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Well... I'm 17 years old... And I'm J-Music Fan! I Love Visual-Kei, J-Rock and almost anything Japanese although I'm from Venezuela... But I like English better... and Japan.... Yeah... I'm an Anime Lover too...

  • Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath?

    Hello everyone ^^ I have a simple question if you have played C&C:3 Kane's Wrath ^^

    A friend I've been playing with always uses Cabal Confesors and a lot of them! I found out that my planetary assault strategy is useless against them are Reaper Tripods the only and best way to go?

    thanks in advance ^^y

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  • Need Alt. Rock band recomendations? ^^?

    Hey everyone! ^^ So I'm really heartbroken right now therefore I need music xD

    I want some new alt. rock bands T.T

    I'm familiar with

    The Used


    Breaking Benjamin

    30 seconds to mars

    I want very sad songs *-* like Breath by Breaking Benjamin or Pieces by Saliva!

    Please, any recomendation will be appreciated ^^y

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  • Hi ^^ Need help... Please??

    Ok^^ A friend wrote this to me and I'm dead sure that they are lyrics from some song... If you could point out which song they're from I'd really appreciate it, or... I don't know, maybe an interpretation would be ok too I guess ^^


    -You say you Wander your oWn land

    But When I think about it

    I don't see hoW you can

    You're aching, you're breaking

    And I can see the pain in your eyes

    Says everybody's changing

    And I don't know Why-

    Thanx a lot ^^

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  • Why Are...?

    ...Stupid Questions Answered More Than Complicated, Interesting, Relevant Questions? O____O?

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  • Help needed... (Christians beware...)?

    So... ^^ i've been searching the web for a couple of days but...

    I've found no answers!!!

    I would like to know any type of... Umm... Ritual? so that I can become aware of my Demons Name ^^ or how can I invoke a Demon... a low class Demon so I don't become it's eternal slave O____O? In conclusion a Demon to play with ^^ and maybe do a few fun tasks ^^

    Thanks In Advance for all your answers...

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  • Necesito una opinion?

    Bueno en verdad no la necesito pero me gustaria saber que piensas...

    Esto lo escribi hace algunos dias y me gustaria saber, tu opinion personal si alguien te dijese algo asi... o tan solo una opinion general...

    Gracias! ^.^

    la unica razon por la que no me entrego a la locura, por la que no me permito volverme frio e indiferente y no pierdo esa esperanza de tontos, por la que no cobro mis heridas y permito que el dolor me consuma y me quite todo lo que creia saber eres tu...

    acaso mis lagrimas no son importantes por no ser vistas? por que siento que mis palabaras pierden importancia? solo quiero saber que papel juego en esta maldita tragedia llamada vida... a alguien mas se le perdio el guion? por que ya no se que decir... No estoy bien...

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  • In Need Of An Opinion?

    Well actually I don't really need it but it would be nice to know what you think...

    I Wrote this a couple of days back and really would like to know what's your personal opinion... if someone were to say that to you or just a general personal opinion...

    Thanks A lot! ^.^

    The only reason because I don't give in to madness, because I don't let myself become cold and indifferent and I don't lose that fool's hope, because I don't embrace my wounds and let the pain take away all I thought I knew is you...

    Are my tears not important just becasue they're not seen? why do I feel as if my words lose meaning? I just want to know what part I play in this damn tragedy called life.. did anyone else lose the script? because I don't know what else to say... I'm not O.k...

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  • Pregunta para personas que sepan de actualidad politica en Venezuela?

    Hola Comunidad de Yahoo Respuestas! ^_^ Bueno la verdad necesito saber si la reforma constitucional del "Presidente" Chavez en Venezuela contempla la eliminacion de las pruebas de admision Universitaria para el 2008?

    P.D: Pueden decir todo lo que piensen acerca del Presi alla abajo.... ^_^

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  • I Need Help Quick!?

    O.k she... (My best friend whom I'm in love with) just sent me an SMS saying: I hope you know that this has nothing to do with you... it's personal... I have some straighting out to do with myself... I've got to get a move on my life. I'm gonna miss you, but that's life...

    T.T help... what can I say? what can I do? if you need more details I have another question I posted weeks ago.... you can see it in my profile...

    Please? I'll give 10 points to the best quick answer....

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  • If the world would come to an end in two hours, what would you do?

    Yeah.. you know... News Flash! a big Meteor will crush the Earth in two hours Every politic... President, Senator, etc will be going to a new city in Mars and we have to stay... Panic... What would you do in your final hours?

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  • Please I Need Help! What Should I Do? Me: 17Yo... Boy?

    So, I'll be brief... I've recently graduated from High School, and I've never been the outgoing kind of guy, so much that I don't have any friends *whoa that sure sounds pathetic when you say it out loud* my intimate group of friends dissolved during High School... my best friend moved out of the country, the only real friend I have left is this girl that was always there but I didn't notice...

    I've known her for a year and a half but it wasn't until 7 months from now that I realized I'm falling in love with her... I've always been really cold to her and she never stopped trying to make me change and help me...

    A couple of months ago she confessed that she had feelings for me but that they had changed, that she didn't feel like that anymore... I apologized for the way I had treated her up until then and told her that I really liked her a lot but things had changed...

    what can I do if she says she doesn't feel like that anymore...

    she's all I got... and I love her so much...

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