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  • What are some possible causes of a 2+ week coma in an apparently healthy 22 year old male?

    22 year old basketball player, collapses on the court and stays in a coma for 2+ weeks. Nothing too "easy" to figure out, now.

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  • How much would an old ORIGINAL Game Boy be worth?

    I have a red original Nintendo Game Boy, and I was wondering if it was worth keeping it to play with, or if it was worth it to sell it. Around how much could I get for it? And yes, it is in pretty much perfect condition and still works and all that other stuff.

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  • A = P[1 + (r/n)]^nt - How do I solve for t?


    A = 1,000,000

    P = 35,000

    n = 4

    r = 8.5%

    This gives me the equation:

    1,000,000 = 35,000[1 + (.085/4)]^4t

    I know that I am supposed to do something with logarithms, because that is the reversal of exponents, but I'm not quite sure what. Or what the base would be. Or how to get there in the first place. Anyone want to help?

    6 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • Help on an algebra two work problem?

    When Jim works alone in the ticket booth, he can collect $50 in 30 minutes. When Jim and Tony work together, they can collect $50 in 10 minutes. How long would it take Tony alone to collect $50?

    Please keep in mind that I don't actually just want the answer, I want to understand how to do this type of work problem. Thank you.

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  • Anyone good at factoring (again...)?

    A^2(B - 3C) + 9B^2(3C - B)

    I tried to solve this by factoring a negative one out of the second half, then putting the like terms together and using difference of pefect squares to get (A + 3B)(A - 3B)(B-3C)^2, but that was wrong. Any hints?

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  • Anyone good at factoring?

    x ^2 - 9y^2 - 2x + 6y

    I tried to solve this problem by grouping the first and third versus the second and fourth, but I came up with the wrong answer (which was (x - 2)(x - 3y)(3y - 2)...) Anyone have any hints?

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  • I have an ex who I'm completely in love with, but she says she's not even bisexual anymore. Help?

    We just got into highschool this year, and unluckily we're at the same one. We have two classes together, and even though she's a total ***** to me, ignores me, and acts like her new sophmore friend is more then a friend, I can't get over her. My mom hates her, her mom hates me, and she invited all of my close friends to her birthday party (I know, this is getting really immature.)

    She said that she decided not to be bisexual because she wants a career in politics. But I thought that it wasn't even a choice to begin with, so I'm so confused over it.

    Anyone good with drama want to help?

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