightness is ________.

    a. 20 to 15

    b. 10 to 5

    c. 0 to -5

    d.-10 to -20

    6.A bright star will have a negative number for its absolute magnitude (brightness).



    7.The apparent magnitude of stars is how bright they look to us. We are on the earth looking up into space. Which would look brighter?

    a.small star

    b.big star

    8.Which would look brighter?

    a. close star

    b.far away star

    9.Stars that are not very hot (cooler) but very bright are called ________.

    a. giants

    b. dwarfs

    10.Stars that are very hot, but not very bright are called ________.

    a. giants

    b. dwarfs

    11.Giants and dwarfs are believed to be _________ stars.



    12.What size star is the Sun?

    a. white dwarf

    b.medium main sequence



    2 AnswersAstronomy & Space3 years ago
  • Quick I answer these questions?

    Real quick. A couple of questions.

    Is the sun brighter than most stars?

    Is the sun average brightness compared to most stars?

    Or is the sun dimmer than most stars?

    Don't worry I'm not asking for the answers to a test. It's just things iv'e been wondering.

    5 AnswersAstronomy & Space3 years ago
  • Why do people like fingering slime?

    I've seen it every where. On youtube, instagram everywhere!

    3 AnswersYouTube3 years ago