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  • Selling our house, and have closing cost questions?

    We are selling our house for $124,900. Our first offer just came in for $129,900??? We now know they want us to pay all of the closing costs, and raised the loan by $5,000, but we don't have $6,400 to pay the closing costs out of pocket. Can this be paid out of the amount left over from the sale of the house?

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  • Can someone help me find a REAL Barry Sanders jersey that's new?

    This is mostly a trust issue. I have been looking online for 2 hours now. I just can't afford to pay $200 for a jersey. I might pay $100, but I am not sure which store to get one from. Most stores have the same picture that came from some other site so I don't know who to trust other than the big name overpriced stores. I want the numbers and letters to be sewn on and I definitely want this to be an NFL licensed product, none of these junk jerseys from Korea on Ebay that people are sewing together with a ridiculous fake style large "2" on the front and back, but the sleeves have the correct style small "2". I am a huge fan of Barry and what he did for the Lions even though they did nothing for him on that offensive line. I don't want to celebrate his great career wearing around a blatant fake jersey looking like I made it myself. Wholesale would probably be the best, but which one can you trust? Any help would be fabulous and lets keep the Lions jokes to a minimum, my Tigers are about to lock up the AL Central in Baseball so I have something to be happy about. Thanks!

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  • Do you think ATT's new U-Verse Sports Package is bordering false advertising?

    We had this new service installed today. At gametime, my Tigers game, as well as all of the other MLB games except Boston @ Houston are blocked out. That is 9 or 10 games blocked and 1 televised. This may not constitue anything illegal, but when we ordered this, we were told on the phone that we would get these games. The advisor on the phone assured us that when we switched from Time Warner SPECIFICALLY to get baseball games, that we would indeed get these games. I have now been told on the phone that the next three Tigers games are also blocked out. He said that this is because of the contract they have with MLB. When MLB says they can't televise it, ATT blocks it out. I could understand 1 game once in a while, but all but 1 is absurd. This is a kind of anger that I have never felt before. I am furious. If anyone has any kind of corporate number or email address for me to use to contact someone that can make a difference, I would truly appreciate that. Please feel free to comment.

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  • Austin Coca Cola forced my resignation on Friday because I am going to Pepsi. Does this sound fair to you?

    I know there has always been a 'war' between the competitiors, but doesn't that seem a little childish when we are talking about the life of a grown man and his family. I did my job better than most drivers and both of the bosses admitted this. So why the errogance? Why not support a man who has been offered $7,500 more a year for the same job at a different company? Match that offer to keep him, or support him when he goes, right? Oh, yeah, they did this the day I was to start my paid vacation!! I lost a week of free money and nine worry free days off. I wasn't even to the point where I could put a two weeks notice in. I don't even know if I have the job at Pepsi for sure. I wanted them to know as much in advance as possible to make the necessary adjustments to replace me. And this is how they repay me. I tried to be honest and they burned me. Does it not really pay to be the better person? Hateful comments are not necessary, as this is already enough of a struggle for my wife and I.

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  • Can anyone tell me of some simple items that can be sold on the internet to generate extra money?

    I sell Hot Wheels and McFarlane Figures on Ebay as a hobby, but they don't always sell during dead times like after Christmas or when pay checks are spent. I was wondering if anyone knew of simple items to make or buy that do sell well, but don't involve alot of overhead expenses. My ideas are quickly shot down and I am having a hard time coming up with new ones. I am not looking to get rich quick, just actually make money for the work I do. I am willing to work 10 hours a day at my job, and then come home just to box up Hot Wheels for a couple of hours and then go to the post office to mail them, if anything even sold. Days are long for me now, but I want an easier life for my wife and I later on. Help me out if you can! --Kris B.

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