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If you somehow come to this page and read this area, I suggest you add me as a contact because heck, I wanna answer some good questions! And I know you have some. Stop trying to hide it! My avatar is a picture of me simpsonized. Now you know how attractive I am, muah! Appreciate all music. You never know what you're missing out on. Flanders is my hero, while "Homerpalooza" is my living comic strip because it has the freaking Smashing Pumpkins in it?! Remember, it's not the band that makes you mad.. it's the annoying fans! When I'm too lazy to write my favorite songs... you can stalk me: ^join! It's awesome! I'm really into social issues and debates now, so if you want to talk about something you really care about, you've got an ear! Emails are always fun, and I will answer within 1 day. good people, good influences, good flanders.

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