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  • My friend is now dating the boy i fell in love with, how do i move on so i won't be sad seeing them together?

    For context, i fell hard for this boy who was my best friend. He used me to get over his ex and we had cuddled and kissed on a few occasions. I'll call him Alan. Basically all the stuff we did together made me fall really hard for him and I've dated 7 people and none have made me feel like he made me feel. But he constantly told me he wasn't ready for a relationship. I was sad but alright with it because I still had him. But as months went by he just made me sad as hell. Then my friend (I'll call her Dana)came into the picture and he started to like her. Then one night I begged him not to lead her on like he lead me on and rather do nothing with her or else do it while dating her because she was starting to be sad too. So he asked her out. I dont know what to do because I've spent months being sad over this boy and I can't even look at them when they're together anymore because i get really sad. Right now im distancing myself from both of em while remaining friends but it's hard because school. I saw them leaving together today and i started to cry its really bad and I'm just overall hurt and don't know what to do. I kinda dug this myself, They wouldn't even be dating if it wasnt for me being a good friend. How do i move on so i can still have them both without getting super jealous like a kid

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  • How to stop crushing on my best friend?

    We kind of have a friend's with benefit thing going on (excluding sex) and he's doing it with two of my other friends too which is fine it's his life haha. But I've really crushed hard on him for months and I want to get over that because I don't really want things to change since I love kissing and cuddling him but I hate that I always want to actually be in a relationship with him instead of just' this' but obviously that can't happen. How do I get over a crush I've had for way too long so I can just happily make out with my friend. Never thought I'd see myself type that our damn

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  • I fell in love with my best friend, how can I move past this so I can keep being his friend?

    So I had a crush on my friend for a while. Then I snuck out with him one night and we cuddled for hours in different locations and then he kissed me a few times. When I asked him about it he told me he kind of just jumped the gun and wasn't really thinking and he's not ready for a relationship. Then I went to his house and the same thing happened again. We cuddled for hours and when I was leaving I hugged him and then we kissed more. He's also kissed one of my other friends too. I am so in love with him and the fact I can't call him mine is destroying me. I've never felt this attached to anyone before and it's really frustrating but he's not ready considering he basically just has two friends with benefits minus the sex part, just cuddles and kisses. I tried distancing myself from him to get over him but it just made me miss him more and I tried ending the friendship completely but changed my mind immediately.

     How do I get over him without ending the friendship and maybe still have cuddles because they're nice hehe. He knows about my crush on him and he does feel a bit guilty but it hasn't changed ****. Idk what to do anymore I'm a mess

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  • Should I be a bit mad at him for this?

    Basically I had this great day with the guy I have loved for a long time now. Then we snuck out together till 5am cuddling and kissing. And I've had my hopes up form this **** forever. So in the evening time I asked him what's up with all this and he said he's sorry he kind of just jumped the gun and he does really like me but he's still bummed over his ex and he's really sorry but he does love me and always will and we're still best friends. But he's kind of been leading me on to this for weeks now. And it wasn't just a kiss that felt natural in the moment there was several and I think it was somewhat dickish of him to do this when he knows I do like him a lot. Obviously it's understandable that he's upset and i was supportive in my answer and gave him no **** but I still am so confused about everything and quite frankly extremely sad. It's not like I can wait for him to be ready next year he's probably moving to Denmark and it so It would have been cool to date him before then so at least the heart break wouldn't be over my own stupidity yknow. Sorry if this makes no sense I have a hangover so this is annoying to type

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  • I don't know if I agreed to a relationship or a friends with benefits thing how do I tell?

    I don't realIy mind which it is actually. The boy is my best friend so the signs of "he hangs out with you in public" and all that doesn't count since we always have. I don't know what I'm doing it would just be better to know if I have a boyfriend or not. None of our friends really know. One thinks it's fwb and others think it's a relationship. I don't wanna ask but it's kind of embarassing since I never really figured it out by the way he asked me out until he said "so is that a yes" I can't figure it out. I see him all the time in college so I don't really know what's up at all and it'd be better to know without making things awkward

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  • I think I might have accidentally decided to become friends with benefits with someone without realising it?

    okay I can't even explain the context for it. I don't really have a problem with it I think it'd be fun. Tbh I thought I was deciding to be in a relationship because that's what one friend said but then my other friend said "I see you've become friends with benefits with ___ I'm proud"

    I don't really want to ask the guy because it's quite embarassing so should I just wait and see what happens because I'm up for either but it would be nice to know if I have a boyfriend or a **** friend lmao.

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  • I'm in love with my friend and it's driving me crazy?

    So he's my best friend and sure everyone has a crush on their friends at some point I guess. But this one in particular annoys me because of the way he treats me.

