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I am a wife and mother. We live in the midwest and have two dogs, two cats, one snake, and two fish tanks. I work full time in a veterinary clinic and I have a degree in Criminal Justice. Animals are a HUGE part of my life and I couldn't imagine it any other way. I am completely against backyard breeders and all for spaying/neutering your pets. I don't believe in cheap dog food and I don't believe in the trendy "designer dogs." I believe very strongly in understanding K-9 behavior so that I can provide the best home I possibly can for my pets.

  • Fish tank question.....?

    Huh, so they could have come in with the feeders, even though we rinse the feeders before putting them in the tank? I would have thought we might have seen them in the feeder bag.

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  • Where to find out if the Fox River is open to boaters?

    We struggle every time the water gets high to find a resource with current updates on the waterway. I've attempted contacting IL DNR with no help. I've called the police, fire dept. parks and recreation, as well as the fox waterway website. We have NO luck finding out if the Fox River between South Elgin and St. Charles, IL is open or not unless we drive down there. Isn't there a resource somewhere????

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  • Stay home mom question?

    I no longer have a job, but I can't seem to get motivated to keep things on track at home. I have a husband and a 13 year old son. How do you keep yourself going when you're a stay at home mom? I shold be getting up with a plan every day, laundry, cleaning, cooking...but I'm finding that my energy level isn't what it should be. Help anyone?

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  • Nikon Coolpix L100 question?

    Does anyone own this camera? If so, do you like it? Have you had any issues with it?

    After my Canon Powershot was stolen I purchased this one thinking it would be better. I've found that the software doesn't work anymore, and I've only downloaded pictures 4 times. The camera is not real user friendly and getting pictures uploaded to the computer takes forever. It could be my old computer, but I'm wondering if anyone else has any opinions on this particular camera. It doesn't take very good pictures either. Is it me? I'm thinking of buying another Canon Powershot...that camera rocked.

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  • How large do male convict cichlid get as adults?

    We have one, and were told 4-5 inches max. Ours is already over 7 inches and he appears to still be growing. I'm having a hard time deciding if he's actually a convict or not. His head seems a little too long and his mouth too big, but the markings say convict.

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  • Benefits of being a registered Chippewa Indian in Michigan?

    I have a friend who just lost her job. She is a registered Chippewa, but has never taken advantage of any benefits. I know she can get healthcare at designated facilities, and from what I've heard, she's entitled to receive checks from the casinos. What other benefits might she be eligible for? Just in case she can't find another job before finances run dry.

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  • Puppy mills supporting my family?!? HELP!!?

    I work for a vet clinic who's owner recently signed a contract with a store that sells "designer dogs" that come from puppy mills. A good 80% that come in to our clinic have coccidia or giardia, almost all have upper respiratory issues, and so far 3 have died before even reaching 9 weeks of age due to one illness or another. Puppy mills are an issue that I feel VERY strongly about. I am completely against this whole designer dog fad. Now though, my paycheck is coming from puppy mills (in an indirect way). We can't rely on my husband's business completely with the economy the way it is right now and I'm having trouble finding another job.

    What would you do?

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  • Who is more moral....?

    Who is more moral, the person who does good because of the threat of punishment, or the person who does good in spite of no such threat?

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  • Is all this bashing each other really necessary?

    Come on people, really! Don't you think it's time that everyone just grow up and accept others for who they are and what they believe, regardless.....?

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  • Medication side effect? Or something entirely different?

    PLEASE...serious answers only.

    I just started Lexapro and about 5 hours after my second dose I had green diarrhea. I have since had 4 other trips to the washroom with the same results and it's only been about 12 hours since this started. I also take Naproxen 1000mg and Nexium 40mg daily. I have been on those meds for months with no problems. Could it be the one beer I had with dinner last night? My doctor said I could still have an occassional alcoholic beverage. Normally I have a couple glasses of wine on the weekend. This was the first beer I've had since being on Lexapro though. Maybe my dinner just moved too quickly through my system because of the beer?

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  • Freeware Audio Converters?

    Are there any freeware audio converters that will convert 100% of every song from WMA to AAC?

    I've downloaded 4 separate freeware converters and they don't tell you until you've already selected all your files to convert that only 30% of each song will be converted. Very frustrating.


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  • Cloudy fish tank...we've tried everything we know of?


    We have a 29 gallon freshwater tank (established about 6 months ago) with one medium Oscar, two baby Oscars, and one small eel. (We know they are dirty fish, but this is ridiculous.) We have two filters, one a 55 gallon and the other a 30 gallon. We do a 1/2 to 3/4 water change every 4 weeks along with vaccuuming it. We use ice mountain drinking water as it is more filtered then even distilled water. We've tried everything to clear up this tank, but with no luck; water conditioners, freshwater aquarium salt, and we've brought water samples into the local aquariun store. The water was fine. Even the staff at Sea Escapes is baffled as to why the tank is so cloudy. Oh, and we're using a light that is meant for aquariums, so we know we're not growing anything due to the type of light. We also change the filters every time we change the water. We've tried numerous types of inserts for the filters as well and that hasn't made a darn bit of difference either.

