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  • Hunger after illness?

    I find that after any illness I am ravenously hungry. At the moment I am just getting over a little bronchitis and I can't get enough to eat. This is common for me with every cold or flu. Any ideas why? Thanks!

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  • CATERING what's the value for this is Rhode Island? See details...?

    I had a 16th birthday party catered. There were 30 people expected. (Fewer showed.) Caterer provided 1 large tray of pizza and calzones (served about 24), 1 same size tray of chix salad sandwiches and one of roast beef. Also provided a salad of about 1.5 gallon volume and the large coffee urn and condiments. I provided the coffee, plates, cups, napkins etc. Caterer only delivered and left. He did not stay on site. In Rhode Island how much is reasonable for this bill? He is charging $300.00 Is this fair? Thanks for all responses but please limit to the geographic area as these things vary regionally.

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