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  • Trans women: loss of sensitivity (pre-op)?

    Have any of you noticed a loss of sensitivity from hormones? When my girlfriend and I have sex, nothing about my genitals feels erogenous anymore; it literally just feels like any other patch of skin on my body. I have more sensitivity on my sides of my waist than down there. Has anyone else experienced this?

    For reference, I'm pre-op, 9 months hormones, and not dysphoric about my genitals.

  • Pause a python script with a keyboard command (Windows 7)?

    I have a python script that is both long and somewhat of a resource hog. I was wondering if there was a way I could pause the script and let it resume later when I can let the computer idle for a while. I know Ctrl-C will kill it (but that's because python will see it as an uncaught exception), but I was hoping that a similar key combination would just pause it.

    Running this on Windows 7

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  • In lieu of empathy, a need for antipathy instead of sympathy?

    Hope not to make this a wall of text, and the question is "Based on this behavior, is there a psychological term or concept that I could do more research on to better understand why I do this?"

    Okay, so here we go:

    I have a need for antipathy. I am a member of a very small minority group that is actively hated by a very vocal and widespread group of people, and the rest of the population has no sympathy. Our minority is so small, that I only know of others like me through the internet. I've never actually met another one of us in real life.

    My friends are supportive, but it always feels like they're the outsiders looking in at me. There is really no one that I know who can empathize with what I am going through, no one I can physically touch and have that "there's someone like me" feeling.

    So to substitute this, I actively seek out the people who hate me. When I'm feeling down about being a part of this minority, being sympathized with makes me feel completely invalidated, and I will start thinking about all of my flaws as a part of this minority, but if I am antagonized, I will respond with pride and self-satisfaction to combat these hurtful things people say about us.

    It's like there has to be a constant balance of some sort. If I am not being criticized, I'll criticize myself. If I'm not being celebrated, I'll celebrate myself. So the flux of positive and negative must be equal, but I'll always end up feeling in the direction of the balance, so when I surround myself with negativity, I'll feel better about myself, because of that equality.

    So yeah, that's what's going on in my head in the moment. Anyone have an idea if there's a name for this?

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  • Pinging mail server for email address, catch all work around?

    I'm trying to send an email to a friend of mine at a different university. Unfortunately, I don't know her university email address. So I tried checking the mail server (with telnet) to see if her email address might be one of the few different formats the university uses, but when I check it with a completely bogus email, it still sends a bogus result, so I'm assuming that the mail server has a catch all set in place to just forward bogus emails to some other location. Is there a way I can test how the mail server is handling the requests and compare that to the bogus email? (if bogus email and test email are handled the same, both are bogus. If handled differently, then it would imply that the test email is valid)

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  • Smoothing out your range?

    I've done a lot of voice work recently and have been able to expand my range by over an octave. The problem is that these notes feel funny and have a very gritty texture when I sing them; still very raw. I was wondering if there were any exercises to smooth out my range so that the new notes seem more "natural".

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  • Odd feeling when I hit high notes?

    My voice type is tenor, but when I go for the high notes (A4-D5), it feels like I've slipped into a bubble in my throat gets all tingly. Has anyone heard of this before or knows what this feeling means? I take extra care not to practice to the point of hurting my voice, but this doesn't feel painful (just odd), so I can't tell if it's damaging.

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  • Fallen for a gay friend of mine...?

    One year ago, I wouldn't have even considered dating guys, but now, especially since hormones, things have changed a bit. I'm still asexual, but I think I've become more bi-romantic. We're both sophomores in college and have been great friends since we started last year, working together at the theater almost every day with school work and tech work, etc, etc. I just feel really comfortable with him and have been the most open with him about my transition, including the starting to develop feeling for guys, which I felt he could relate best too (even more than my straight female friends).

    But it's just a whole medley of emotions for me right now, and I know he'd understand my attraction and all, but throwing that I'm mtf in the very early stages of transitioning just makes this that much more complicated.

    I just don't know what to do. This is all so new to me. The simple answer is that we'd never be together, and I can live with that, and I'm actually fine with that, but it's the nagging feeling, the butterflies, the calmness, that I can't get over, don't want to get over.

    Is there anything I can do to get my mind off of it?

  • Guess who just started HRT yesterday?

    :D estradiol and spironolactone

    And because I need a question here for this to be a valid question: How's your weekend going?

  • What do the eigenvectors of the Hessian matrix represent?

    Assuming you have a "nice" function, your Hessian matrix will be symmetric, meaning the eigenvectors will be orthogonal. Is one of them the gradient and the other the tangent to the level curve?

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  • Are state schools subject the laws of the cities they are in?

    The city has employment protections for transgender people, but my public university does not. If I get employed by the school, am I protected as a transgender person from discrimination?

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  • What's a decent range for an alto singer?

    Not looking for how far they can ultimately stretch, just if someone were an alto, what is a reasonable range to expect?

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  • Real-time microphone playback?

    I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of any online programs that will playback things you say into the microphone, and preferably something that lets you manipulate the delay.

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  • What would you do if your partner confessed that they were suffering from transsexualism?

    And were pre-everything, including still presenting as their birth sex (as you had met them).

    For the sake of the inquiry, assume you're (still) just dating, no kids, no house, etc.

    I always see questions in this section that talk about what would you do if you found out your significant other was a post-op transsexual, but never the other end of the extreme.

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  • R&S: If being gay were a choice, why would anyone be exclusively gay?

    I was reading my regular news searches for anything dealing with LGBT, and as usual came across the typical conservative response of it being a choice. My question is, if being sexuality were a choice, why would anyone choose to be exclusively gay over being bisexual? It wouldn't make any sense for a person who is already being "sexually deviant" to limit their options, now does it? It's not like being exclusively gay is any less "sinful" than being bisexual.

    (note: I'm not suggesting sexuality is a choice and yes I've already asked this in the LGBT section)

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  • If being gay were a choice, why would anyone be exclusively gay?

    I was reading my regular news searches for anything dealing with LGBT, and as usual came across the typical conservative response of it being a choice. My question is, if being sexuality were a choice, why would anyone choose to be exclusively gay over being bisexual? It wouldn't make any sense for a person who is already being "sexually deviant" to limit their options, now does it?

    I really don't get the political right sometimes.

  • Christians, why is there unnecessary suffering?

    Your apologetics may have an answer for why there is suffering in the world at all, but why is there unnecessary suffering. If god was benevolent and omnipotent, surely he would want to eliminate any unnecessary suffering, leaving only the amount of suffering that MUST exist in the world.

    So why is there UNNECESSARY suffering?

    And if you don't believe there is unnecessary suffering in this world, can you explain why this list HAS to be as long as it is?

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  • LGBT's drinking game?

    Would you care to start a drinking game with me?

    Anytime you see a question that can be answered just by rephrasing it (most likely to point out how absurd the question is), you take a drink.

    I'll start:;_ylt=AjJ2o...


  • Should transsexual individuals have the right to know that their partner is transphobic?

    Before becoming involved with someone who potentially was born with transsexualism, should you have to list out your hates, fears, insecurities, etc. so they have the choice of marrying someone who isn't transphobic. Is it lying if you don't tell your partner that you would break up with them, or worse, if they were trans? Trans people have the right to know these things after all!

    (Of course, this question is a parody of the "deceptive transsexual" questions we get)

  • Christians, how did God get his powers?

    Every villain has a back story, so what's his?

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