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  • How do I get a large dog that's afraid of the leash and cars to the vet?

    I found a very large dog (about 100 lbs now that she's healthy) hiding under my house a little while ago. She was starving and scared to even come out of her dog house at first. We quickly realized she is afraid of leashes and cars so we decided to get her up to weight before stressing her out with a vet visit.

    However, she now weighs 100 lbs and is comfortable in the yard. Coming into the house is still too scary and she'll only leave the yard a couple of steps before running back in. We've worked with a leash but she always goes and hides as soon as we try to get her to go anywhere on it.

    Im supposed to take her to the vet this afternoon and I have a crate in the car for her. But how should I get her to the car and then into the vet from the car? There will be 3 people taking her and my other dog. I appreciate any suggestions or ideas!

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  • Please help me figure out what is wrong with my computer?

    Quick intro to my computer: Desktop operating Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit). I have 4 GB of RAM, a 1 TB hard drive, and a 3.4 GHz processor (AMD Phenom II X4 965). My internet service rarely gives me trouble- I think I've only had to reset the modem twice. I've checked my systems stats and there's plenty of RAM and hard drive space remaining. My virus protection can't find any viruses. It is getting pretty dusty and I know I need to clean it soon, but I don't think that would cause the problems I'm having.

    The Issue: Sometimes when I turn on my computer anything related to the internet either won't open or just won't work. After Firefox quit opening, I downloaded Chrome and Opera. Opera won't open when Firefox won't open. The little icons raise to show that they've been clicked on but then the computer seems to forget that and they go back to regular un-clicked-on icons. Chrome will open but won't load any pages. It says that it's "Sending request..." I've waited hours before to see if it was just busy doing something else and come back to find nothing changed. The only solution I've found to the problem is to restart the computer (often several times) until all of a sudden it's fine. I've checked the internet connection on my phone and laptop (both using wireless whereas my desktop uses an ethernet cable to connect) during this glitch before and I'm fairly certain it isn't the problem. I don't have these other devices connected at the same time as the desktop normally, so it isn't a problem of splitting the connection with too many devices. Network and Sharing Center says it's connected to the internet and the activity is in line with the activity when I'm not having the issue (about 2,500,000 bytes sent and 6,200,000 bytes received).

    Other programs that access the internet connection (my virus protection, etc.) can't use the connection when this happens either. And Task Manager doesn't show any out of the ordinary processes. I've done everything I can think of. Do you have any suggestions on correcting this problem?

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  • Why is my a/c running even though it's 60 degrees outside?

    I live in an apartment on the 1st floor and I have apartments above, on both sides, and on the back side of my unit. It has cooled off in the last couple of days so I thought I would save some energy and go ahead and turn the air conditioning off and let the outside air bring the inside temperature down. However, within an hour, my apartment had gone up from the 78 I've been keeping it at to about 85. So I turned the A/C on again. Today, I decided I would just open the windows, turn on the ceiling fans, and let it cool down quickly. It was STILL warming up in here. The thermostat said it was 85 again (although this time it took 2 hours instead of one). So I put a fan in the window to draw in some of the outside air. This is probably a good thing for this coming summer, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to why my apartment would heat up so much when it's so much cooler outside? I just can't imagine my computer or other electronics would be able to heat my apartment THAT well.

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  • What do you think about this idea/theory I have?

    I have noticed similarities between our universe and atoms/molecules since I first began learning about atoms, etc. I have always kind of wondered if we and our "universe" were just part of some large atom or molecule making up some other larger world. It just seems like such a cool thing to be so insignificant and for there to be so much else out there, most of which we are either too small or too large to explore. Perhaps there is some massively larger version of you and you are just a speck on a speck of a skin cell and you could have some miniature version of yourself living on a speck of a speck as well. Has anyone else ever thought about this or am I making any ridiculous assumptions here? Just thinking about it and I thought I'd throw it out and see if anyone else found it as interesting as I do.

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  • What are some good websites for Sumo-Bot building?

    In one of my classes we are building a mid-sized sumo-bot. However, although we are engineering majors, we are not electrical engineers and most of my group hasn't ever really built a robot before (except one from a kit and this one is supposed to be mostly from basic parts).

    Do you know of any good websites for both buying parts and websites detailing how to build the robot and/or any suggestions?

    I appreciate your help!

    Thank you!

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  • What does Herman Cain have going for/against him?

    Do you think he can win the GOP primaries or not?

    If he does, do you think he can win the 2012 election or not?

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  • My stepdad is already thinking about getting a new dog; is he right?

    Wednesday morning, our 12 year old siberian husky passed away. As of Thursday, my stepdad was talking about what our next dog would be... on top of seeming like it might be too soon, we have another dog who doesn't play well with other dogs. She and our husky spent a lot of time fighting over who was the alpha dog and no matter what we tried, we couldn't get them to stop. On top of this, our dog has food issues with other animals. She is marvelous with people- you can steal the food away as she eats it, but a cat or dog gets too close, and she will attack it. Plus, she thinks she owns their food as well.

