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  • I'm a 13 year old (i got permission to use my mom's account) and i need to know what color to paint my room!?

    Ok, so we're going to be moving pretty soon, and i don't know what would be the best colors to paint my room.........

    Which should i choose?

    1. Pink, light blue, brown, and lime green-..i already have a CUTE comforter and sheet set with all those colors in it,


    2. Blue and brown- i find this combination really nice for a bedroom and bathroom,

    So, please answer, you don't have to type anything long or anything, just tell me which one, 1. pink, light blue, brown, and lime green

    or 2. blue and brown

    just type in 1. or 2.

    PLEASE HeLp me!

    P.S. please tell me which colors would make my room look more like a teenager's room!

    xoxo, Brittany

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  • HELP ME! I am a teenager, in need of a band name and band members! I NEED HELP!?

    my name is Brittany, and i'm trying to form a band, i'm the lead singer, (the only person in the band at the time) and i need a drummer and guitarist. I've written many songs, which my mom says are VERY good, so i'm also the songwriter. But, the band still has no, if you can help me find band members, or suggest and band names appropriate for teens, i would VERYYYYYYYYY much appreciate it! PLEASE HELP! THIS IS IMPORTANT! I DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS AND I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I WANT TO MAKE MY DREAM OF BEING A SINGER COME TRUE! PLEASE HELP! ..........................oh, and by the way, my type of music is country and rock, and sometimes pop....................................

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  • I need ideas for a song i'm gonna write for a school talent show audition that is at the end of next week?

    It needs to be appropriate for 6th grade. It want it to be kinda slow and maybe about guys, but i have writers block! i'm a songwriter, but not a famous one. HELP!

    Auditions are next thursday or next friday, whichever day i feel like auditioning. The finalists will perform in the spring concert in may. In other words, I need to have ideas FAST, or I will be very upset and probably have to do a country song, and country music is not very 'popular' at my school.

    Please help. If you have any ideas, please help! ONLINE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I need sombody (a teenager, to be specific) to sing with me in my band. Auditions are In Columbus, GA.?

    Please do not come to auditions if 1. you cannot sing real good. and 2. If you will be unable to attend practices in GA. Please, Please help me out. (If you know somebody that can, please tell them about out it.) I'm DESPERATE! HELP ME! If you can attend, please contact me at brendabaggett@knology .net. Oh, and if you have anybody that can play the guitar(electric or accoustic/ both) or play the piano, please feel free to contact me at PLEASE HELP ME !!! I NEED YOU SOOOO MUCH!

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  • I need help! plz! I need facts about why computers are needed in schools! plz reply!?

    ALL I NEED IS A GOOD WEBSITE THAT GIVES LOTSA INFORMATION-This is for my 11 year old daughter. I need it within 1-2 hours; she goes to bed at either 8:00-9:00, ya know, it's a preteen's bedtime, so, what!-I NEED JUST THE WEBSITE!

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