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    Geometry Help Please!!!?

    The Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay have put in a tram around the parks. Here is the information you know: arc CUD = 142o, < UTD = 43°, < DTF = 33°, chord CD chord ZF, < ZTU < ZTF,

    and radius = .45 miles (forty-five hundredths of a mile). I recommend labeling all the information on the given picture.

    a) Using the given information answer the following:

    What is the measure of angle ZTF ____________

    What is the measure of angle ZTU ____________

    b) Using the angle measures showing, find the following distances. HINT-Find the circumference of the entire circle first. Use 3.14 for pi. DO NOT ROUND DISTANCES. CHECK YOURSELF BY ADDING THE DISTANCES YOU FIND TOGETHER:

    Zoombezi to Australia_________________ Australia to Asia _______________________

    Asia to Africa _____________________ Africa to Zoombezi _____________________

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    Geometry Help Greatly Appreciated!!?

    In circle A, m∠AED = 47° and m∠DAE = 45°. Determine if . Make sure you label the given angles and look at what you are given carefully. Explain why or why not and show all work.

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  • Blackberry Curve question?

    I went to clean my keyborad on my phone and when i did i messed something up. When I try and email or text it types in words and not letters. Help!!!!!!!

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  • anyone else due on or around july 22 2010?

    just wondering if anyone else out there is due on or around july, 22 and would like to keep in touch. I havent found a decent pregnancy forum yet. Unless anyone knows of a good one.

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  • Anyone out there get a home equity loan with not so good credit.?

    Just wondering if there is anyone out there that has recently got approved for a home equity loan with a "bad" credit score. Or any good suggestions on where to try? Thanks and no stupid rude answers please.

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  • im 12 weeks pregnant and feel like ive "popped"?

    Im 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow and havent gained but 1 lb but I sware i feel like my stomach has popped in the last few days. This is my thrid pregnancy and dont ever remember showing this early with the other 2. Just seems crazy to me. lol

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  • going crazy till next dr. appt! 9 weeks pregnant?

    im going crazy waiting till my next dr appt that's 2 weeks away yet. I heard the heartbeat dec. 9th and she said everything was well and the baby was a good size. I had a nasty miscarriage last year so im nervous of how things are going inside and its driving me crazy to have to wait 2 weeks to make sure all is still ok! any words of comfort would be greatly appreciated! thanks

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  • someone help? cant figure out how far along i am!?

    my last period was on oct. 15 2009. I went to the doctor on dec 9. and they said i was 7 weeks 3 days but all the due date calculators i look up online say im farther than that! im confused!

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  • anyones else have a small belly at 8 weeks pregnant?

    this is my third pregnancy and im 8 weeks and 3 days today. I feel like my stomach just keeps popping! lol! the scale says i haven gained any weight yet though. my loose jeans are starting not to feel so lose anymore. my other 2 are older so its been about 8 years since ive been pregnant but i don't recall showing this early with the other two.

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  • Question about a 2000 Ford F250 windshield wiper assemb?

    My husband has a 2000 ford f250 super duty truck. he is in the process of changing the whole winshield wiper assembaly. Is there a free website he can go to and get instructions or a free chat? Or has anyone done this before that can give some advice on how long this will take or some tricks in doing it.


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  • 4th grade project help?

    My son has a project due at school in a week and we are having problems finding information we need. He is researching the earths land forms. Ex. volcano, mountains, valley, canyon, and plateau. He has to have 5 paragraphs to go with each one. We have a good start but where can I find a "kids" defenition of these landforms. I love how these student projects become the responsibility of the parents!! He also has to make a mobile out of these five landforms. Has anyone ever done something like this before? I guess we will use a hanger and go from there. I sure wish I was crafty, I have no idea where to even start. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.

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  • 4th grade spelling help?

    My son has this spelling page that he has to correct the spelling or capitalization. My husband and I could not find and thing wrong with this following sentence. Children's Book Week is a celebration of young readers. Ok here is another one. It's a festival that has taken place for 85 years during the week just before Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for any help. Who knew I would have to go back to school to do fourth grade spelling.

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  • what is a d and c like after a miscarriage?

    i found out that i had a miscarriage and now have to have a d and c done. just wondering what was all involved with a d and c. are they painful? what do they do? will their be alot of pain involved after and the days following? thanks for an advice

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  • miscarriage help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    Ok. they told me about 2 and half weeks ago that i had a miscarriage. well, 2 or so weeks went by and i had no bleeding. i just had to go yesterday and have my blood drawn again. the doctor said i had to have another ultrasound because my levels have doubled instead of dropped. she said i could either still be preagnant or something is seriouslly wrong. has anyone ever had this happen before? what could the seriously worng be?

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  • miscarriage questions?

    just found out a few weeks ago that i had a miscarriage at 8 weeks along. how long does it take to start bleeding? it's been 2 or so weeks now and i have not had any bleeding. just a small amount that i had that sent me to the doctor for the bad news in the first place. i have read that you are very fertile after a miscarriage. we have been having unprotected sex since we found out. but that's just because we having been ttc for a few years now. any information will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Does anyone out there sell Tupperware?

    Just wondering if anyone out there sells Tupperware? I am interested in starting to sell it. Do you make decent money at it? We are considering for me to be a stay at home mom and I would feel better knowing that there is a little extra income coming in from some where!!

    5 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago
  • Are there any moms out there that quit their job to stay home?

    Just wondering if there are any of you moms out there that quit your full time job to stay home. I have been at my job for 6 years now. With the gas prices the way they are and having to pay 200.oo a week in daycare, we decided that it would benefit us if I just quit my job to stay at homw with the kids. Any adivce would be wonderful.

    12 AnswersParenting1 decade ago
  • Medical Insurance?

    My insurance at work is going up at least 45% and the benefits are going down. I work at a small company so there is not much my boss can do. I currently have a family plan. Is there anyone out there that has insurance that is not through their work place? I don't want one of those companies that you send them the bill and then they give you the money. Let me know your expereinces with the company!


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  • Does this make sense??

    I work about 15 minutes from home. I get paid around 13.00 an hour. But i have to run into town twice a day to bring my kids to a sitter because we live out in the country. Until I pay for my gas and a sitter I/m only making about 80.00 a week and oh wait, I forgot that the insurance is 60 a week! just seems like a waste to leave my kids at the sitter everyday. I feel like i'm paying her to raise my kids while I go to work for nothing! My husband has a awesome paying job but the only down fall is they don't offer insurance. Would it be worth staying home and babysitting another family or so? What would you do?? Thanks for the input!

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  • Molluscum Contagiosum?

    My son who is 9 has Molluscum Contagiosum. It just keeps spreading. Everytime he sweats it gets worse. We had him to the dermatologist and she prescribed a cream. It comes in these little tiny packets and it's 50.00 for a 12 day supply and I have been using 2 at a time because it keeps spreading. It's all under his one armpit and now he has a little bit on his face. It also has it on both elbows. Is there any herbal remady or anything else that anyone has tried for this? The dermatoligst said he probably got it from some kid at school. The office made a commment that he should not be at school. Can they make him stay home because of this. Thanks for the help

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