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  • what is the average cost of building a small 10-12Ft long runabout?

    I am looking a a lot of videos on YT about home built runabout boats and I would like to know how much $ is roughly needed to build one of those runabout boats from internet plans. I've seen glen L so far and they look nice. IDK if there is a cheaper plans online though.

    I don't think I would be using marine grade panels. since this would be a once in a while thing to use, at best.

    I already have an idea on the outboard engines, depending on the cost I can consider building it inboard engine with a small watercraft engine.

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  • does dupli color metallic clear has any shine at all?

    flashed it, waited over 1 hr, and still no shine at all. I m on my 3rd coat

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs5 years ago
  • when to harvest cassava tree?

    I just noticed that some of my cassava trees are flowering, what is the indication of this in terms of when to harvest, my neighbor said to pick them about 8mo. after planting them but the soil here is very poor(florida sand)

    In any case Ive left them grow for about 2 years now and the trunk at the bottom is about 2-3 inches thick. I ve picked some after those 2 years and after some of the leaves turn yellow and begin to fall. big ones though

    1. Am I doing something wrong?

    2. When do I harvest them?


  • can a zvs driver run a transformer for tig welding purposes?

    tittle is self explanatory.

    I'm not looking for the kind of driver used for Jacobs ladder or Tesla coils more like zvs for induction heater, which I believe is more appropriate for a welder(amps).

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  • Is Bosal exhaust system for a civic any good?

    I need a new exhaust system for my civic and came across Bosal which is about as cheap as I could find.

    so my Q is simple.

    is Bosal any good? does the Aluminized coat last long? the car is at Central FL so no snow or road salt, but plenty or rain.


    2 AnswersHonda7 years ago
  • Is tin plate material good for a fuel tank replacement?

    My cousins car has a bad fuel tank and we were able to source an after market reproduction tank and it is made of tin plate.

    is tin plate a good choice for a replacement? i don't want to buy a new tank every few years.

    so far I've seen them made out of steel, galvanized steel, Ni Terne steel (I have no idea what that is).

    any help would be appreciated.

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  • how do I stop Yahoo mail from automatically opening latest message?

    this is annoying to say the least.

    I looked over the yahoo mail tools but I can't find where to turn that feature off.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

    btw this is something that started out of the blues.

    2 AnswersPreferences and Settings8 years ago
  • what is the purpose of oil in salad dressing?

    Well I've done some vinaigrette dressing on my own and I always wonder

    what is the benefit of using Oil in salad dressing?

    I dislike the smell of canola oil, Vegetable oil adds no flavor to anything so other than Olive Oil what is really the purpose of using oil.


    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes8 years ago
  • Bank of America foreclosure homes list?

    Hello Y.A community

    I need to know if someone can give me a link for BOA list of homes that are foreclosed and available to be purchased by individuals.

    i tried typing the house address in the net but nothing came up. I even looked at several realtors web listings and the address is not showing.

    if someone knows how can I see if the house I'm interested in is listed for sale by BOA I will appreciate it.

    I went to BOA and all I got was a lame " visit Bank of America home page" and I can see nothing there that is indicative of anything I am looking for

    the house has a notice over the garage door saying something like a notice of abandoned or something like that. and says to visit a realtor but as I said before nothing is up on this house.

    thanks in advance

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  • 2004 Aveo head gasket on a 1999 Daewoo Lanos?

    just like it says in the tittle. mine is the Lanos.

    I really don't like the regular gasket sold here for lanos. I really want an MLS gasket instead of that regular Permatorque .. whatever material that is.

    has anyone use da Chevy Aveo head gasket in a 199 Lanos engine with success?

    comparing the Ave HG image to my lanos HG the differences are very minimal. just 4 extra holes on the Aveo(no big deal when compared to the Lanos) and a bit of an extra lip on the edge.


    Q is for people familiar with both these cars.

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  • media blasting Q's can you help me?

    I want to blast some parts for my car. nothing big or heavy coated like the valve cover coating, that I will chemically remove. but once parts are in bare metal Id like to do more detailing on them.

    I have one of those erasers(look like an airbrush) blasting units.

    the owners manual call for 270 mesh glass bead abrasive.

    after trying to find the 270.. it seems like everyone has a way of grading their media supplies.

    some are #3 or # 13 others are in sieves measurements .... I already found out that 270 is around 106+- microns . what I don't know or understand is how can I know which of these # = a 270 mesh.

    on egay there is a #13 which is ultra fine but it doesn't say size in microns. is there a table somewhere or a way of knowing which is which ?

    I don't have egay account so please don't tell me to contact the seller.


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  • can I use this ac adpter?

    Well story short

    I'm trying to help at work. a power supply with this spec went out.

    switch mode power supply

    24V ---1.7A

    I can't find anything in that amp rating.

    can I use a universal lap top power supply with 24V 4A 70W?

    it will be powering up an electronic board that makes a set of L.E.D.s change in color and intensity(brighter and dimmer).

    I really don't know how many L.E.D.s or any rating on them at all. only that a power supply with 24V 1.7A was powering the system.

    my friend said not to use the universal one(he worked at a lamps store for a while) but I'm still doubtful about using the same one(can't find anywhere--new).

    so am I doomed to keep looking for something that low on the Amps side?

