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  • what is the difference between a lease and rent?

    I will tell you why. I own a townhouse in a small 3 house community. I have plans to move to another area because of work but have no wish to sell the property. I am thinking of renting. My neighbor (Who is a lawyer) has indicated that a tenant contravenes the leasehold (99 year). Therefore, if I lease the property rather than rent it does this still contravene the terms of the lease

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • when would you reopen the accounts once they have been audited?

    I have the view that once the accounts have been independently audited there would be no need to return to the accounts, review and raise queries as to the nature of the transactions. This is work that would have been included in the audit

    This is my view based on years in the accountancy profession but one such entity wants to do just this and I am wondering why?

    Any suggestions?

    2 AnswersCorporations1 decade ago
  • Casio G Shock instructions?

    How do you change the time on a casio g shock watch. I have just been on long flight, changed time zones and want to change the main hands to the current time zone. I cant find the instructions and cant remember how to do it? Anybody got any ideas

    3 AnswersOther - Electronics1 decade ago
  • Centro Banamex, Mexico City how far is it from Cuatro Caminos metro Station. Is it walking distance?

    I am going to the International HIV/AIDS Conference in August, my hotel is close to Ermita Station on line 2, and I believe that Cuatro Caminos is the metro station for Centro Banamex. However, what is the best way to get to the Centro, from the Metro - walk or bus?

    3 AnswersMexico City1 decade ago
  • Honda Shadow Charging System?

    After finding one morning a flat battery I have performed some checks on the system - is the following normal.

    I am recording on average 13.7v across the battery terminals with the bike running - is this a sign that the alternator is good/ bad.

    After battery was re-charged I recorded 13.1v which overnight has droped to 12.7v - Is the battery good/bad.

    The bike is used 3 or 4 times per week and the battery and alternator were changed about a year ago.

    Any thoughts?

    8 AnswersMotorcycles1 decade ago
  • How to make origami flowers?

    Its for Valentines Day. I have printer paper, paint and thats about it. Oh I could also use some twigs. I could go to the store and buy some cards but something real, from the heart and looks good is better. Any Suggestions?

    3 AnswersOther - Visual Arts1 decade ago
  • What is the answer to 18 6/7 divided by 3 2/3.?

    We are having an argument about when to turn over the fraction and when not to.

    The answers are 5 1/7 (2 people) or 69 1/7 (1 person)

    4 AnswersHomework Help1 decade ago
  • Honda Shadow Exhaust?

    I have a Original Issue exhaust on my 7 year old Honda shadow ACE and noticed today that there is a small drilled hole near the rear bracket. Is this standard or is this a modification?

    1 AnswerMotorcycles1 decade ago
  • Is Bear Grylls (Man V Wild) Sporticus (Lazy Town)?

    I have just watched Lazy town with the kids and I cant believe it but Sporticus is Bear Grylls. They dont mention this in his resume.

    Does any one else agree with me?

    Check out the following websites

    6 AnswersOther - Television1 decade ago
  • Spanish listening test on shopping, or in a cafe?

    I know the subject area I can write and read great, ask questions the only problem is I cant understand a word of spoken spanish.

    Where can I find audio examples of spanish conversation, preferable on the subject areas of buying clothes or cafe related conversations. The test is this Saturday?


    3 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • Being murdered - awaiting my turn?

    Should I stay or should I go. Check out this letter to the editor in Todays, Trinidad & Tobago Guardian...

    That sums up the worst of the country but on the positive side, the climate is great, the beaches are fantastic, the scenery and the rain forest is amazing, I enjoy my job and all the people I have met since coming here have been freindly and extremly welcoming. In short I like living here.

    The downside is that there is poverty, there is a lack of capacity by Government to implement change and there is the presumption that corruption is rife in the public service. Also, there is crime and perhaps more crucially the fear of crime. I personally have not been touched by crime in all the 4 years that I have been living here, however, 2 elderly neighbours were murdered in the last month in what has been an extremly quite street.

    I am now questioning whether I should stay or should I go?

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • El Hermano Anancy y el docunu?

    Que es la significa de la palabra 'docunu', que es?

    1 AnswerIdiomas1 decade ago
  • VW Golf auto Rough Shifting?

    I have a year 2000 VW Golf which drives fantastic with the engine cold. When it gets warm, after about 30 min the automatic shifting, especially between 2 and 3 is terrible - it jerks and bangs. What can be the problem?

    To date 2 garages, the main dealer and a specialist say there are no fault codes.

    However, the transmission oil has been changed and the transmission oil pump has been changed. This did not solve the problem.

    I have now been told that some sensors go bad and they need replacing and an extra radiator has to be fitted. The reason for this is that, as I live in the Tropics the heat apparently damages the sensors.

    Anybody experienced something similier or can help?

    4 AnswersVolkswagen1 decade ago
  • The audit report is due on the 31 Jan.?

    I have been telling the auditors that the report is due on the 31st January and they are still doing audit testing today. There is no way the report is going to be ready by next Tuesday.

    If I complain to them and the rest of the group it looks like I have something to hide. If I dont I look like a poor manager.

    Any suggestions?

    2 AnswersCorporations1 decade ago
  • Cesar Millan - The Dog Whisperer, if there was a pack of wolves?

    Cesar Millan is brilliant, what he does with those dogs on his show is just amazing especially the aggresive ones. However, how do you think he would deal with a pack of hungry wolves, or hyena, do you think he could get control or he would be eaten alive like a day old wildebeast.

    18 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Cruiser passenger peg extensions, Can the rider use them?

    To be more specific, I have a Honda Shadow ACE and because the roads are so bad where I live (Trinidad, WI) I often need to take the shock of the road bumps on my legs (i.e take my body weight on my legs) rather through the seat and kidneys.

    In extreme cases, when riding over the mountain roads the only way to cross certain sections is to stand up - dual sport style. The standard forward pegs make this difficult to do and the passenger pegs are bit too high and far back.

    I was looking at putting some passenger peg extensions just to make it easier. However, if any one has used these is it possible for the rider to use them and where, do they sit in relation to the present passenger pegs.

    I could replace the bike for a dual sport, but where the challenge in that?

    2 AnswersMotorcycles1 decade ago
  • Victoria Secret - English/American Sizes?

    Is there a significant difference in womens clothing sizes in the U.K when compared to the USA. I have just bought some skimpies for the Wife from Victorias Secret, (USA Online) useing her present underwear as a guide to the size, (all from England). The skimpies have now arrived and although they look hot in their pink box, they also look a bit small.

    Have I bought the wrong size?

    6 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • What has happened to Sue S.?

    Has she been removed, that picture is very interesting. The blog is still there in some of her answers.

    Can we expect any more from Sue S?;_ylt=AjKLIb...

    3 AnswersGender Studies1 decade ago
  • Naked tied to a bed?

    I was looking at answers on Friday when and somebody on an answer had placed a link to their blog - the blog was a picture of that person tied naked to a bed - which was strange.

    Are there many other exhibitionists on answers?

    10 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • Another weekend more car deaths?

    Why is it that young men cannot handle the responsibility of driving a vehicle. They think they can drive, they drive too fast, too recklessly, take too many risks and keep on killing themselves and other people.

    This weekend a young man overtook on the hard shoulder but did not see a broken down lorry!, the result was that he killed himself and another driver.

    Should the driving age for men be increased to 25 years old?

    8 AnswersSafety1 decade ago