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Bad Kitty!

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If you'd like to add me for some strange reason, please email me first with your qualifications, political pet peeve, resume, mission AND thesis statements, relevant community service record, level of education, insurance and registration, middle name, FICO score, planet of origin, motto, animal spirit guide, lucky number, handedness, and the lyrics to that song that's running through your head all the time. DISCLAIMER: Although an attempt has been made to ensure accuracy, the validity of the answers submitted by this participant is not guaranteed. The undersigned asker hereby agrees to release and hold harmless the answerer with respect to any and all typos, grammar mistakes, punctuation and spelling errors, injury, death, dismemberment, disability and loss or damages to person or property resulting from reading the aforesaid answers, except that which is the result of gross negligence or wanton misconduct. Signature:_______________

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