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  • Is it wierd to be attracted to an anime character?

    My character in Inuyasha and his brother they are gorgeous and idk cant explain.

    5 AnswersComics & Animation9 years ago
  • Is it right for men to have no say in abortion?

    I do not think it is right its his baby to and its not just the man who can prevent an unwanted pregnancy the women can too.

    6 AnswersPregnancy9 years ago
  • Do you think it is right that mexican is not on the race list?

    no latino race is in the list of race we are just in ethnicity is this right?

    3 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups9 years ago
  • is this book chapter good or not?

    Have you ever wondered if there was another world or some secret society that everyone but you knew about? I didn’t but somehow it managed to find me and now I am struggling to claw my way back to humanity.

    Here we go again, another long year of school. As I sit and wait for mom to come down to take me to school I wonder if this is all life has to offer... “Hey Honey!” mom says in her golden voice. We leave so she can drive me to my school, Vladimir High School, creepy name right? “I may have to work late so tell your father for my please dear?” mom asks. “Sure mom” I respond flatly, she thinks I don’t know what is going on but I know. She has been messing with her assistant Noe for almost a year now, Dad doesn’t know though but I guess he doesn’t have time to notice because he is screwin’ his best friend’s wife Roxy. Mom is so beautiful it wasn’t always like this we use to be a real family but that was before my brother was kidnapped and killed, nothing has been the same since. We arrive at my school first I say my good-bye but before I can close the door mom says she is picking me up at lunch she has something important to tell me then. I say “ok” and then shut the door. I already know what she is going to tell me, she is pregnant and she is leaving father. I know I am right I always am for some weird reason. I see my boyfriend Ian “hey what’s up Veronica!?” I respond with a simple “nothing much”. He looks at me and asks “What’s wrong babe?” I glance up knowing he will know I am lying and say “nothing it isn’t important”. I finally get away from him and go to my first class World History taught by Mr.Lin. I sit in the back and pull out my iPod this is going to be a long hour. I glance up and notice a new kid has sat next to me. He looks different clean cut but in a more traditional classic attire. I say “hi, my name is Veronica Diamond”, “Morning my name is Elias but you can call me Eli, if I can call you Diamond”. I smile and say “sure Eli”, he smiles and responds with “ok Diamond”. Mr. Lin calls Eli to the front hands him a book and asks me to copy my notes. I nod and return to my work. After class I notice Eli is waiting for me “Hello again Eli” I say. “Hello Diamond, I was wondering if you could she me around and escort me to my next class I am afraid if I try by myself I might get lost" Eli requested. “Sure” I say. I look down the hall and see Ian watching me from down the hall. He is with Tanya, no surprise there. She always wants what’s someone else’s, and it’s not hard for her to get it. She is a senior with golden curls and a sensuous body, I know she and Ian are messing around but I refuse to lose the only thing I care about so I simply ignore it.

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