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  • Line 7 of the Retail Sales Tax Return form?

    Hello there,

    I'm completing my Retail Sales Tax Return form for the sales from Feb 1st to July 31st this year. On Line 6, I've calculated my total tax due.

    Then on top of the form it says that: As of 11-Jul-2008, your account balance is 938.92 CR.

    For Line 7 for the payment amount, do I subtract the 938.92 CR from the amount on Line 6? Or should I write the same amount as I have on Line 6?

    For example: My total tax due is $1200.00. Does $1200.00 go on Line 7 or do I subtract the 938.92 from $1200.00? What amount would I have on my cheque to the Ministry of Revenue?

    Thanks again

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  • Graves Disease and working the night shift?

    Hi everyone,

    Recently, I've been diagnosed with Graves Disease and also I work at my night shift job from 12;30am to 10am. Also I work on my home-based business on the side.

    Has my night shift work contributed to my condition because of lack of sleep? I've been taking anti-thryoid medications such as Tapazole and Propranolol for about a month.

    I'm waiting to get an appointment with an encronlogist. Also because I wake up at midnight during the week and wake up later during the week, will it affect the timing of my medication? I couldn't get a straight answer from my family doctor.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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  • Checking my voicemail on my Rogers home phone when I'm out?

    How do I check my voicemail on my Rogers Home phone when I'm out or if I'm using another phone? Also while I'm out, is there a way that I can check my voicemail on my home phone without having my home phone ringing?


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  • Family Day: Are trucking companies considered as a continuous operation?

    I work in the warehouse of a courier/trucking company in Ontario. I found out that we have to work on Family Day. I'm a permanent full-time employee.

    Therefore, should I get Family Day off or does my employer have the right to request that I work on Family Day.

    Thanks again

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  • GST Input Tax Credits on bus fare?

    Hi everyone,

    I travelled on the GO Bus to get to an appointment for one of my clients on Nov 2007. Can I deduct the GST amount on my bus fare? For example: the price for a one-way fair come to $5.05 altogether. Would I take 6% off of 5.05 to get my GST Input Tax Credit?

    Thanks again

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  • Sample letter to customers to introduce my assistant?

    I want to send a letter to customers that introduces my assistant. Also I want to tell them that she can take their orders by phone or email and that she can answer different inquiries.

    Thanks again,


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  • Rogers Home phone: how do I set up the number of rings before it reaches my voice mail?

    I have voice mail from Rogers Home Phone. How do I set the phone to make 3 rings before it reaches my voice mail? Right now it's taking up to 5 rings before it reaches my voice mail.

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  • I want to change my hyperlink colour to blue?

    I'm trying to enter hyperlinks into my webpage, but it keeps showing as yellow. I want my default hyperlink colour to blue. How do I change the default colour in my computer system to blue.

    Thanks again,


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  • Is it worthwhile to rent a car to do catalogue deliveries?

    I run a business where catalogues/books are the main source of promotion/advertising new products. Right now I'm trying to keep my costs down, so I'm looking at the option of renting a car for a couple of days for delivering books to my customers/prospects, since I don't use a vehicle on a regular basis.

    I do use a delivery service, but I found that the costs are getting too high right now, so I'm looking for alternatives. My Canada Post expenses were getting too high as well.

    Right now I can't afford to lease or purchase another vehicle. In my family, we have one car that my husband uses to go to work for the afternoon/evenings. I also work a night shift job along with running my business during the rest of the time, so there's very limited time.

    I just want my business to succeed so that I don't have to work nights anymore. We also have a 4 year old son, that I want to spend more time with. Personal finances are getting very tight, trying to pay them off. Please help.

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  • Is the GST only charged on shipping/handling charges?

    I'm trying to do my GST return installment that's due on Jan 31st. Do suppliers charge only GST on shipping/handling charges or is it both GST and PST?

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  • need help calculating payroll for first employee - Canada?

    I had to hire my first part-time employee. She works about 15 hours a week and helps me in my administrative tasks.

    My business is registered as a sole priortorship and my employee and I agreed that she would be paid $125 net on a weekly basis. So I went to the Canada Revenue Agencies website to calculate the correct payroll deductions.

