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If you need any help, or if I need your help, I'll most likely be involved with questions revolving around Books and Authors, anything Psychology based, and possibly Education. From time to time I'll probably pop up around the Entertainment section too. I'm a good ol' Brit, through and through, and a fan of literature and any book I can get my teeth into. Currently focused upon thrillers, anything that I can feel good empathy for, crime fiction and classics such as Doyle, Dickens, the Brontes and I'm also in the process of writing bits and pieces in my spare time. As a student, I'm very interested in Psychology, English and possibly thinking of focusing on Law. I won't be on here 100% of the time, and will likely only answer a few questions every so often. (Still a Sherlockian, Whovian and Potterhead to the core for anyone who wants to know!)

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