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  • Is the following statement true or false?

    A law outlawing ritualistic cannibalism isn't discriminatory to Christan Faiths because it would apply to all other religions as well.

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  • A question to "religious" people in the US against hate crime legislation.?

    Are you willing to give up your protected status.

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  • 1 Thessalonians 4 1-12 and ex-gay ministries?

    There are three interesting passages in 1 Thessalonians 4, that seem to counter the ex-gay ministry movement and I wondered others opinions, especially those involved in ex-gay ministries.


    It is God's will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his own body[a] in a way that is holy and honorable,

    It clearly says, each should learn to control his own body, in a way that is holy and honorable. This doesn't say "only for procreation" It doesn't say "Only the way the church says." It says each should learn in their own way. How does this jibe with forcing celibacy or entering into questionable marriages, which does not sound "holy or honorable" at all?

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  • Why do so many religous people insist gay marriage has never exisited when. . .?

    One of the "crimes" committed by the Canaanites where marring men to men and women to women?

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  • Ex Gay Myth.?

    I saw a question get deleted while I was answering it that suggested there where happy ex-gays. Now then there was no rudeness or vulgarity in the question, so I wondered why it was deleted, figured I could ask that. But I also wanted to put my answer down here because there are two very dangerous ex-gay myths that are going to destroy peoples lives.

    Myth 1 - People can be forced to change their sexuality.

    Myth 2 - A person's sexuality can never change.

  • Opinion on the lyrics of Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind, by Loving Spoonful?

    You know sometimes you listen to lyrics and you think up silly questions.

    In the second verse of the song Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind, here.

    Sometimes there's one with big blue eyes, cute as a bunny

    With hair down to here, and plenty of money

    And just when you think she's that one in the world

    Your heart gets stolen by some mousey little girl

    I was wonder do you think the use of Bunny, when compared to Mousey, is a comparison to Playboy Bunnys who where known to be stacked, or do you think it was just going for two different animal comparisons?

    This is just one of those "I wonder" questions and I am asking for opinions. Of course if someone knows for sure I'd not be upset.

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  • To everyone who says being bi has a "BIG EFFECT" on the relationship?

    Can you share these so called "big effects" it would have on a monogamous relationship?

  • A question to all you who get upset when people force their sexuality on others..?

    Are you properly outraged that the president wasted part of his Mother's Day speech, forcing his daughters sexuality on all of us by announcing his daughters heterosexual weeding?

  • My nephew was given an F for using The Book of Law in his comparitive religion assinment.?

    The reason stated for his F was, you did not picking a religious text.

    What is your opinion on this?

    Book of Law

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  • Civil war cannon ball explodes?

    Every version of this story I've seen calls states a Civil war cannon ball exploded.

    Now then this has confused me to no small end since everything I know about artillery states that a shot which has a self contained charge would be a shell and not a cannon ball. Is this sloppy reporting or lack of knowledge on my part.

    4 AnswersHistory1 decade ago
  • Sometimes I wonder, would this make us happier?

    You know I look at the dozes of questions a day "Am I gay?" "Am I bisexual?" "What am I?" and I am really starting to wonder if we would be happier if everyone was born with this little patch of skin on our foreheads that changed color as we went through our lives.

    If we where gay it turned one color, if we where strait it was a different color, if we where bisexual a third, if we where sexually shut off it'd go dim, if we where hyper aroused it would be vibrant.

    I wonder would this make us all miserable or would it make us happier?

  • Opinon on abilty to work vs abiltiy to hold down long term employmnet.?

    Would like your opinion on this. <This is a real world person, not a hypothetical.>

    A person who has suffered a sever head injury when they where young.

    This person when on their game is very smart, suffers no mobility problems, can interact with the general public in a typical fashion, has been trained in several job skills and even has a degree in history.

    Yet this person as as a direct result of their injure suffers irrational mood swings, violent out bursts, enters into random fugues, has woken up some days lacking the ability to read or even speak, suffers extreme dysgraphia at all times.

    So it is obvious that during a good time this person could find and perform most jobs, but at random intervals would be completely unable to do even menial tasks and can lash out at people. So would you say this person "can" work, would you say this person "should" work. If yes what would constitute reasonable accommodations?

    10 AnswersPeople with Disabilities1 decade ago
  • Am I the only person who hates the term Bi(Curious)?

    I mean I don't want to be offensive or rude, but what does it really mean?

    I have found it means "I think I dig both sexes but I've only had sex with one, usually the opposite and I'm looking to risk someone else's heart to find out if I really do like sex with the gender I've not had sex with. Yet."

    By that logic a straight person who has never tried cunnilingus could be "Straight (Curious)" Or does a gay guy who kind of wants to know what a bathhouse is like suddenly become "Gay (Curious)"

  • Why must you heterosexuals force your sexuality on the world?

    Honestly this was in no less then 40 papers today, not only is Jenna Bush heterosexual but she is in a relationship and now she is engauged to get married. You know I don't care who you sleep with but why do heterosexuals feel the need to tell everyone?

  • Mormons how do you really feel about the FCLDS and the concept of "Bleeding the Beast"?

    I am not a Mormon, I am not even sure if I should have asked the question to Mormons or members of the Church of Latter day Saints. So I hope do not offend.

    Recently I got into a knock down drag out argument with a "God fearing Christen" over how terrible Mormons where especially that "Bleeding the Beast" idea they hold dear. I tried to correct them that this practice much like Polygamy is practiced primarily by the Fundamentalist Church of Latter day Saints and is not reflective on the Mormon community as a whole. Still this made me wonder who the general church feels of these practices and splinter groups.

    Any answer would be appreciated.

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  • Should it ever be okay to defame someone to validate yourself?

    Over and over I see that some transsexuals insist on saying disparaging remarks about various other members of the trans community, most just ignorant, but some of it downright hateful. Transsexuals say things like "Why don't you go all the way?" "You're just a confused homosexual." "Why do you make it so hard for honest transsexuals?" "All they do is sow confusion."

    Let me tell you most trans people even if they are "just" cross dressers have had to dive into that dark lake of questioning their gender identity, just because they didn't come out on the opposite shore it doesn't make then less valuable, less correct, confused, sick or just a closeted homosexual.

    Why do so many people feel that this ignorant bigotry against the trans community is okay, when so many of them fight against others defaming their sexuality or gender identity?

  • Where would this quote be more at home?

    "God requires of all of us is to live a disciple's life where we recognize that our primary goal in life is not our own satisfaction but rather what we can do to please our Master. And the great irony is in doing that, we find the greatest satisfaction."

    A) In the pages of a Gor novel.

    B) Coming out of the mouth of a Deacon in an evangelical church?

    C) All of the above.

    D) None of the above.

    Wiki on Gor.

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  • Do you think things would be better if we discussed sexuality on a multi-axis system?

    Right now we only rate sexuality on one axis, do you like boys or girls. Do you think adding at least two other axis, fidelity and desire for intimacy, we would could come to a better understanding of sexuality?

  • Celibacy, tragedy, blind luck, or is there a fourth option?

    As a person who is truly neither male or female yet truly homosexual I have to wonder what are my options.

    Do I just accept that the available pool of gender fluid people is so small that I should give up on my emotional desires and accept that I'll never find someone close to my own gender?

    Do I continue to date trans people falling into the inevitable trap that they will evolve into their desired gender and grow past my or their emotional comfort zone, thus resulting in time bomb relationships, unwanted stress, and horrible breakups?

    Do I hold out hope of finding a person who is not only gender divergent but also homosexual?


    Is there a fourth option that I've not figured out?