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  • how can I enroll my daughter in woodcreek high school when it isn't my neighborhood school.?

    It is 7 minutes away from my house where my neighborhood school is 23 minutes away.What are legitimate reasons for the district to accept the intra distrcit transfer.plz Any help is needed with the roseville joint high district

  • What's wrong with my parakeet?

    I have 3 parakeets at the moment one of them died because of old age ( 10 years ) and now my green ine is losing almost ALL his feathers! there are spots where he has no feathers and the rest is one thin layer of feathers whats wrong? He is only about 1-2 years old! My pther parakeets are healthy and so is my conure! He is also shivering ALOT when i hold him.

    4 AnswersBirds8 years ago
  • My conure is throwing up!?

    We went in the car with my green cheek conure and he has been in the car multiple times before but he just started moving his head up and down really fast then threw up alot of times it looked kinda like a cracker the was chewed up now were home and he drank water and ate birdfood is he ok? should we take him to the doctor??

    2 AnswersBirds8 years ago
  • How much is a blue crowned conure and where can i find one?

    So i have a green cheek conure and hes not talking i want a blue crowned one would he talk? is he smarter? My conure can give me kisses and likes to be around people i try to teach him how to talk but hes not getting it. Where can i find a blue crowned conure in sacramento though?

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  • Why is "The Future" rated R?

    Icant find out why is for drugs violence language? Im offered 10 points for the first answer ( has to be a real answer)

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  • Why doesnt my GC conure like me?

    I feed him play with him give him human food ( crackers and things birds CAN eat) But he likes someone else in the family more then me! Even they get mad when he poops somewhere and i don't! i Love him soo much but he flys away from me to my mom. is it because shes taller then me? Even when im standing and shes sitting he likes her more. Why? and how do i fix that?

    2 AnswersBirds8 years ago
  • What type of bird is smart and gets attached to one person?

    I have 3 parakeets and 1 green cheek conure but the conure likes someone else in the family.... and whatever i do he flys away from me i put food and I'm never mean to him I only treat him with extreme kindness and love but he doesnt get it or he just doesnt like me. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a bird that would get attached to only one person? (ill make everyone else in the family stay away from him) (( haha I'm mean but i want him to like me)) and a bird under 300$ would be nice:)

    2 AnswersBirds8 years ago
  • I took my mac book to apple store for repair and when i picked it up i found a crack in the macbook to the ri?

    the crack is to the right of the track pad what shall i do and will apple replace it for me? What is the best thing to tell them to get a replacement because I don't want to end up with a glued macbook

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  • Algerbra 1; 8th grade math?

    4 ( 2x - 1 ) = -12


    So in written form it's 4 over 3 times 2x minus one equals negative 12. Help? :(

    2 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • Can i feed the cereal corn POPS to my conure?

    So im trying to give him his regular food everyday with another bowl of apples grapes graham crackers and i want to try this cereal and i was wondering if it's ok? The ingridents are milled cron, sugar, soluble corn fiber, molasses, contiens 2% or less salt, soybean oil, partially hydrgenteded vegtable oil (cocnut, sotbean, and/or cottonseed), mono-and diglycerides, wheat starch, annatto color, bht for freshness Sorry that was a long list but do you think i could fed it to him? He loves eating stuff were eating like even from my plate he will just reach and eat outmeal! and when im drinking somthing from a cup he will jump on the cup and drink! i know the types of drinks he cant have but anyways POPS cereal??

    4 AnswersBirds8 years ago
  • Is a dog Halal or Haram?

    i have looked it up and a dogs mouth is actually cleaner then a humans i think they have a chemical that we dont and the chemical cleans their mouth. is that chemical haram??

    3 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 years ago
  • How can i host a fun summer party for 13- 14 year olds?

    I'm hosting a summer party and i want to know what are the best snacks to have and what type of games we should play that are fun. I have truth or dare and im going to put music on to dance to and were going to put my ihome outside and play music to dance to outside since it will be a nice day im not sure what else to do though. When we were younger soccer would be fun and running in sprinklers but now they are the kind or girls who put make-up on everyday so im not sure what else to do. Any suggerstions? im also putting on the game just dance.

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  • is it ok for my sun conure to drink juice?

    i was drinking juice and my counure suddenly got on the cup i thought it was ok and he just was standin on it then he started drinking it i put the drink on the table to ask the question and i also put i=him on the table and walked up and started drinking more! is it ok? its a mango juice btw

    3 AnswersBirds9 years ago
  • Is it worth it to pay 12,000 every year for a private high school?

    There is a privatehigh school i want to go to it because 30% of the graduate students go to stanford university, most o fthe others go to UCLA, or Harvord. But is it really worth it to pay 12,000 for 4 years?

  • What can I do to increase my chances of getting into Stanford, UCLA, Harvord?

    I'm in middle school ( i know its too eraly to stress over this) but i really want to get a degree in journalism or i want to be a lawyer. What can I do to increase my chances into getting into one of these colleges?

  • What is the best brand of lotion for dry hands?

    my hands are ery dry. (bottom of my hands) and i use vaseline ludens(not sure how to spell) please recomend a good lotion brand(s)

    6 AnswersOther - Skin & Body9 years ago
  • is my foot fractured?

    i fell on my foot 5 days ago on the tile. i went to the doctors he took xray nothing there he said it was a bad sprain. but i was suppose to take my crutches off yesterday but i used them and im still using them but now my foot has like a bone sticking out kinda so is it a hairline fracture ( they dont show right away in an x ray)

    1 AnswerInjuries9 years ago
  • Is each generartion getting taller or smaller?

    So my friend told me were getting taller which for me makes sence because people are always taller then theyre mom and dads. But my teacher said we are getting smaller which one is true???

    1 AnswerOther - General Health Care9 years ago
  • Did i sprain my ankle?

    someone shoved me in the hallway and i fell down (im very light) i fell on my right leg and my ankle hurts now its a little red and swollen. i wrapped it and used crutches the rest of the day but it still REALLY hurts what should i do, and when will i feel better???

    3 AnswersInjuries9 years ago
  • what should i draw to represent the hundred year war?

    i have a history project and i have to draw somthing that represents the hundred year war in europe. in the middle ages what should i draw??

    somthing that would get me an A would be cool :)

    1 AnswerHomework Help9 years ago