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  • need a lot of answers so please star my question?

    has anyone ever missed a a negative result..and showed no pregnancy symptoms..until the next missed period was due to roll around.

    see i think im pregnant..i spotted...i have extreme nasal stuffiness..which is an unusual early symptoms..extremely dizzy..anyone ever have random symptoms??

    my pcp and my ob/gyn doesn't seem to be concerned that i missed a period......and i had sex right around the time i there is a very good just not showing classic has it happened to anyone else...2 missed periods b4 symptoms arrived??

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  • woooooo what is going on...i need experiences?

    so i posted about possible implantation bleeding and how i bled real light for about 12 days and it was brown (old blood) not even enough to fill up a slender tampon. i was supposed to get my period today but instead of getting it..i stoped bleeding all together. i have had no inclings that my period is on its way..and early during my light bleeding i had minimal cramping as is common with implantation. i am wondering if i should consider this a missed period since i just suddebly stopped after 12 days of light flow.

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  • International adoption costs from korea?

    about how much would it cost to adopt a child from korea...or anywhere else outside of the united states??

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  • People who have been pregnant before or are currently pregnant please...?

    so i want to know what your personal experiences with implantation bleeding was during your pregnancy...i don't want to know how long the internet says it lasts or when it is supposed to start...just personal experiences please...i think i am having implantation bleeding but im not supposed to get my perios till wednesday and i go to the doctor tomorrow to find out whats happening...i have been bleeding for 11 days now...brown blood (which means its old)...and it hasn't been heavy at all which it would be if it were my period...and i have never once in my life bled between is too early to test yet b/c mine came up negative but just today i have been getting tired...i know the internet is only an estimate of what is supposed to says about 3 days...but i have heard long did yours last girls??? could i possible be experiencing this?

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  • i really need some opinions on possible being pregnant?

    I'm not supposed to get my period ountil the 20th of august. i ovulated on wither the 3 or the 5 of august and i have only had sex 2 times this month both of which were around the time i ovulated. i am on nuva ring birth control but i don't think it's doing its job. i have never once in my life bled between cycles but for the past 5 days i have been bleeding very lightly and it has been brown which means its old blood. if it were my period i would be bleeding way way way heavier. o ya and with my daughter...i never bled once. the internet say only about 1/3 of women report implantation bleeding but i didn't have it with my first so im not sure what to think. the internet also says that i would be due on april 28th and that i would be 3 weeks today which would possibly be too early to have morning sickness or sore breasts....but im right along the time line for implantation bleeding because it usually occurs 6-12 after what do u think? it wouldn't show up on a pregnancy test because i still have over a week until im even due for my period....can't get into my docs till monday either but i just can't get it off my mind

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  • Aristotle and motion?

    what is the one heavenly body and the four earthly bodies?

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  • My six week old is getting her first tooth!?!?

    has any one else ever had their six week old get a tooth this young? is this normal to be teething this early?

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  • PLAN B (the emergency pill)?

    has any other woman taken the plan b pill to avoid being pregnant but it didn't work and they got pregnant anyway? i just took it and i was wondering how effectiv4e it may be. i want to her your personal experiences not what it claims to do!

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  • Post Partum bleeding or period?

    i just had a baby 6 weeks ago and i haven't had a period yet or atleast i think i haven't had a period yet. im not bleeding but i am wonding how long until i get a period again? any moms who can give me an answer as to when they started?

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  • I want another baby but im only 17 and trying to graduate and go to college?

    i loved being pregnant with my now 1 month old daughter kylie elizabeth and i miss having the miracle of life growing inside of me. i want another baby really badly but i don't know if i should. i have a 4.0 grade point average and i am going to start college next august anfter i graduate in june. i have no problem with completeing my school work. is it wrong that my biological clock is still ticking and what do you think i should do? should i go with my instinct and have another baby with my boyfriend who is also kylie's father or should i fight it off? i don't want to wait and i don't know why this is overwhelming me soo much. some one help!

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  • What is Albert Einstein's contribution to the theory of motion?

    I need a summary of his contribution.

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