    He has a crush on a different girl he tells me about a lot (he knows I like him so that's kind of mean haha) but he teases me playfully like rubbing my hair messing it up like a dick and punching my shoulder lightly and just being cute asf through texts. But he's so in to this other girl. It's really really frustrating

    For a while I was thinking I was gonna try create some distance between us so I can get over him and try move on since I think about him all the time lately. Then today he came up and messed around with me and I realised that ain't happening since god I love him

    (I'm so sorry this whole thing is really hard to explain I'm very tired sorry)

    Part of me really wants this girl he likes to just decline him or not like him back so maybe there'd at least be a chance for me but the other half just really really wants him to be happy. I've given him advice and help on how to get her and all that. Everyone's kinda like "why are you helping him get with someone else" I guess his happiness is what I treasure more than my own when I'm with him

    Is there really anything I can do about this? I love our friendship more than anything and can't imagine a life without him in this current time and he means the world to me in love with him or not. I just really wish Something would change. Any advice at all?

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  • How to get over being in love with your best friend?

    Yeah so I am really really really really into my best friend right now and have been for a long time. It's not mutual as he's hella into this other chick (very long story short). So basically every time he talks to me about her it breaks my heart. I've never felt like this before. How can I just move on from this. I'm not very attractive so literally moving on isn't really an option right now. Please help me I'm desperate

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  • I have a crush on my best friend and it's killing me slowly?

    I think I'm falling for my best friend Alex. He's just a great guy and he's amazing. According to our mutual friend Sam apparently he likes me too, but I'm unsure about that. I feel like he was just saying that to give me some hope and happiness or something. I've never felt so strongly for anyone before. He's given so many mixed signals at this point and it makes me want to die with confusion haha.

    I'm tempted to just find out if I have a shot or not and just say "hey dude I have a huge crush on you I don't give a **** if you don't return it but I just really wanted to tell you. I'm sorry" (obviously phrased differently haha) just so I can get this off my chest to him because it's so frustrating. But I also don't want things to be awkward but this is really making me sad. I'm at a loss at this point and I just want to date him or just to somehow get over this crush I've had for about 5 months now. Help please

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  • I keep flinching at noises that aren't even too loud?

    Even if it's the sound of my door opening, or the door outside opening or something dropping inside or a car driving by. Literally anything even if it's not loud at all. Everything makes me jump. It wasn't like this until recently suddenly I just jerk at everything. Is there a reason that someone can suddenly start being really startled(?) Or jumpy at noises and what can I do? Sorry if this doesn't make sense I don't get it either.

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  • Which of these has a better temperament, a Golden Retriever or a Labrador?

    I know it does come down to the dog itself and all that but I'm curious for your opinions nontheless

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  • Tips on how to get over surrendering your dog?

    I've had him for a year now and we have to put him up for adoption due to private reasons and I really am devastated and I have been crying a lot. When he's gone is there any tips you can give me so I won't constantly mope around due to not having my dog anymore?

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  • Attachment image

    Should I get this tattoo?

    I want to get a compass tattoo with lyrics from a Billy Joel song "everyone goes south every now and then" I attempted to Photoshop this in PicsArt as I don't have Photoshop. Obviously it will be placed elsewhere and definitely a different font but I like the compass shape. Considering its a tattoo with a quote from a musician I could really not care for in a couple of years but still enjoy the lyric and the compass idea should I still get it?

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  • I want to go to a university..?

    But it's quite a distance so I'd probably have to be up at 6am every day which would suck since I barely sleep enough as it is and it would involve a good bit of walking from a train station. I could rent a place there for a bit but I'm not sure if my family are up for that we haven't properly discussed it.

    One reason Im unsure if I could get a place there is due to my animals (rabbit and a dog) I can't just ditch them with family. this is the only place that has the course I want to do and I can't find one like it anywhere near me and I really need to do this but there's so many barriers that are holding me back and I hate it and I'm not sure what to do about them. Any advice on how to go about this?

  • My dracaena lemon lime plants leaves are twisting?

    The same is happening to my ti plant and peace lily

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  • I'm starting to hate my dog?

    I love dogs. I have been begging for a dog since I was 6 (I'm 17 now) I finally got a dog last July. He's untrainable. I've trained several people's dogs in my time so it's not me being a **** trainer. He's a springer spaniel called Ollie. I loved him at first but his lack of discipline is awful. I don't have the money to bring in extra help right now due to private reasons (we're not poor just other stuff going on) but I don't get why his behaviour is so bad. He's very smart and knows tons of tricks but he's hella territorial and possessive, pulls my arms out during walks no matter what techniques ive tried etc etc. He's very friendly but nothing I do ever works with him. He's just a mess and ******* crazy. As I said I used to assist in training people's dogs so I ament just bad at this but he's just absolutely wild. I really don't know what to do this wasn't what I wanted in a dog. My whole family aren't enjoying him either. He also growls and bites if you try touch him in his bed, he used to lie back for belly rubs on it and still does but sometimes he'll just bite anyway. It's so frustrating I'm stuck (sorry if this doesn't make sense I'm crying while writing this)

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