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  • Can you actually be fired without receiving ANY written or verbal notification?

    Both myself and husband work in the same hotel.My hubby is the Head Chef. On N.Y. Eve the hotel hosted a function for 160 people. The hotel owner was at the festivities and at about 3am we joined him at the bar for a drink. We were discussing the sucessful Christmas season etc when all of a sudden he turned nasty (he had had a few drinks to many) He flew into a rage about why the chef hadn't fired a certain chef in the kitchen, asked why he'd employed a "spear-thrower" a female Phillapino chef and actually blamed my husband for his mother's recent death. She y died a few weeks ago of a heart attack. My husband walked away stunned and I went to speak with the boss. When I asked how he could say these things I was told to F-off. We were both due to only start work two days later. Since then we have had no written/verbal verification to our job status,all we have received is a text mesg from the GM stating NO RETURN TO HOTEL DUTY.

    We will take this further-any advice r jobs???

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  • How does someone be elected "Power of Attorney" over someone else?

    My father-in-law recently suffered a stroke - he is still in hospital. His son has informed my wife (the sister) that he has taken a lawyer to the hospital to consult with the father and basically he now has power of attorney over the father's affairs. The brother informs us that he intends buying the family home and obviously has access to all the father's banking facilities. Surely even someone with power of attorney has to answer and be accountable to someone? Recent bank statements arrived for the father with unusual cash withdraws? Any help, my wife is sick with worry, her mother passed on 3 years ago leaving the estate to her father.

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  • Can a spouse withhold divorce until she receives UK citizenship?

    my brother returned to UK 3 years ago with his South African wife. They have since separated and she has managed to convince him that she will only sign divorce papers once she receives British citizenship. He claims this has been documented to him via her South African lawyers. Should she not receive citizenship he will apparently be forced to pay over to her 50% of his life insurance policies. She is 53 and he is 50. He adopted her son who also resides in the UK after receiving ancestral citizenship - he is 27years old. How can she hold him to ranson like this. She is working as a care-worker in the UK although was medically boarded in S.A. with "back related problems"! Any advice?

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