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  • Why do people think adoption is a viable alternative to abortion?

    When every year 30,000 or more kids reach the age of 18 without ever having been adopted, the majority of these children being minorities or children with special needs? The truth is, in most cases (certainly not all) the only people that are adopted early on or with any enthusiasm are healthy white babies. If abortion was completely legalized this number would get dramatically HIGHER! That's literally tens of thousands of children who will never know the love of a permanent stable home.

    Children who never get adopted are more likely to suffer from depression or to become trapped in the cycle of poverty and live as adults who live off the government system because at the age of 18 they are kicked out the door with very little opportunity. The ones who make it are typically just luckier or genetically more predisposed to intelligence and thus have higher education opportunities awarded to them.

    I don't think people who advocate for adoption really truly want the type of people who get abortions or adoptions to give their kids up for adoptions. They just want them to raise/parent the child themselves. In a perfect world that would be fine. Too bad that some of these parents would just end up putting their children through horrific abuse (I've seen it first hand). Parents who don't want their children typically make VERY bad parents.

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  • Should I just make up some Job references?

    I am 23. I have never had a job- I am on SSI. I don't want to be on SSI anymore. I want a job. I am a college student but can't get references there as I take my classes online and the professors don't really know me. I can use my friends as references, but everyone wants professional references. I am thinking about saying my friends are mentors to some degree. I'm not trying to get a "good" job here. I'm talking about a job at the movie theater or dunk'n donuts or something. I've been applying for menial jobs for the past 2 years without even an interview.

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  • Can you overdraft a Bank of America account with a gas transaction?

    I only have about 3.50 in my account and I just started a job a week ago. I don't get paid till next Friday and I only have a quarter tank of gas to get me from here to there. I know I'd get 2 35 dollar fees, but it's worth it if I don't lose my job. Does anyone know if it is possible? I know some banks decline if you have less than a certain amount in your account.

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  • Is pot still detectable in my system?

    I have only had pot 3 times in my entire life. Once in Feb-about 3 hits, once in mid October- 1 hit, and once on Nov 10th (about 21 days from when I have to take the urine test)- 1 hit. I am about 230 lbs and 5'2. What are the chances it is still in my system at detectable traces for a urine test?

    Also no comments about how you shouldn't do drugs. I wasn't expecting to switch jobs.

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  • Reduced Child Support Prevention?

    My mother-in-law was just served papers by her ex-husband. He is bringing her to court to reduce his child support that he has never even paid. This man has been in jail the last year years (just got out last week) for abusing his children. He has been in jail multiple time before. His father and sister are stating they are going to forge letters stating that he has paid child support. What can she do?

    His father and sister were on my mother in laws side while he was in jail, but now that he's out they are treating her badly, saying she's manipulative and a liar and don't want to have anything to do with her or my husband.

    She realizes he probably won't pay one way or another and that the court will never go after him but at this point it's a matter of integrity

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  • Plan B, Pregnancy Test, and Thyroid Problem?

    I took Plan B approx 15 hours after I had unprotected sex- however at the time of taking it I didn't realize that my period might already be late. 2 months ago I started taking Thyroid medication and it affected my period (changed my cycle). I think (but I'm not sure) that I should have gotten my period again this week- but haven't. Last week I had severe period symptoms (cramps, moody, etc) but no bleeding. Do you think it's possible that I could be pregnant from previous protected sex (prior to 2 days ago I had never had unprotected sex) or is it possible that my thyroid medication could still be affecting my period and causing the delay? Also how long after taking Plan B can I take a pregnancy test and have it give me accurate results?

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  • Should I kiss him tomorrow?

    I want to kiss my friend, whom I have known for the past 6 years (and who had a crush on me back in high school) but we have only just gotten back in touch with each other a few months ago. I also just broke up with my ex of 3 years a few days ago. Me and my ex were having problems for months and my life hit a rough spot and my friend has been there for me more than anything (family, money, and school problems). He's coming over tomorrow and we are going to go hiking in the park. Should I kiss him?

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  • How to tell if ex still has feelings for you?

    I dated my ex for 3 years and we have been apart for 4. We are both in 3 year long relationships with other people. He just informed me that he and the person he is dating (they live together) decided to change their relationship to an "open" relationship. Within the same conversation he mentioned that he never understood why we didn't work out. And in discussing our previous relationship he said that he always felt closer romantically to me then the person he is dating now (the person he is dating now he says he feels more strongly like friends towards). He def isn't the type of person to just try to get laid or anything (we weren't like that when we dated).

    I don't want to get back with my ex (happy in my relationship), but I want to know if he is trying to imply something here...

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  • Should we stop talking?

    I dated my best friend for three years on and off. We didn't work extremely well as a couple (we fought a lot, we both have a lot of personal issues we needed to deal with). We had a pretty bad break up when we finally ended things. He pretty much cut off all contact with me without a word for several months. That was hard to deal with because this person truly was (and still is) my best friend in the world. He knows what I'm thinking without me saying a word. He understands me better than anyone has in my entire life. We can and do talk for hours.

    Four years later we are both in 3 year long relationships. We are happy with our respective significant others. However, I know that I still have feelings for him. I think about him too much, and I don't want to. I want to be happy, and I want him to be happy too. I don't think we could ever work out as a functioning couple.

    How do I get rid of these feelings? Shouldn't they be gone after 4 years and after being with another person for so long? Not talking to my best friend would kill me (it killed me for the 6 months after we broke up) but do you think it would be for the best?

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  • Is it wrong to only give a one day notice?

