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  • Is this a too easy punishment? ?

    My friends mom got 2 DUI’s. 

    First DUI she crashed into a house. No one was injured. She lost her license for 6 months and attended a class. 

    Second DUI about a year ago she drove on the wrong side of the road and hit somebody. The person she hit had to go to the hospital and have surgery for injuries. She from the accident was in the hospital. A year later she loses her license for 18 months, and has house arrest for 3 months but she is still allowed to go the store. 

    Both times BAC was over .3. To me, I feel like this won’t do anything and she should get jail time. According to my friend she still frequently drinks and drives putting others lives at risk. She also does with my friend in the car. It makes me mad because I know someone else who had only 1 and had jail time, and no one was injured. Is this me being crazy or is this a really easy punishment?

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    What’s wrong with my cats paws?

    My cat is 13 yrs and a male calico, weighs 9.6 pounds. A few day’s ago I noticed he was limping (seems to be affecting his right upper leg). He doesn’t look to be in pain and is bearing weight, but not fully. I took a picture and right above his paw is a clear white looking area. Not sure how to help. Thanks.

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  • What all do you eat in a day? ?

    I feel like I eat pretty unhealthy. 

    Breakfast: nothing, usually a cup of coffee and creamer 

    Lunch: tuna sandwich on white bread with mayo and some grapes, or peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

    Snack: 2 string cheeses

    Dinner: varies but normally baked chicken, a canned veggie, and some rice. 

    Snack: this is where I eat bad (late night snacking) eating lots of chips and crackers. 

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