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    i need different ideas and different scenarios to hustle

    im almost 16, and ima gurl in high school

    i love money

    i been gettin my money but i need to switch up my approach to get that money

    i dont wanna hear or read:::

    "ur too young to hustle"

    "get a job"

    "ask ur parents for money"

    noooo good.... im jus stuck in the ideas sooo help me out

    come up with anything that you can think of it doesnt matter

    w/e you give me ill come up wit somethin to top it off

    just help me out here... thank youuuuuu

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  • FABLE 2!!! HELP the game freezes in yet i can still play the game... please help me?

    ok me and my brothers have different played for fable 2

    anddddd for some reason im the only one that seems to be having trouble with the game

    i can play the game whenever whereever in the game



    ill do w/e quest and every single time i get into bloodstone i cant finish it

    i cant pull out my weapons, i cant buy anything

    i cant do nothing

    and i cant teleport

    i gotta go places on foot until i get out of bloodstone

    i started 4 different quests that involve goin to blood stone

    and i cant even finish it cuz of what the game does

    i restarted the whole game 2 times

    im at the end of the game where i have to impress some rich guy in bloodstone that lives in the machine

    and i got so much reknown and its frooze on the same reknown number i had before i would gain 10,000 more

    somebody please help me out

    thats alot to read but idk wat else to do

    i've tried soo much

    and im not taking the game back or nothing

    its not the 360

    its the game

    and i better not get no responce saying

    "lionhead needs to correct that issue"

    because im not going to buy another game cuz they messed up

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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    me and my friend wanna TP someones house

    but we cant use toilet paper cuz it'll melt in the snow

    so wat do i use as a subsitute as toilet paper

    and dont say EGGS

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    can i please have a link to,"let me borrow that top" , its by kelly the same person in shoes and muffins! i really want to see the music video!

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  • how much should a 5'0-5'2 girl weigh?

    i weigh 96 pounds and i want to kno if im how much should a 13 year old weigh???

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  • Megalodon , does this ancient shark still exist?

    growin up to 40 ft. big, is this shark still alive? i see pictures online of it like this & those r the jaws! & i see that just 1 tooth is bigger then a grown mans hand! SO IS IT STILL ALIVE???

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  • ScHoOl BlOcKs!!!!!?

    im in middle school and there r school blocks on some web sites i am wondering some web sites to go to so i can get them unblocked

    besides the websites and those were blocked too

    9 AnswersInternet1 decade ago
  • I got a prob. with my BFF whos a guy, PLEASE help me!!!!? PART 2?

    i already talked to him and told him that it hurts my feelings,but he just yells,I DONT CARE!!!,and i ask him wats wrong and he says nothing wrong, i know he doesnt like me nothing more then a friend because he likes a certain girl,and i really dont know,please help again

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  • I got a prob. with my BFF whos a guy, PLEASE help me!!!!?

    ok my best friend, he is a guy,so we tell eachother EVERYTHING, and for the past month hes been seriously mean to me,and he makes me want to cry,were both 13 ,so idk wats wrong, so i really need some help on wats going on with him, or us

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