    I had a job interview today and feel like I have a good chance of getting the job. The job would mean a LOT more money for me, benefits, and is somewhat related to the career path I'm pursuing in college (I'm also a college student).

    The job I have now pays me below my state's min wage (legal because it's a work at home job that is based in another state), cut my hours so I only have 10 a week, and is completely unrelated to what I want to do. I don't even list this job on my resume' and do not want a recommendation from them. My supervisor is however, the nicest person on the planet.

    If I get the job they want me to start right away and because I don't list my current job on my resume they don't know that I have it. Do you think it would be horribly wrong in this case (if I get the job) to leave with little notice (possibly only 1 day/same day)? I'm not a very important member of the team (I work customer service and company has well over 100 agents).

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  • Can I consolidate with only 2900 in credit debt?

    I have two credit cards, one with 1200 dollar balance and the other with a 1700 dollar balance. I'm trying to pay the cards off but it's hard because I only make 460 a month and things keep happening that I need to spend money on (car breaking primarily). I'm also a full time student.

    In the past 3 months I went over the limit on my 1200 dollar balance card TWICE. Each time by literally less then a dollar! Not from purchases but from the protector plan I have on the card. I know this is my fault either way but they charged me a 39 over limit fee and now have raised my interest to 29.99%. My credit is trashed between a combination of this and a loan I was having issues with (which is now entirely paid off). I don't have good enough credit to get a new credit card to transfer the balance to.

    As far as I know you can't consolidate 1200 or even 2900 dollars of debt. Does anyone know of any solutions?

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  • Can you get your academic record from a college erased?

    In 2006 I went to college for ONE semester and ended up failing all my classes except for one (which I got a C in) making my GPA a 0.3- I was going to counseling at the time and was having a rough time with depression issues which is a big reason I failed out.

    Since then I have done a one year national service program, gotten the Congressional Award of Honor for service, and gone back to community college for one semester (and now have a 3.4 GPA at that college).

    I have decided I want to apply to the Nursing program at my school in February, but they require that you have a 2.7 accumulative average from all the colleges you've been to in the past 5 years. Even if I took 5 classes next semester and got straight A's I would not get my accumulative GPA high enough.

    I'm sick of one -three month period- of my life ruining my chances to actually make something of myself, especially when half the problem was beyond my control. I was an AP student in high school and I obviously have intelligence and motivation now.

    What can I do to make my situation better? I come from a lower income family and I don't have years to spend biding my time to start training in my career. I need to be able to start making money within the next few years...(a reason why I'm choosing to get an Associates in Nursing in the first place).

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  • Credit Card Question?

    So I was looking at my credit card account with Barclay, and I noticed that I was being charged a 39 dollar overdraft fee. I know I actually did overdraft accidentally by about 5 dollars. However the charge in which I know I overdrafted on isn't showing up on my statement yet. Is it possible my bank is charging me for an overdraft fee on a charge that hasn't gone through yet?

    Also, does anyone know how long you have to pay for an overdraft fee before you get a second overdraft fee? I have like 10 bucks in the bank right now and I don't get paid till not this upcoming Friday, but the Friday after. Is that too long of a time period to have before paying my overdraft fee?

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  • Help! Diet Advice Needed!?

    Me and my boyfriend are getting very very fat. I'm a full time student and I also work four days of the week. My average day consists of getting up at 7am to go to school and not getting out of work until 10 pm. Getting home I eat dinner and do homework till midnight and get up and do it all again. I have about 1-2 hours to spare inbetween work and school but I'm so wiped out I don't want to even move.

    I eat at most twice a day and it's killing my metabolism and it's usually fast food because I don't drive or do the grocery shopping so it's all I really have available to me. What can I do to eat healthier on a very tight budget (I only make like 300 dollars a month and I have 100 dollars minimum in bills a month) and tight schedule?

    Also suggestions to a website that would provide live assistance would also be appreciated

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  • Is it possible? STD Question?

    The only time I have ever had unprotected sex was in July. I have ONE single red dry patch of skin about the size of a quarter on my arm that started off as a pimple looking think surrounded in red skin. It has been there (without a head) for about two months.

    I have a history of yeast infections and I believe I have one know, but is it possible that I might have contacted an STD and it's only coming to fruition now? Would I only have one "sore" on my arm?

    I'm going to be seeing my Gyn in about two weeks but I was hoping to figure this out before then.

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  • Do you think I got the job?

    I applied for a polling institute at a nearby college that's pretty well known for hiring just about anybody. I applied in October and they were pretty consistent with me and let me know that when they had interviews going on they'd give me a call back. They had me go to an interview last Tuesday. The lady interviewing me didn't even ask me any questions other then about my availability. She said they would call me back in about a week after my background check went through.

    I have call center experience, my grandma works at this place, and they checked my references back in October

    Do you think I got the job or is the lack of a call a sign that I should be concerned about?

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  • What's the best excuse for calling out of work for the 2nd time in a week ?

    On Monday I was sick (legitimately), but tomorrow I have a job interview for some place else right at the time I'm supposed to be going into work.

    Before people start criticizing me, the job I am currently at (where I work part time) is having a mass layoff and I will not have a job starting March and the only interview appointments the scheduler gave me were for the time I had to go into work and the time I had to be in school (and at this point school is more important to me then work).

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  • What are the chances I'm pregnant?

    Me and my bf have only had sex 2-3 times in the past month, and we always use a condom, but I'm not on birth control. I was worried about when I was going to get my period but on that same day that I brought up my fear I had bleeding. However it's been three days since I got my "period" and it's usually REALLY heavy by now but it's light or almost non existent. Also my back has been hurting ALL day.

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