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  • How can someone not following me comment on my private pic on Instagram?

    I uploaded a pic yesterday. I did include a hashtag with it. But its clearly private, but someone that isn't following me commented on it. I found it strange. Any idea how this was even possible? How was he able to see my pic?

  • OK so I have this issue going on with my husband about the "guy" role & the "woman" role of the relationship..?

    we have this thing where we express should be the womans job verses the man job. While all things are usually done equally, theres just one thing we can never agree on....and thats driving. Im a strong believer that when were going out it should be his duty to drive. Now we both have our own cars, and we drive ourselves to and from work everyday, so this is really pertaining to the weekends. If were going out to dinner, or a movie...etc. Who would normally drive between you and ur spouse or significant other? I myself feel so weird when im driving and hes in the passenger seat. I do it on to the supermarktet, shopping things like that. But I don't feel I should have to on other occasions. Whats ur view on this? He has no problem driving when hes going out with the fellas...but always give me the "Why do I have to always drive" attitude when we go places. Advice people!

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  • Which Laptop mini would be better for my 8 year old daughter?

    I was looking into an HP mini thats at that comes with a matching case for $378.00. I was not too eager about spending so much on a mini, so I looked further and found a Dell mini for $279. The thing is, the HP comes with a 6cell battery, matching case, and its pink on the outside and inside(keyboard and all). And the Dell in black. The Dell is much cheaper but doesnt have a 6 cell battery. My thing is getting the bang for my buck. I dont own a laptop myself so im not sure about what specs would be necessary. Also both come with Windows XP home, is that ok or would the Windows 7 Starter be necessary? She's only going to be using it to play her games online. Browsing her fav sites and thats it. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Performance wise and price wise

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  • Honeymoon or no honeymoon?

    Well im getting married in a few weeks. My fiance and I have paid for our whole wedding thus far. Our parents contributed a small percentage, but everything else have been all us. Well now at the last minute his mom backs out of the scenario leaving us with an extra tab of $3000 which we had no plans on spending. Sacrificing our honeymoon trip to the Bahamas is our only option to make up for the loss. Im really pissed that his mom didnt hold up her end. Meanwhile my parents did so much. I told him his mom is just being evil. We had a falling out almost a year ago, and I think this is her "revenge". It just bothers me that I have to cut myself short over her pettiness. Soooo should I just take the honeymoon money, or be hard on my fiance and see if she picks up her slack? This whole wedding has been a big headache, I figured I could really use the vacation, but whats a honeymoon with no wedding right? Im confused and I see its going to cause strain on my fiance and I. Any advice would be great!!

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  • Ok so im kind of torn between a veil or no veil...what should I do?

    im getting married next month, the 22nd to be exact, and my dress just arrived at the bridal store. im going for fitting today and figured that while im there i'll get all the necessary accessories i need once and for all. heres the link to a pic of my dress...

    im doing gloves and a tiara and i was wondering if a veil would be necessary. if i do go with on its gonna be something fairly short and only worn in the back of my updo, not covering my face. also if i do go with one is it usually necessary to wear it during the reception also?

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  • tonsillectomy recovery....burning tongue/throat?

    I had my tonsils removed on July 6th. Im on day 8 of recovery. For the last few days ive had this excrutiating burning sensation at the back of my throat. It doenst seem to be my tonsil area, just the far back area of my tongue. I know my doctor burned them out (not sure of that method name) and im beginning to think he made a boo boo while doing so and actually hit my tongue in some spots. Its soooo painful and everything that touches those spots burns the crap out of em. Im on antibiotics and percocet 7.5/325, and they do nothing for me. I take 1 and 1/2 percocets along with a tylenol ES just to ease the pain for me to function properly. Im at my ends wits with this. I lost nearly ten pounds already. Im wondering when does things get better. Im getting married next month and I need to finish up planning. Plus my bridal shower is the 25th of this month. Will I be able to even attend and enjoy the festives they have planned for me. I have a huge tolerance for pain, but this is just too much. It leaves me crying like a baby whenever I dont stay on top of my pain meds every 4 hours. Any advice would be great people...thanx in advance!

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  • what should i do with the guests who didnt rsvp by the necessary date?

    im getting married this August, and I have to report the amount of people to the venue exactly 1 month before. i indicated to have the rsvp's back by july 15. that still gives them an extra week cuz i have to turn the table plan to them by the 22nd. im not about to play babysitter to these people that had more than enough time to simply check off whether they can make it or not. this is my first time doing anything by rsvp, and i need to know if its wrong to just not include those that didnt rsvp in time? Im paying per head and i refuse to wait fot the last minute and include people that I "assumed" would come, but decided not to, and im stuck paying for there seats. any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  • did my pain meds stop working?

    I got a tonsillectomy yesterday. I was prescribed percocet 7.5/325. Now I've taken 3 doses as of yesterday & today. The 1st dose worked great. The second seemed to work a lil less, and now 2day it doesn't seem to be working at all. Is that even possible? I'm in so much pain when I swallow. I can't even get any rest which is making things worse. Any solutions to ease the swelling & pain up? Should I contact my Dr to prescribe something else? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Any centerpiece ideas?

