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  • How do u get IM 4 yahoo?!?

    I have an acct. on yahoo but I don't no how 2 get an IM! Can NE 1 help me?!

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  • I'm emo/gothic/punk rocker.I don't know what to be for halloween.My mom doesn't know i'm emo.She don't got2...

    She doesn't have2know i'm emo.This is a secret i'm willing to keep!She was just kidding but she said I could be cousin it!See I have really long hair(brunette)...I want to be either the grude, the girl off the ring, or cousin it.Every one at my school says I should be one of those too.I wish I could tell my mom that I'm emo but she will think i'm crazier!I'm christian but at times I feel I could just explode!I woud say other things about me, but that's way too risky, espeically because i'm on the internet.I have other issues to work out on my own...Maybe it's because I don't have the guts to sasy it to my mom or maybe it's because I know how she is?!?I don't know myself!But NEWAYZ I don't know what to do or wear for halloween and it's coming right around the corner.I want to go down town in my city, but what do I wear?We also get to dress up at school for halloween and I don't want to be looking all retarded and go as myself!I have a life and I want to keep it.O.K. BYE! ThankYou!!!!!!

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