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I like to write poetry and hang out with friends. I am in my third year of college studying psychology. I work at a movie theater starting the movies. Its pretty fun cause i get paid more than a regular employee to do just about nothing. I also like to play on the computer and watch tv. I love movies, any genre of movies i like. I love to go shopping, any time i have extra money i go and spend it even though i should save it. So yea I can't think of really anything else to say

  • What should I wear for my thigh tattoo?

    This morning I am getting a thigh tattoo, I know I should wear shorts or something loose, but I live in Minnesota it's not really all that warm. I would like to wear pants to the appointment, but I am not sure if I should just wear shorts and put jeans over it and take them off when I get there or just wear a pair of really loose sweatpants. Thoughts?

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  • Is it okay to take ibuprofen before getting a tattoo?

    I have a headache and I've been told to not take ibuprofen before getting a tattoo because its a blood thinner. I have about 2 1/2 hours before my tattoo, and would like my headache to go away. Do you think I would be okay to take a couple?

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  • Help!! What should I do?

    I am looking at getting some sort of bed/futon thing. My problem is right now i sleep in the living room on a very uncomfortable futon. I am looking into getting something that can replace a bed in the future but I need to be a couch/bed right now. I am unsure if I should just buy a bed and have a bed in the living room or get a nicer futon. I really want a bed in the future not a futon that I can put in a bedroom. What should I do?

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  • is my cat gonna be fine?

    About an hour ago my cat somehow got out on my balcony where I am keeping a peace lily. I am not sure if she ate any of it or not. From what I see she has not eaten any of it. Its been an hour and she is eating just fine and not showing any symptoms. Do you think she will be okay?

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  • why do people get tattoos on their backs?

    It makes no sense to me to get a tattoo on your back if you can't see it

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  • Something extra to add?

    I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow on my upper rib cage. Its gonna be the quote "life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself". I don't want it to be some quote tattoo that looks like every other quote tattoo. How can I make it so its more unique looking?

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  • What exactly is a traditional tattoo?

    All I know about them is they are only a few colors. But I want to know more about them

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  • what could be causing my back pain?

    I had a bladder infection. I have taken the full 7 days of antibiotics. My bladder infection is gone. About 3-4 into the meds my back really started to hurt. I feel fine. No symptoms of a bladder or yeast infection. My back just really hurts. It feels better for a little while when i crack it or rub it. And it gets worse when i use my back a lot. What is wrong

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  • Please help. anyone know what is wrong?

    I had a bladder infection and took meds for a week. about 3-4 days into it i was feeling better but started to get back pain. Its been. 2 days since i've stop taking the meds my back still hurts. I have an appointment tomorrow.

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  • What the heck could this be?

    About a week ago i started taking meds for a bladder infection, about 3-4 days into it i started getting some back pain. Sometimes lower back, sometimes mid back. All my symptoms from the bladder infection are gone but i still have back pain. Which is made worse by straining my back. I have an appointment for the doctor tomorrow. What could it be??

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  • What would cause hives on my legs?

    I don't think its a laundry detergent allergic reaction because wouldn't I have hives on other parts of my body, not just my legs?

    Why else would I have hives on my legs??

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  • My cat ate part of a used condom. Is she gonna be okay?

    I called the vet and they said to watch her.

    She is eating and drinking fine. Her breathing seems normal. Is she gonna be okay? Is there anything I can do to help?

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  • Is my kitten losing teeth or something else?

    I have a 5 month old kitten and I know she is starting to lose her baby teeth. But last night it seemed her mouth was bleeding. This morning it doesn't seem to be bleeding as bad, if at all. She is playing normally, eating normally. I just wanna know how much blood is too much blood when it comes to kitten's losing teeth. Should I be worried? None of the vets in my area are open on Sundays. Please give me any information about kitten's losing teeth

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  • Is it just a cough or something more?

    For the last week to week in a half i've had this couch. Pretty much only a cough. Little bit. Of a runny nose but mainly a cough. Do i have a cough or could it be brochitis.

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  • Why does my kitten cry all the time?

    I adopted my kitten from the humane society 2 days ago and she won't stop walking around meowing. She did have ear mites and she has an upper respiratory infection. She is still eating and drinking fine but every time she is left alone she cries. And she still plays quite a bit. So why is she crying so much? Does she want more attention?

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  • What symbols are used for family?

    I'm looking into getting a tattoo that represents family. I've been looking all over the internet but can't find much. Please help!

    Thanks much!

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  • Does anyone know what song i'm talking about?

    I'm thinking of a song I heard on Friday. I don't remember if it was a 70's or 80's song. And I don't know who its by but it has to do with letting me live my life, leave me alone. i think something about going down my own path and not theirs. Anyone know what song i'm talking about?

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  • Help! What would you suggest I do?

    Just this last May I graduated with a bachelors in psychology. A year before finishing my degree I felt like psychology wasn't the way to go but I finished it anyway. Now I'm starting to think psychology really isn't what I want to do anymore after seeing the types of job that are out there for a bachelors in psychology and the job outlook.

    So...I'm thinking I want to go back to school the only problem is the money. I feel like I'm already in-dept so much and I would hate to be in-debt anymore. Also, my boyfriend and I are moving into an apartment the first of December. My concern is with that is But I'm not all that concerned because of financial aid.

    So...what would you suggest I do?

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