    I always thought that I could get away with the higher Amps as long as I keep it at the 24Volts.


    2 AnswersOther - Electronics9 years ago
  • low freq induction heater plans needed?

    Before you suggest any website

    I've visited Richies Burnettt and and Neons Johns...

    I do NOT need High Freq. this is not about melting anything, it does however is about heating a crucible which in turn boil water, and fast I must say. that is why I am trying to use an induction heater.

    I want to heat up a black steel pipe(plumbing dept. of about 2" in diameter and + - 4"-6" tall, without end caps. actually I want to make a monster steamer to clean engines and car parts, but a small scale unit should do for now( proof of concept).

    please don't tell me to use a heater element from a water heater unit and use a smaller tank.

    I know that, but that is like telling a guy who bought a Ferrari that the $$ could had bought him 10 Toyotas...I just want an I H.

    I've read a few papers here and there but everyone is after high freq, which I am not(as stated before).

    can someone point me into a small unit small/big enough to make my small prototype work. lol

    everyone has about 3 to 5 pcbs which btw I can NOT reproduce(right now) powering their units. I don't know if I need something that techie or if I do.

    please feel free to comment and give any advice and/or links.


    ps I don't mind a unit that can make that crucible red hot. actually it is desirable.

    1 AnswerEngineering9 years ago
  • Can I snub a small electric motor without any ill effects?

    well the tittle says it all.

    I bought a small electric rotary tool and I would like to know if there is a chance that by adding a capacitor to the electric terminals the motor can pick up a bit more hump. Its a small motor so I'm just curious to know if it can be done.

    Its not like I want to turn it into a torque monster or anything like that just a little hump would do.

    12vdc@ 16000rpms. IDK Amp rate.

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  • will spraying fresh water over my AC condenser make it save energy?

    Well my Home AC is working fine, its just that is old and its so hot outside. I want to know if spraying some fresh water over the condenser will help it to save on energy or work more efficient.

    BTW water is cheaper than electricity so forget about the whole saved here wasted there comments.

    my unit has a condenser which is made of aluminum tubing covered in some king of short pieces of AL foil just like strips. the only way I can best describe it is " as a Christmas tree ornament type of rope"

    I don't think this is an efficient design though. I've already cleaned it on the outside so the only thing left is increase its efficiency somehow. if possible .

    can someone help me figure out which would be the most efficient condenser for this unit. its a trane XE900 +-21 years old. everything works good but I want to know how to make it more efficient.

    I saw some new model on Trane web page. 2 different units were rated differently even though they were the same size. 1 was 1Db louder than the other. !!!???WT???

    in any case I am after a better condenser. I think its rated at 1.5Ton

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  • How many BTUs does a car A/C compressor has?

    just out of curiosity!

    about the size of a Honda Accord 4 doors.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • Shakespeare Rod reels combos from walmart any good for first timer?

    well actually I've fished before but its been so long that I have to say first timer. lol

    I saw a rod reel combo from Shakespeare at walmart for around $20USD. I want to shoreline fish so by now no fresh water or boat fishing just shoreline and peers.

    specs are IIRC, 12-25lbs line, 7 feet tall.

    I went to bass pro shop and saw a $35 Daiwa® D-Wave™ Saltwater Spinning Rod and Reel Combo. it looked thick and not so wiggly at the tip.

    this will be an occasional use item. so in your opinion and please give some info why is a best buy. the Shakespeare or the Daiwa?

    any feedback is well appreciated.


    4 AnswersFishing9 years ago
  • speaker box build up?

    I am confused about how a cars door speakers sounds just at the door Vs the same speaker in a box.

    Ive read about subs that needs only 1cu.ft. but nothing about an oval speaker about that size.

    I have a few Ford OEM 25W 4Ω speakers(outer dimensions are 8" X 5.75" + -) that I would like to use as a lower mids(close to low). of course these are no subs but i want to get the most low freq. that I can that they can reproduce. they will be used as part of a 5.1 system for my TV. don't worry about the Ω and Amp I got that under control.

    door mounted speakers sound very nice and with a nice bump, IDK the space specs of a door so does anyone knows how big(inside) does the box should be? I keep reading about too big and the speaker will sounds like crap.

    its just a proof of concept project I want to try. BUT I want it to sound good too.


    2 AnswersHome Theater10 years ago
  • 2001' 3.0 V6 Montero Sport, TPS calibration?


    I have a 2001 Montero Sport and I need to know to how many ohms to set the TPS from factory.

    someone adjusted the set screw and I want to make sure that the tps is set correctly.

    the TPS has 4 connectors. if that helps

    I know some cars are set to .75-1.0 Ohms. but IDK about this one.


    1 AnswerMitsubishi1 decade ago
  • what kind of thread to use, in a car seat cover?

    Hello Y.A community

    I am trying to make a seat cover for my car. I already have the fabric but IDK about what kind of thread to use. I know it must be heavy duty and hopefully UV protected.

    I will be making the covers with a regular sewing home machine. so basically what is the strongest and thickest thread I can use. can I get it a Jo Ann fabrics? if not please include a link or name in your answer.

    thanks in advance


    please keep any comments like " car manufacturer use fire retardant fabrics...." to yourself.


    6 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)1 decade ago