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Nickay B

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Hey, I'm Nick! Well, I am an open-minded person who generally gets along with everybody. I'm fun, crazy, charming, and creative. Right, right? Yeah. So I like random movies that make me feel happy. But a kid can love his slasher films too right? I live in a big city. I wonder what suburbia is like. Are all the houses really the same and is there a Starbucks at the end of every block? I love my people. I go on Y!A to help people, fo' real. Sorry if I hurt your feelings with my sarcasm. :[ I really try not to. You will probably see me around the Polls and Surveys section of Y!A, but sometimes I take walks on the wild side of life and go venture on to other places. Hit me up. Oh! And if you really like me, you might wanna hit up my blog right? Go to; YEP! I'm ridiculous. Don't pay attention to anything I say. Except my fashion advice, because that's always pristine.