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  • stepson crushing on me?

    He is 15 and I am 27. He has been around occasionally and now he may be coming to live with us because his mom can't handle him. It's not his fault though because she is abusive and a drug addict. I thought since he had no respect for anyone and we haven't been around eachother a lot at all that being more of a friend would work better. Of course it did work well until he started being flirty and touchy feely and seemingly frustrated. Maybe frustrated with me because I always walked away from what seemed like advances. I really don't know. I talked with my husband and we decided it would be bad to refuse affection or not give any (like normal parenting affection) but i needed to remain the adult and walk away. Basically ignore it is all that is doing. He is never violent or forceful with me so i am not worried there. I am just scared that if I talk to him about it he will hate me and if I ignore it he will hate me. What should I do? I don't want to be some evil stepmom. There is enough drama in the world without having to come home to it.

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  • guys get on my nerves...?

    So this guy stares at me to make me uncomfortable. Like it's a game that he finds hilarious. So I told my friends he was f***ing weird to where he could hear it. Then I messaged him and told him if he didn't stop this starring game i was gonna light the fuse on his tampon. He wrote back Haha~ You said i was weird, f***ing weird actually. I heard you. it's cool.

    As if i was supposed to feel bad about it. WTF?!

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  • what is this guys deal?

    Yesterday, whilst getting my food, I was standing in line and this guy i have seen a few times before turned his head and was just starring at me. He continued even after I saw him. No smile, no nothing just straight up starring for an awkward amount of time. Finally I was just like, "hey how's it goin?". He was like, "it's goin". I have seen him stare at me before that way and thought i was losing it. He's really cute and all, but the starring contest he seems to want to engage in are freakin me out a little. I looked over and his friend was looking at him and smiling when he was starring at me like it was funny. I sense an air of arrogance about him. what is up with the starring BS?

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  • so my husband is out spending up what little bit of money we have on beer...?

    when we really don't have it to spend and I can't get him on the phone. We share the same account. How can I stop his check card from working? or is there another option I might be able to take?

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  • what if you chewed salvia divinorum extract instead of smoking?

    I ask because I once did this with a very strong indian tobacco. The only thing was, that we had to grind it up with these lil tiny pieces of calcium to slightly cut the lip for absorption.

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  • could someone explain A5 chord on the guitar?

    could you please write out where to put my fingers to play this?

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  • have you ever fallen in love with someones character they play on TV?

    I'm in love with jim halpert from th office. He's the perfect guy!

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  • what all is a guitar teacher gonna teach you?

    which chords? Surely not all right? What else?

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  • guitar playing woes...?

    Just how long does it take to be able to switch from one chord to another with a quickness? I taught myself a song yesterday, but the only prob is that it takes forever(it seems ) to switch from chord to chord. AHHHHHHH! It's frustrating!

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  • superbad...?

    what's that song the one kid starts singing when he gets stuck in that room with the drug dealer guys.

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  • What's your verdict?

    This guy I was involved with on a deployment called me after 3 months of being home and he said he didn't want me to think he was avoiding me and that he'd tried calling me 3 times but I was on leave. I told him I hadn't thought abt. him that much til my friend mentioned him the other day. I later emailed him an apology telling him that what I meant to say was that I hadn't been thinking abt him because I have been keeping busy so I wouldn't have to(it makes me sad cause we had to leave eachother) anyways he said oh that's how it is huh, I'm in the past now?" Then I said no it's not like that. I told him I was moving near him and he asked me if we could hang out sometime. I told him yeah. When we hung up he said it was good to hear my voice. I haven't heard from him since my apology email fri. Do you think he still has feelings? Do you think he'd be mad over what I said even though I corrected myself or do you think that he might not have seen his email yet?

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  • how to make it stop?

    I absolutely hate being reprimanded, but the the thing I hate most is when someone is gettin on to me for something that's not my fault. I get so angry and I can't express it because that person is my boss so the only thing I can do is cry. I don't do it on purpose and I try to fight the tears but they just come anyway. It makes me feel like a dumbass! How can I make this stop?

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  • usb port thingy??

    what is going on with my computer. I stuck my phone in and it recognizes that it's been inserted because it's on the "safely remove hardware" list, but it won't open it. When I right click on it and try to open it says "please insert disk into drive F" All I want is to get the pictures off of the phone and onto the computer. What should I do?

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  • any myspace pros here?

    How can I put pictures of stuff under "about me" "music" "interest" etc.?

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  • a few questions for the girls?

    1. do you think it's hot when a guy shaves his legs?

    2. do you think that guys should shave there armpits? The reason I ask this one is because when you are laying under their arms the pit hair is right there on your face.

    3.why is it that when a guy does shave his legs they usually look so much more smoother and nicer than womens? What's up with that?

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  • excuse my ignorance but...?

    What do they mean when they say "fortune 500" company?

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  • what song is it that goes like so...?

    Maaray, maraay ,maaray,maaaray, jayayayayaane

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