    According to the calculations, her weekly pay would be $131.00 gross, CPP 3.15, EI 2.36. I'm not sure if this is correct. It's difficult to get a hold of Canada Revenue Agency by phone.

    I want to make sure that I'm calculating the correct payroll deductions, so Revenue Canada won't penalize me. And also do I remit these deductions to the government on the 15th of the month as a new remitter?

    Please advice and if any small business owners from Canada can answer, that would be great.

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  • How can a home-based business owner hire affordable help?

    I'm a home-based business owner and I also work full-time for my night shift job. Because of my schedule, I need to hire a couple of part-time people to help with administrative tasks. I've had many inquiries from people but they want to be paid cash (under the table). However I don't want to get in trouble with Revenue Canada because of not taking the tax deductions off. But I don't know how to calculate payroll deductions. Any suggestions from anyone? My family and friends don't live nearby and they aren't able to help me.

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  • Too tired to do stuff at home and in my business?

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life?

    I'm a married mom with a 4 year old son. I work full-time at my night shift job so I can pay my bills and finance my home-based business. While my husband is at work during the evenings, I take care of my son and do my business from home. Lately, I have had no energy to do what is required. I had to take time off from my job because of illness (bronctitis) and because of that, I'm losing money. There's no paid sick days at my job.

    It may be SAD because in the spring/summer, I had more energy. I wish I can quit my job and just have my business to look after, but I still have past and current financial issues. My friend tries to help me with some of the administrative tasks from her home, but I can't afford to hire someone on a full-time basis. If I take a day job, I still have to pay a babysitter to look after my son, which means more money to pay out.

    My parents don't live close by and I don't want to burden them for babysitting.

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  • Working a night-shift job and running a home-based business?

    Is there anyone who's in this same situation as myself and how have you coped with it? My full-time job shift is from 2am to 10am. My husband works from 2pm to 11pm, so this way we don't have to pay for a babysitter. My business has grown to the point where my friend helps with the administrative tasks but my business hasn't generated enough of an income so I can quit my full-time job.

    Because of my previous personal debt, I can't get a business loan from a bank and I've always pay my bills on time. My son goes to school during the afternoons because he's in junior kindergarten and when I pick him up from school, he stays home with me while I'm working at home.

    Many times I'm physically exhausted due to lack of sleep and working at my job in the middle of the night. But I don't want to work at my job for the rest of my life, but rather pursue my dream of having a successful business.

    Is there anyone in the same boat? Right now, I'm at the end of my rope.

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  • Chewing nicotine gum versus smoking a cigarette?

    I wanted to find out if there are any long-term health consequences if someone uses nicotine gum rather than smoking cigarettes. Can someone develop lung or oral cancer if they just chew nicotine gum over a long period of time? I know that smoking cigarettes can cause cancer plus you're exposing people to second-hand smoke. I know some people when they are trying to quit smoking, they use the nicotine gum instead.

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  • I want to do a market survey over the phone?

    I wanted to find out if people in my community are receiving any Avon, Regal, Home & Gift, or Watkins books and catalogues. If they aren't and if they are interested, I would offer them a choice of any catalogues. This may be a good way to get some leads.

    Because of my work schedule and my child, I don't have time to go door-to-door. What would be the best words or phrases to use when asking people? Otherwise I don't like calling strangers out of the blue because of their negative reactions.

    Or can I hire a person who can do the calls for me. If so, what's a good script for them to use?

    The other methods I've used for gaining customeers are classified ads, having a booth at a flea market/craft show, the Welcome Wagon sponsor program, and giving incentives for customers who provide referrals.

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  • I sold my "friend" some products and I'm having trouble getting payment out of her?

    My friend and her mom ordered some products from my catalogue. They live about 3 hours away from me. Being too naive and trusting, I took their word that they would send me the money for the stuff. When they received their order, they were happy with it. It's been almost 4 months now since I've shipped their stuff. I've only asked them twice about the payment. Their reaction has been abusive and they tell me to quit hounding them for the payment. They also said that I don't trust them and that I'm acting like they are stealing from me. They also give me guilt trips such as: "Your call ruined our dinner" or "We hardly have any money for Christmas". The amount was around $100. Should I just write off the amount as uncollectable debt in my taxes? I'm very angry with her and her mom that I may say something that I may regret. To top it off, she emails me the other day and asks if she can order something else.

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