    My point is, do you think we could ever get a new dog with the dog we've got? Perhaps if we choose the right temperment and introduce them carefully? And if this is okay, when is it not too soon anymore? I really don't want to rush into anything... we need to reevaluate everything first...

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  • What percentage of America would you say has or is preparing itself for some sort of crisis?

    I was just wondering what kind of numbers of people are preparing themselves for the even of civilization's downfall. I don't know if such a thing will even occur in my lifetime or not, but I know that a lot of people like to completely ignore that it is a possibility. So I was wondering how many of these people are ignoring it vs. how many may actually be trying to do something in advance whether secretly or obviously. Is there a study out there giving numbers or anything?

    Note: Sorry if this question seems a little bit odd, but I was just curious since I keep seeing things talking about the oil crisis, the economic crisis, revolution, 2012, and all sorts of other fears for the future. I personally am not super prepared, but I have prepared a little bit. I keep water around and have a super rough idea of how I would get out of town and safe to my parents in the country if something ever went down. Just stupid little things.

    Also, if you can't answer the main question, have you prepared at all for any such event?

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  • Printers with refillable ink cartridges?

    I have been looking all over online, but all I can find are printers from several years ago that aren't on the market anymore. I was really hoping to find a list of printers somewhere but that just doesn't seem to be happening.

    These are for the family business which goes through several printers and a LOT of ink. The recession has made it much more sensible to refill our own printers and keep cheap, but reliable printers.

    If anyone has a list of printers they know to have refillable ink cartridges or even if you just know one or two that are still available in stores, I truly appreciate your input.

    Thank you!

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  • How do I find the perfect place to live?

    I'm a college student and I'm looking to move out of my overpriced university run apartment complex and into something else. I have a dog that I want to bring up to live with me, and my best friend wants to go in on whatever we find as well. So I'll need at least 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, pet friendly, and not too enormous of a pet deposit/rent/human deposit. Anyways, I don't know whether I should go with an apartment, a condo, a house, etc. or where to look for this? Should we talk to a real estate agent? Or is that way too pricey? And if so, is there a website that is actually helpful that might save me from the real estate agent?

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  • What is a good in-ground fence system for my dog?

    I have an Australian Shepherd with too much energy and therefore she is an escape artist. We have her in a 5 foot chain link fenced in yard. We had an electric fence that worked, but I really hate that because people often shock themselves trying to get in and out and it's a pain to get a lawn mower in and out and it grounded out when my stepfather neglected the weed-eating last summer. I want to get an in ground electric fence to combine with the yard fence and maybe one to enclose the larger yard that is fenced with barbed wire that's about an acre so she can have more room to run when we're with her. (I couldn't let her run out there without me because of stray dogs.) Anyways, I'm nearly 100% sure that the in-ground fence would work if we can find an affordable and reliable one.

    Anyone have any advice as to which system might be the best quality for a decent price?

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  • What should I name the wombat?

    I work at the university library and we're going to prank some of our coworkers with a wombat checking out books. I don't care how lame you think that sounds. I just want to know what you think a good and funny name for a wombat would be. This is what they look like:


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  • Why does religion mean so much more to society than non-religion?

    For instance, God, Christianity, Christ, Holy Ghost, Muslim, Buddhism, etc. are supposed to be capitalized, but (as far as I know) agnosticism, atheism, and other such words are not supposed to be capitalized. This may be a stupid question, but it's been bothering me because I like to use proper grammar and it seems like this small thing represents a much larger issue of religion being more important than my own beliefs which doesn't seem fair. What do you think?

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  • C ++ Homework Please Help! (I'm so frustrated!)?

    Write the definition of a function minMax that has five parameters. The first three parameters are integers. The last two are set by the function to the largest and smallest of the values of the first three parameters.

    The function does not return a value.

    The function can be used as follows:

          int a=31, b=5, c=19, big, small;


                /* big is now 31 */

                /* small is now 5 */

    I've tried everything I could think of and answered it in like 50 different ways! I don't know what I'm doing wrong... Here's what I have, but I know that I need to use *big and *small to get the right answers... Please Help!

    void minMax(int a,int b, int c, int &big, int &small){

    if(a>b && a>c){



    if(b>a && b>c){



    else if(c>a && c>b){



    else if(a<b && a<c){



    else if(b<a && b<c){







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  • Has Gang Violence Affected You?

    I'm writing a paper in my Sociology class and I need to take a survey. If you've ever been affected by gang violence or even if you haven't please take a moment to answer these questions.

    1) Are there gangs near where you live?

    2) Do you know anyone in a gang?

    3) Has anyone you knew ever been killed in gang related crimes?

    4) Has anyone you know ever been hurt or involved in gang related crimes? If so, what kinds?

    5) Do you think that gangs affect the crime rates of their communities?

    6) What are your opinions about gangs in general? Why?

    Please just take a moment to answer these! I really need them by tomorrow morning. I know it's last minute, but I didn't really get much warning about this! Thank you!

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