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  • Contact my Ex after 9 months?

    Hello! I’m a guy and my ex left me 9 months ago.. I took it badly and “not like a man” because I showed up to her job to give her a gift and flowers a few days after the breakup. Then later that day I got a message from her mother basically threatening me to leave her daughter alone. So I haven’t contacted her since. She has a lot of pride and she would never message me first. She blocked me on all social media and texting back then. But I miss her dearly and can’t imagine she doesn’t miss me. I have been floating the idea of reaching out to her to see how she is and to tell her how I miss her and she was the best etc. but I fear she will just ignore it. But what if she is doing badly and would enjoy hearing from me? We were together 2 years, we fought a lot but I saw her like 5 times per week. And lately I just keep thinking of her and how great it would be to just reconnect in some way. I don’t want to get back with her. But I care for her deeply. Should I reach out? After 9 months emotions have cooled (for her) I assume. Any help is greatly appreciated. And no I haven’t dated anyone else since. I look at her as my best friend that is just gone

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  • Ex reblocked me FB?

    Ok so she ended it 3 months ago. Bad ending. Haven’t spoken since but I’ve tried reaching out to her and she ignores it (text). So a month ago she unblocked me and a week or so later I reached out again and she just re blocked me. What does this mean? She has a lot of pride so I can’t imagine her wanting to come back.. If she doesn’t care anymore then why do the effort of unblocking me? Must be snooping . Thoughts? I don’t wanna hear “move on”. I’m asking a question. I want to be friends with her.

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  • Facebook unblocking 2 months later EX GF?

    Hey there. So two months ago she broke up with me. I didn’t take it well at all. Wouldn’t leave her alone much for a few days trying to get her back until she finally blocked me on everything. Her family got involved and messaged me threatening me to leave her alone. Then my family sent my EX a message, she ignored it then blocked them. A few days ago I shared an old post and noticed I saw her comment. So I was recently unblocked. I check with some of my familys facebooks, they are all still blocked. So just me is unblocked. I really do love her and want to talk about everything. She must have been snooping. Thoughts?

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  • Ex unblocked me on FB?

    Ex unblocked me on Facebook recently, we broke up two months ago. Was a very bad breakup. She also blocked my brother. She did not unblock him. I still love her. Is this a sign she misses me? She only unblocked me

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  • Can I collect unemployment fired for absenteeism?

    Hey ppl.. I currently have 4 occurrences at Walmart and if I get to 5 I’m automatically terminated. It’s overnight and I’ve worked here for over 5 years now. But I’m about done. So my question is.. if I call out again and I’m terminated.. can I still collect unemployment until I get another job? I live in New York. If it matters. Thanks!

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