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  • Biggest Flaws With the Official 9/11 Story?

    What are the biggest problems with the official story? Please provide support and cite sources.

    3 AnswersOther - News & Events1 decade ago
  • Why are my abs uneven?

    Why don't they line up correctly? How can I correct this? It's been this since I was about 10 years old.

    5 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Am I Unhealthy? 5' 4" 115 pound 16 year old?

    I'm 16 years old. I weigh a little under 115 pounds. I am 5' 4". Is that healthy? I weigh less than almost all girls I know and some of them are even shorter than me. And no, they aren't obese or anything related to it.

    6 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • What is a good brand of dirtbike?

    I want about a 100. It can be used or new.

    11 AnswersMotorcycles1 decade ago
  • What do you think about my idea for roads and cars?

    Ok here's my idea:

    Instead of gravely roads, the roads are electronic. When cars drive on them, the road will automatically detect the car and its size, and then it will put a sort of invisible shield around the car. This shield will push cars that get too close to it away (almost like trying to put two positive sides of a magnet together, but a little weaker). This will help stop tailgating and accidents. Also, when police, ambulance, or other types of government cars come, when they turn their siren on, all of the other cars on the road will lose power and be pushed to the sides of the road. This will help ambulances get to hospitals faster, and will also stop car chases. Cars can automatically be stopped from going at speeds excessing 80 mph for example. Also, a smart road would be able to stop people from running red lights, automatically slowing down cars when the light turns yellow.

    Of course, this is all assuming we can develop the technology to do this and also put it

    7 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation1 decade ago
  • Why is college required for so many jobs? There are alternate ways to do things...?

    Why are we forced to pay thousands of dollars for schooling? It doesn't make any sense. All it does is make it harder for low and middle class people to go through schooling and get nice paying jobs. This is my idea:

    Eliminate colleges completely. A person goes to an interview for the job they want. The employer gives them a simple questionnaire (name, nationality, etc), coupled with a test on basic skills required for the job. If the employer wants, they could also do an in-person interview. People who perform at a certain level or higher would be put through a free class given by the company. At the end of the classes, the job-hopefuls would be given a test. People who scored good enough would be accepted and given the job.

    Various tweaks could be made to this theory without ruining the concept...

    So what do you think? What would you change about my idea? Constructive criticism accepted.

    12 AnswersCareers & Employment1 decade ago
  • How are certain people able to participate in Yahoo! Answers?

    I am amazed how certain people are allowed to participate in Yahoo! Answers. Their behavior is appalling to me, and surely they have been reported several times. I don't understand how they can continue to make insulting comments, answers, and questions...

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago