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  • Myspace layout help...?

    How do I move pictures to the left in myspace? I DO NOT want to align them, just move them a little bit. I need them centered and <center>img</center> is not working neither is <p align="center">img</p> it is a photobucket pic does that matter?

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  • Washington state medical marijuana question...?

    Here is a tricky one, In Washington state, medical marijuana is completely legal (still illegal federally). The law states someone can grow marijuana for their medical use and be a designated grower for one person only. Each person can have 100 square feet dedicated to growing. 200 if for yourself and one person. Legally can let's say 4 people share growing costs and responsibilities? Each person would split the cost of growing supplies and take care of their own plants, it would just be in one big room. Have one room 800 square feet (that's 100 square feet for each of them and 100 for each of their patients)? If you have a legitimate answer please feel free to answer, if you are just going to tell me what you "think" or your personal opinion on marijuana please do not answer. A link to a law about it would be nice too. I have looked over and over and can not find anything. Thanks in advance for your help. And if tc_an_am (top contributor) is is reading this, I sent you an email through here asking a question in regards to an answer you posted about unlocking a Helio Ocean.

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  • does dee snyder have a "banned" movie supposedly a horrific spinoff of alice in wonderland? NOT STRANGELAND

    i have heard rumor from many friends that do not even know each other that dee snyder made another movie that is EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND, its not supposededly strangeland.

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