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  • Why do Religious people feel it neccesary to interject their religion into everything?

    This is not a question to generate anger. I am just noticing that when I read a lot of advice for gifts that many people throw in the, 'Get a bible' or 'Go see the nativity' as way of activities. They know nothing of the religious background of the asker. So why then do they do these things?

    I am honestly confused as to what would cause a person to make some presumptions while doing recommendations. Can someone explain it without being derogatory to those that prescribe to faith?

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  • For a begginer what is the best tablet to buy?

    My GF is into art and she spends her time drawing a lot. I'd like to provide her with a digital avenue so she can start sending some of the family her drawings and so forth.

    So given that she has a pc (not a laptop atm) and she plans to use this for free form drawing what would be the best unit to buy?

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