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  • My Inbox is gone!!(Yahoo! Mail)?

    What happened? Just yesterday I had 190 e-mail messages on my inbox which are VERY sentimental to me!! Suddenly, when I opened it the following day, today actually, they were all gone without a trace. They were not even in the trash. I don't share or give my account info nor do I open my account on any computer. Can someone please please help me!!! Please!

    3 AnswersOther - Yahoo Mail1 decade ago
  • I have another question about the UPCAT, can someone please help me again?

    Can anyone tell me what I should focus my study on regarding the UPCAT. Does the UPCAT contain Advance Trigo, Calc and Physics? Should I focus more on the lines of Algebra, Geometry and Chemistry? Please help!

    2 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • I'm trying out for the UPCAT this year? May mga kababayan ba diyan! Please help!!?

    I'm trying out for the UPCAT this year. Problem is, it's on August which is 2 months from the start of our class as seniors. That would be insufficient time to learn trigo and calc, this includes physics. I studied during the summer but it seems that I'm going no where without a teacher help. Were only a third class family and honestly I'm very nervous. Could anybody there please calm me, at least tell me some details about the test that might calm me down a bit. Please!

    4 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • What would be the best organic protein supplement?

    I find that mongo beans contain plenty of supplements, even more than meat...I think...but I'm curious as to which organic food contains the best amount of protein

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness1 decade ago