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  • Is anyone else scarfing up the professional film photo gear going for pennies on the dollar?

    Lenses and gear, I could only dream about before, are suddenly within reach. To attain the same image quality in digital gear would run into the thousands. I love my $86 Tokina 80-200mm 2.8 manual focus lens on my $50 Nikon FE2 camera body :)

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  • Do you see Digital Photography as a good thing for the common man?

    Have you bought into the digital camera hype? Spending more for per actual printed picture than film? The majority of people probably delete more pictures in a week than they ever took with film. How many of us even print our work anymore? Has the "keeper" ratio increased with digital? Or has consumerism won again? Has digital positively improved your photographic skills? Will we lose our photgraphic history to crashed hard drives and unstable backup media? Rhetorical, I bought a DSLR last March.

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