    I go to the florist next week to order all of the flowers for the wedding and reception. Im so new to this and have no clue of what the average price it for bouquets and centerpieces. I was thinking of roses and callalillies for my bouquet, and maybe just roses for my BM's. What can be used for centerpieces that wont be too pricey? What flowers/colors will go well with my wedding colors Pool & Canary? I want modern, yet elegant. Something that would wow the crowd and look as if I spent a ton....but really didn'

    If it helps, im in NY

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Any suggestions on wedding favors?

    My fiance and I paid for the overall expenses of our wedding. We are now basically looking for a non pricey, yet elegant type of favor for the reception. I would prefer something personalized, but im open to any ideas. My colors are Pool (tiffany blue) & Canary if that helps.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • When you get married do you have to legally change your last name?

    Im getting married in August. Im trying to get this whole name change info in order. I have so many things that have my current last name so I dont plan on removing my last name, just hyphening it. Now do I have to go to the dmv and change it there? Do I even have to have documentation(ID) with my new last name on it for legal reasons like insurance, taxes and things of that sort? Do we even have to file joint returns or can they still be done seperate? Has anyone decided to keep there last name after being married and not encountered any legal discreptancies? Any advice will be appreciated!

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  • How can you find out if some one had life insurance prior to passing away?

    My step mom had recently passed away. My father and her were still married. They were some differences amungst him and her children and now there leaving him completely out of everything. They didnt even include him in the obituary. Now he's hearing from her other family members that her daughter is trying to get the money from her policy. There trying to say that my father's no where to be found. They havent called him or anything after the funeral. Im wondering what can be done at this point to determine what insurance company she was with. If she really did have a policy, and what are the ways of going about things to get what may legally be his. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance!

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  • Turkes and Caicos or Bahamas for honeymoon?

    I'm getting married this August and me and my fiance narrowed it down to these 2 destinations. Has anyone ever been to either island and which would you think would be more enjoyable to a couple aged 26 & 27? Both are all inclusive with the price being in the same range so its really a toss up. Based on the brochure the Bahamas seems more romantic and elegant and the resort is adults only, but my fiance thinks Turkes would be interesting as well. Before we put both in a hat & pick I figured i'd get some opinions first.

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  • Can I file an insurance claim on my phone?

    A friend of mine is on my t mobile account and she added insurance on her phone. Well today is the 20th day shes had service and already misplaced her phone. I have to call Asurion and report the claim and Im wondering if there is a time frame you have to be with them before being able to report a claim. Does anyone know if claims can be made now?

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  • any ideas on wedding colors for the summer?

    I'm getting married in august. I recently picked out my bridesmaids dresses. Well now I'm having an issue with colors. I wanted a sort of pool/Tiffany color like blue where as my fiance thinks peach would be better. In concerned about which color would go better with the season as well as the sizes and complexions of my girls. There sizes range from 2 to 22. From light skin to dark skin( 2 spanish and 3 african american) as well as all different heights. What color do u think would compliment them all? And would u go with straps or strapless? Thanx in advance people!

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  • Why is my Remy Velvet human hair getting so tangled after only 3 days?

    Got a sewn in to switch up my hair style 3 days ago and it seems to be so tangled all the time. This hair cost me $135.00 here in NY so I wouldnt expect this. I already have great long hair so im used to taking care of it...and i left my hair out on top and edges so im

    wondering why its still getting tangled. Any suggestions? Products to use? or avoid?

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  • any remedies to elimate phlegm in 3 month old?

    he has a cold, with a slight runny nose, and minor cough. i hear phlegm in his chest sometimes. i make him laugh, and that causes him to cough, and thats the only way to bring it up. is there anything else i could do to speed up the curing of his cold. he seems fine, but its the annoying cough that bothers me.

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  • Help with names...Any thoughts?

    I have these names in mind for my newborn son. I need opinions on which to go with. My hubby hates his name, so being a Junior is out. But his nickname CJ, so i wanted to go with an AJ for the baby.

    Amari Jeremiah

    Amari Jayden

    Also, do you guys think AJ is a good nickname, and if I go with either name, would I be able to call him Jay?

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  • at what location of the belly do you feel BH contractions?

    this is baby #2 for me, but the last was 6 years ago. everything seems so new to me. now im 34 weeks, and i get this really tight, uncomfortable feeling above, and below my belly button. my dr said it was BH, but i thought they were supposed to be only on the lower portion of the belly....or is it the area of the uterus in general? also, how many daily is considered normal? this past week, ive been getting them all day, everyday. at my check up last week, my cervix was closed, but really soft. ive also started losing my plug. im just afraid of not recognizing early signs of labor. my dh works nights, and im here with my 6yo daughter. im afraid of having an emergency situation here while im alone. anyone had early labor, and have any true signs to mention? any advice would be great as a precaution.

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  • will closing out credit cards that are paid in full lower my credit score?

    i have about 3 credit cards that are paid in full and there just sitting there. i was always told that having open lines of credit available could pose a threat to future lending loans. i have older ones that i would keep open and i may use from time to time, so i would still have some credit to work with, but im not sure should i close the paid in full ones or not. any advice would be great.

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