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Love Life, following the Path that God leads me to, wandering around from place to place, getting to know many people from many backgrounds and making valuable friendships everywhere I go or on the internet. Love to help people when they are in need, and enrich my Soul be loving others and caring for them. I do photography for fun, read a lot, and have several health issues that allow me to share in my experiences by being apart of Yahoo answers. Long time sufferer of Endometriosis, Sleep Apnea, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But this has not stopped me from doing anything only taught me lessons along the way about appreciating the little things in Life that we so often take for granted or forget about, like sharing a smile with a stranger. Listening to the voice of a child. Hearing the patter of rain. And seeing GOD in all HIS Glory and finding throughout all this what true love, patience, endurance and peace are really about. Not of any particualr religion.

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