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  • What is the best option for commuting into NYC (midtown) from NJ?

    Just got a job on Park Ave South (midtown). I will be commuting from Morris County in NJ. I can't find a straight forward answer on how to GET THERE.... I need to know what is the best option, bus or train; also, I don't want to walk more than a 1/2 mile. I am lost, I have never worked outside of NJ and feel confused. Can someone help?? Thanks.

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  • Can someone tell me how I can get into a big company?

    I have 10 years of experience working in the finance/accounting fields with two years of exp. in HR but have always worked for small companies. Now, I'm out of a job and looking to get into a big co. but my resume gets kicked out before I get a chance to come in for an interview. I get on every day and e-mail my resume but just get an auto reply from the HR system. I have a Bachelor's in Business Adm plus experience, I honestly can't understand. If someone works or knows of someone, can you please tell me if there is a way around this? I don't want to work for a small company ever again, I feel that I have wasted 10 years of my life.... Thanks!!

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  • How hard is it to start my own day care business in NJ?

    I have been thinking about this for over a year now and decided that that's what I want to do. It sounds like everybody else thinks that way too, though... But I am serious about it. I just don't know how to start, I don't want a family/home based day care. Can someone help please??

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  • 13 years ago I saw special show about some fairy tales included was Rumpelstiltskin, anyone else see this? Thx

    For 13 years it's been like a mystery to me. I know I saw this show or episodes or whatever it was, but no one seems to know what I'm talking about. I was probably 12, couldn't sleep and turned on one of the kids channels and they had on this show about different fairy tale stories. Today at work, I learned that one of the shows I saw that night is called Rumpelstiltskin, I only know because I remember the straw turning into gold and the dwarf or gnome asking the girl to tell him his name or something like that. If anyone remembers please let me know. It sounds stupid but I am so curious....

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