    We feed bloodworms and krill once every other day, and feeder fish about once every couple weeks.

    We have another ten gallon tank with 3 goldfish, 1 beta, and 1 catfish that I clean and treat the same as the bigger tank, and that one is crystal clear. I don't understand it!

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you much.

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  • Best website for latest traffic/construction updates?

    Does anyone know a good website to find the latest updates on the contruction at I65 and 80/94 in northern Indiana?

    We will be driving from Chicago area to Saugatuck, Michigan this Friday evening and I'm trying to find the latest traffic updates. Unfortunately there is no good route that I've found other then taking 80/94.

    Or, does anyone know of a better route that won't add too much more travel time?

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  • Terry Goodkind's "Wizard's First Rule" series?

    What are your thoughts on this author and series? I am on book 5 so please don't spoil anything if you've read them all.

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  • What is the most cost efficient method of travel?

    My family and I will be going from Chicago to Texas, during the holidays of course. I have looked into airfare and it looks like it's going to be expensive. We have considered driving, but with gas prices being what they, we have a full-size Tundra, not the most gas efficient vehicle. My Camry would be great, but too old to be reliable enough for a trip that long. Trains are just as expensive as flying.

    So now we're back to flying v. driving. I wouldn't mind either one, it's just that we don't know what the gas prices will be like. Any ideas as to how we could minimize the cost of this trip? We're staying with family so we don't have to pay for hotel/rental car.

    The other option I have is to drive from Texas to Vegas with my brother and then fly back to Chicago from Vegas. I would love to do that as well, but it seems that the one way tickets (Chicago to Dallas, then Vegas to Chicago) would be more expensive then roundtrip Chicago/Dallas.

    We plan on leaving Dec. 26, 2008 and returning on the following weekend (Jan. 4 or 5).

    Any tips?

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  • Does anyone have any examples of?

    expressed loyalty or protective behavior that you have seen in your dog? You know, the kinds of things that warm the heart....

    Have a great night!

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  • What are your thoughts on....?

    Pattern jury instructions?

    I am interested to hear some pros and cons on this topic. I am currently studying this in college and would like some other people's opinions on the subject.


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  • Very bizarre situation with my dogs...?

    They both woke up with hind end weakness yesterday. We took them to the vet and they checked out fine. Not in pain, just weak. Unable to step up onto furniture, or up even one step. Neither of them got into anything that would poison them, they're both eating and drinking, peeing and pooping.

    The vet did a full exam including neurological tests. All came back perfect.

    One is a 4 year old Lab/Pointer mutt and the other is a 3 year old JRT/Beagle mutt and they are both healthy dogs. The JRT had an incident like this last year and they thought he had a hairline fracture in his spine, although the xray came out clean.

    Just like when this happened last year with the one dog, both dogs are perfectly fine today. The vet is hanging on that they both are injurred. Maybe slipped discs or something and has ordered bedrest for both. I find it a bizarre coincidence that they both got the same injury, in the middle of the night, at exactly the same time.

    Any ideas?

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  • Just got home from the vet...?

    Please read my previous question...;...

    After full exams on both dogs we found nothing wrong with either of them. She seems to think they both have injuries. Spinal injuries. She thinks possible slipped discs. Awefully coincidental, don't you think?

    She did not do labs or xrays, but wants me to give them anti-inflamatories and see how they do. They are both walking now, and the Rimadyl has helped my JRT (we had some from when something similar happened to him last year and he was fine after one day). My husband and I believe that our JRT could have a slipped disc because of what happened last summer, but his xrays then came out clean as did all his lab tests. It's just odd that the other dog now is showing the same symptoms.

    I'm planning to keep my eye on them and restrict their activity for a few days and see what happens.

    Any more ideas from anyone?

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  • The vet opens in 45 minutes?

    at which time we will be on the road to get there. I've left them a voicemail to let them know I'm coming. The nearest ER vet is 40 minutes away so I am just going to take them to mine when they open.

    Both my dogs (JRT/Beagle mix and Lb/Pointer mix) woke up with weakness in their hind ends this morning. They can both walk fine as I took them for a short walk. But they can't get up the steps or onto the bed. When they lay down they both extend their right hind leg forward.

    They both have been eating/drinking, pooping/peeing (this morning). I ran over the entire weekend in my head, but they didn't eat anything that could have caused this.

    Has anyone ever heard of such symptoms? It would be one thing if it were only one of my dogs, but BOTH?

    Please, no ridicule, I'm not neglecting my animals. Just trying to fill in the time before the vet opens.

    Thank you.

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