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  • Tub faucet pushing OUT from the wall?

    The tub faucet in my bathroom appears to be inching forward over time. It's an older house and when I moved in, it wasn't completely flush against the tile. Over the past few months I've noticed more separation (probably almost an inch) and I have no clue why. I live in Cleveland and we've had some really cold days, so I'm not sure if it messed with pipes or something, but any thoughts on this would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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  • Potential slow leak in roof?

    Over the past several months I've noticed paint starting to peel and come up in a curved corner of my living room ceiling. There's no gutter on that side and it's nearly impossible to get to from the outside. The odd thing is that I had a new roof put on about a year ago, so I'm not sure I'm correct in the assumption. Just not sure what else it could be.

    If I can post a pic on here, maybe that will help for a visual.

    Any thoughts are welcome.

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  • Did you have some awkwardness in the beginning of your relationship?

    I travel every other week (sometimes more) since I started dating this girl a few months I know that doesn't necessarily help things. But I have a blast with her when we're drinking and all, just sometimes there's some awkwardness that I'm not a fan of when we're not having a drink. Not all the time but its there and can be on the phone too.

    We both agreed we have to work on communication when I'm gone (talking instead of texting) but I'm curious about others thoughts.

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  • Possibly a bad light switch?

    I know that sounds dumb, but I'm installing a new garbage disposal and when I plugged it in, it immediately started up. I tested with a hair dryer and the same thing happened and both times were with the switch OFF.

    It's a dual switch - one turns on the light and the other the disposal. If its a bad switch, why wouldn't the light be on permanently too? Or could they individually go bad?

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Kenmore garbage disposal?

    I'm replacing my garbage disposal with this kenmore which did not have a power cord attached. So I bought the outlet assembly, attached it, but when I plug it in even with the switches off, it automatically turns on. In both outlets. I don't understand why. I'm pretty positive I have it wired correctly since there aren't too many combinations.

    Any idea on why this might be happening?

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  • Aprilaire humidifier question?

    I'll spare you the details of this debacle for me and get right to it.

    I have a real old Aprilaire on furnace humidifier (not a bypass) and I thought it was broken because it was not getting water to the filter pad. The water line ran to something that looked like a solenoid valve (I could be making that up) and would go up to the filter top and run down. Problem is, it's not making it through. Whatever valve that is is not letting water through and I couldn't take it apart, so I went around it.

    My question - does that valve regulate the fan to kick on to push the air back in? I understand I'm risking not having the water regulated like it should, but is that the only thing? It seems to be working fine - I'm getting water through, it kicks on and all seems well, but who knows.

    Sorry I'm an idiot with this stuff but thanks in advance!

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  • Honeywell bypass humidifier?

    Let me preface with this: I've never done any sort of HVAC stuff on my own so these may be dumb questions but I'm asking anyway.

    The humidifier is on but when I went to cut a hole for the air flow return, I'm hitting what looks to be the internal filter or heating element, or something. It's metal though and big enough to mess up my hole cutting. Is finding a corner where I can get a half of a hole out sufficient?

    Dumb question, but why can't I just cap the humidifier I installed? I had an aprilaire before this and it just sat on the furnace. No air return or anything. Why couldn't I do the same?

    Last thing - is a sail switch a MUST? I read that there is some water wasted regardless so if I can regulate it, what's the pint?

    Thanks a ton in advance!!

    1 AnswerDo It Yourself (DIY)8 years ago
  • Looks or personality?

    I have a serious dilemma here. I'm insanely picky when it comes to dating (looks and personality) and met this girl who is pretty much everything I could ask for personality-wise. We've been out several times and I could spend a lot of time with her without getting annoyed or bored - which is huge. We hit it off very well and surprisingly share a lot of the same values and family background too.

    Here's the problem - I'm not sure if I'm attracted to her. She's a pretty girl, but I just don't feel that spark that I thought I might and maybe that's all it is that I need to fix - my own expectations. I don't know. And really I'm not sure why I'm on here but I love different perspectives.

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  • Garage door transfer?

    Here's the deal. I have a 2 car garage but with 2 separate doors, not just a main one. As of right now, one of the doors is motorized (left side) so I have a key for the other (right side). My question is: can I switch them? Can I make the right side motorized and leave the left as a manual? If so, any idea how hard it would be to fix this?

    Admittedly, I haven't looked at it closely so it may be simple, it may be a pain, I have no idea at this point. Any thoughts? Should I just pay to get the other side automatic as well?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Grout splitting on self-adhesive tiles?

    About two months ago I put down those self-adhesive tiles and found out that you can grout them. I like the grout look, so I went that rout. This was in September which is still somewhat warm in Cleveland - now that winter hit, some of the tiles shrunk or tightened up (for a lack of better description) breaking the grout and leaving some gaps. Some are just hairline cracks but one is a little bigger than I'd like it do be.

    My question is: can I re-grout that? I'm afraid to do it because when summer comes around, I don't want them to buckle/bubble because there's no room to expand. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!

    2 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)9 years ago
  • Continental Onepass elite?

    Alright - all the chaos around this stuff is a little confusing so I need some help. I'm at silver elite status with just under 26K elite miles and only 16 elite points. I have trips from Cleveland to Boston, Houston and St Louis almost every week through the end of the year.

    The question is that by rough calculations, I'll be about 8K elite miles short of gold elite - can I buy EQMs to insure I'm at that level by year end?

    2 AnswersAir Travel9 years ago
  • Ab exercises while on the road?

    I'm looking for some help on ab exercises that I can do while traveling. I travel about 60-70% so I can't really bring much with me in terms of weights, equipment...etc. I've lost about 30 pounds over the past year and try to do about 100-200 crunches a day but looking for something that will help tighten things up for me. I'm 30 so I know I won't get a 6-pack back, but would like to get as close as I can.

    Any advice is appreciated.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness9 years ago
  • A/C leak or freon recharge?

    After a long winter with the heat on, I turned my air conditioning on and it runs and gets cold, but never seems to get cold enough to get the house to temperature (about 72) so it runs constantly. Same thing happened last year and I had someone out to recharge it with freon after a ridiculous bill. Thing is, I can hear a leak (or what sounds like one) when I go downstairs which is exactly the same as last year and then after the recharge, it went away. Almost like there's some blockage that needs to be pushed or something.

    Any ideas before I pay for someone to come back out?

    Thanks in advance!

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago
  • Drainage ideas for flooding basement?

    Ever since I bought my house I've had some issues with water in the basement. Not a lot, but with the past storm that hit, it was more than I'd like. I've tried fixing the grading within the landscaping but I guess I need to do better. I was thinking of digging it up this summer and laying some drainage pipe down but I know there are several options.

    Anyone have any experience or insight with this? Any help would be appreciated.


    6 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)10 years ago
  • Sites to learn about new music?

    Anyone read any good sites like RollingStone or Stereogum to learn about new music? I like to check out new bands but struggle to find good stuff. I'm definitely not into any of that Emo stuff and not too thrilled about most of the new Indie stuff either.


    6 AnswersRock and Pop10 years ago
  • All vegetable recipes?

    I've been eating healthy but still want to shed a few more pounds. I love pretty much all vegetables and I'm looking for some recipes that are just a veggie mix (and possibly chicken).

    Any ideas?

    2 AnswersCooking & Recipes10 years ago
  • Picture online that I want framed?

    I found a picture online and would like to get it framed. I'm not even sure where to begin looking to be honest. Do I try to get it printed at a store and then get it framed or are there places online that I could just email the picture to and get it from there?

    Any ideas?

    3 AnswersPhotography10 years ago