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  • Breastfeeding Help, Should I quit?

    I have a new 6 week old baby girl and I am having trouble with my supply.

    My 18 month old breastfeed till 11 months when he decided he didn't need it anymore I had plenty of milk and feeding came easily, I was very lucky with him.

    But with my daughter I have no milk and she is not putting on any weight, I have just started supplementing her with formula, I have tried everything, pumping after feeds, feeding every 2 hours, all the supplements you can think of and nothing works, even my lactation consultant is out of ideas.

    I am giving it till the end of her second month before I give up, its too much with 2 bubs, I barely have time for my son any more cause its all boobs and bottles and I think I am missing out on too much of my kids, trying to breast feed, express and then formula top up.

    Is it wrong to just go with formula and put my energy into having fun with my kids??

    5 AnswersNewborn & Baby9 years ago
  • Breastfeeding question?

    My 7 week old has just started to sleep through the night, 8 hours the past 3 nights, is it ok for him to sleep this long without waking for a feed, he is exclusively breastfeed and does not like dummies.

    9 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago