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  • What could I do at work for exercise? I sit at a desk all day...?

    I work as a front desk agent so I'm either standing or sitting. It's not a very active job. Anyone know exercised I could do while sitting or even standing? Might sound stupid but I'm looking to lose weight so when I work till 11pm at night, I don't feel like heading to the gym for an intense workout after.


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  • Good snacks, exercises and motivation!?

    I want to lose about 40-50lbs. I started p90x but I get discouraged because I have shitty stamina. Lol. I keep on looking at results online from people who exercise and eat healthy and I love it, but I need motivation. Should I start a blog? My friends are too busy to exercise with me and my boyfriend doesn't want to.

    What should I eat? My boyfriend has horrible eating habits and when I want to eat a salad of some sort for dinner, he gets mad because he wants something more. He also hates cooking for just himself. What can I do?

    Thank you!

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  • I get really discouraged while doing p90x!! Any advice?

    I recently started doing p90x. I want to drop around 50lbs but when I do it, I get discouraged in the first 10 minutes! :( What can I do to stop that? I also would love a partner to do it with me. My friends aren't available and my boyfriend doesn't want to do it with me even though he could lose around 80lbs.

    Any tips or advice on exercises or meal plans would be REALLY appreciated!

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  • If I do 10 mins of cardio,take a break, 10 mins of cardio etc, will I lose weight?

    I started doing cardio at home. I'm pretty out of shape so I get out of breath easily. If I do 10 mins of cardio then take a break, redo the 10 minutes and do that for a while, will I lose weight?

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  • What should I do if I want to lose weight?

    I just recently started to "diet". I mean I started to eat healthier as opposed to junk. I only drink water. Unless I'm working at 7 am where I drink some black coffee.

    I also started to exercise at home. Ill do some cardio, toning, yoga. I get easily out of breath and discouraged.

    Anyways, I'm not a pro at this so I need help as to what I can eat for breakfast that is fast and cheap seeing as I don't have tons of money and get up at 5:40AM. Any tips that help burn fat/calories?

    I also have big boobs. I don't mind them, but I would like to lose a cup or so. Is that possible with exercise?

    I'm 22, 5'4 and around 160lbs.


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  • My poo smells really bad!?

    I'm a girl and my poo stinksss! This is not a joke! Like it's so bad that I won't go in public or anything. I just started going for a poo with my boyfriend that I've been living with for 2 and a half years and that's just because he finds it's funny. I go every day or every second day. I don't eat anything unusual... I'm pretty healthy in my diet! Is there something wrong or is this normal? Is there anything I can do so that it doesn't smell so bad when I go to my friends bathroom or something!?

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  • Is it bad to like drinking alone!?

    When I come home from work I like to drink some wine. I admit, I can drink a whole bottle to myself, but it's just because I put on some candles and watch a bunch of reality t.v. shows. I sometimes ask myself if that's bad... It just relaxes me I guess.... Should I be ashamed?

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    How do girls get the "wet leg look"? I want my legs to look shiny and moisturized by Saturday. Any tips?

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  • I have a period question!?!?!?

    I'm 21 and I've never had this problem!! I started my period a couple days ago and it's been really bad! I mean, I know sometimes it can be strong for the first couple days, but I wiped and found what looked like blood clots? It was pretty big! Is this normal? My periods have been normal and consistent since I've had them. What should I do?!

    1 AnswerWomen's Health8 years ago
  • How to get over giving cats away? :'(?

    I recently had to give my 3 cats away. I was moving and they didn't allow cats and that was the only place I could move to. I gave them to a no kill shelter... I didn't have time to give them up to a family. I FEEL HORRIBLE! I feel like the worst person ever! I constantly think about them. They were my world!! I loved them so much, it hurts me just to think of them :( I'll always feel guilty for giving them away. I really did see them as my children and not just cats. Someone help me cope with this :( :( :'(

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  • A bad smell coming from "down there"?

    Okay so I have a couple questions. Sometimes I smell down there... I mean it's not a horrible smell but at the same time, I feel unsanitary. It it normal? If I shower, then it doesn't smell at all but by the next day, it does a little bit. I always feel uncomfortable having my boyfriend go down on me if I don't shower first. I don't think I have any kind of infection or anything like that since it's been like that for practically my whole life. What can I do?

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  • Straight female looking at lesbian porn?

    I'm 21, straight and I have a boyfriend that I've been with for over 2 years. When I look at porn (which isn't often) I tend to enjoy girl on girl better. Is that weird? I know I'm not bi or a lesbian but still... Why do I enjoy it more?

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  • How to get over someone who passed away? :(?

    The guy I was dating for a year passed away 2 years ago and I can't seem to get over him. Let me fill you in on what happened... We were in high school and he asked me to stay after classes to be with each other for a bit longer. I would normally of said yes, but the next day I had exams. I needed to go home & study. Anyways, that night I went over to a friends house because she needed help to study. About half an hour later, my mom called and told me that my boyfriend had stopped by on his snowmobile to see me. She told him where I was and she said he left going in the direction of my friends house. 10 minutes later, he calls me and tells me to look outside. Of course he was there :) He told me he had to see me even if it was only for a couple minutes. We were together for about 10-15 minutes and he said he had to go home and to call him when I got home. After he left, I called my mom to come pick me up. When she showed up, I was running up the stairs and the bracelet that my boyfriend had gotten me just broke. All the beads went flying everywhere and I didn't even touch it! I thought that was weird.. Anyways, I got home and called him but there was no answer which was weird. I called again and again then my friend called and said she heard about an accident and asked if he was okay... About 5 minutes after he left my friends house, he was crossing a highway and he got hit my a car.. He sadly passed away :'(.. I still keep in contact with his family but I just can't get over him. I still have a bunch of his stuff but I can't throw it away. It's mainly in my closet now anyways... I know by now I should of gotten over it but I think about him every single day!!! Everyone is telling me not to blame myself, but if I wasn't in the picture, he never would of came to see me and none of this would of happened! How do I get over this?

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  • Is Twinings Green tea healthy?

    I bought Twining Green tea and I can't stop drinking it. Is that bad or good? It's not fattening, is it?

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  • I'm a 21 female and I like getting high?

    I'm 21, living with my bf and I occasionally like getting high. Just smoking weed, that's it! I rarely do it anymore because my bf doesn't like it. I used to do it with my gfs all the time during summer and he knew that. Should I stop for him or just live my life? Is smoking that bad?? I only do it at home or parties.. never when I'm working or anything.

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