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  • Why Joseph Goebbles never Receive the award of the Father of the Modern Journalism?

    Avoiding the Facts the he was a Nazi Motherphucker, the modern Journalism have been doing exactly the same of Goebbles Started 80 years ago, make the journalism as a tool of propaganda of Modern Empires. London has BBC, Washington CNN, New York Times plus other and Russia knows very well his lesson and now they have RT news.

    Now by 2020 there ain't no news with integrity they all lie according to their country will PLUS manipulated the information, (Bolivia) that New York Times DARE to says was a Electoral Fraud with the BBC together and the MAS (Bolivian Party) WON THE 2020 ELECTIONS with 52% of all votes like Evo Morales did and all propaganda manipulated said he didn't.

    I propose to name Joseph Goebbles the Father of Modern Journalism!!

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  • How Y'all doing Barbarian Friends?

    I recently watch a Netflix New serie about the Brutality of the Barbarians in The Germanias (Germany Actually) and the Britanias (United Kingdom Actually) and how the Barbarians make the life imposible for the Roman Empire.

    Very Good serie, i recommend to watch it my Unitedstathan Friends and knows very well your ancestors.

    I stay here in America, ain't got a single blood drop of Any other continent Than America, My Land.

    PS. Get rid of the orange Clown that you all have as a President and put another clown Lol...

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  • There will be another Stimulus Check B4 Elections or is Another Trump Trick?

    Sounds like Trump is using Federal Money to pay for our Vote hahaha.. I didn't expected less from him.

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  • Women, More Sexy Less Fussy?

    I don't Understand but according to Women Radical For The Future Of The World Association (Bitsches Stand) Sexy Means Sexist and don't allow use women as a Sexual Objects but, Cip - Gallup says that more than 90% of women prefer Sexy in a 300% trying at all cost looks like Mrs. GuttyGusho (Any Kardashian) i am Confused 😢😩😫

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  • Do you Feel the same?

    Every time when i watch on Television people wearing a White Dress with a pick of his head and a cross by the chest, i remember Democrats Killing Black People.

    But, somehow they forgot Democrats Alliance with Confederates and two centuries of Black people Lynching around America, leading by Democrats that sicks of me like Hillary Clinton said when a Journalist asked about Emigration Reform.

    "I NEVER ever will support an Emigration Reform" and now they use Media to become a Victim and allied with Black People to win the Elections but Support Police Endurance against Minorities, especially African-American.

    Common people, open your eyes and don't let those guys fool of you.

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  • SCHIT happened all the time, agreed?

    If you live in a city where crimes rases like boiling milk, you will be a Gangster, Raper, Hip Hop Singer, regular worker or a Corpse, except to you.

    If you live in a City WITH zip code 90210 you will be a Successful Famous Person, scumbag, gold digger, broke person or a Corpse... 

    LastName, Race or origen are not allowed.

    Except to you!

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  • Who wants an independent Candidate?

    I PHUCKING DO, Raise your hand if you are with me, Democrats and Republican'ts they both Socks.

    Few Decades back was illegal fills up your Email with spams, now we got a person in the congress for every Phucking website, Microsoft, Google SCHIT and Hayakiri boy will be there soon representing China Interest. They just paid the fee to Demorats and Republicasses and everybody is happy but US that we have to watch BS ADs and there is a not a Third option.

    Recently my Email since 2006 was Blocked from Microsoft asking for my Telephone number, that is security matter, they just want my personal info to send me their craps, i still using EBay BTW but, i am thinking to get another choice that not share my info, that is completely illegal few years back, now i SCHIT Spam from my butthole and all American are happy. Phucking Washington Congress piece of craps, have to be my CHOICE.

    I got 20 Twitter cuz there is not way to delete your account and Mark SuckerChit he can go phuck himself and his 30 days banned.

    Not even can sue them and you Phaggots reading me do something you son of Bitsches!!

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  • What Kind of Award did you get from your job?

    I am doing a resume and i have no idea what to write in the Reward spot, i NEVER recieve a single one.

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  • Is there an age limit to be a Supreme Court Judge?

    Because this Lady look so young, not all creepy old person that Democrats used to nominate.

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  • Happy Columbus Day Everybody?

    Women have to understand that we (Men) are the Bosses here, bitsches please, don't argue with us and obey.

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  • Omitting the True (women said) is the same of lie, i don't agreed?

    What is the true?

    The blue Sky is a true?

    Huh night the blue gone, bluesky can not be a true. Same with Women i was taking with my homie i am avoiding the facts that i was talking with some girl friend that i have, omitting the true not lying.

    If the cops came and asked if may i ve seen a random guy running with a Bag, huh huh.. I haven't see no one, avoiding the True cuz when cops gone gang members can bit my arss to death, so i am omitting the true, not lying.

    Same with Bitches, we are not laying we just omitting facts that could be cover as a true but we never lying.

    It's so hard to understand, that is why God leave us on charge, it's a natural process that women would never ever understand.

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  • Unusual Dream or Nightmare?

    I didn't wake up suddenly, just dreaming about a son that i don't have, we were walking at an old park, then suddenly the earth opens and swallow my boy, i try to rescue him but nothing, close again and somebody call the cops, they arrested me, searching the boy for three days and let me go.

    In my house he appears smaling by the mirror reflection, so i took out of my apartment all mirror and close everything with reflects.

    Three days later a social worker bring my son back, he just look like an angel and i said, this is not my son, he is dead 6 days ago, i close the door and let the social worker took back that daemon.

    I pack my things and leave the town, 3 days later the building were my son was burning and all people inside dies.

    What the phuck, the FBI is after me and i woke up, thinking about the boy..

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  • How yo doing Barbarian Friend?

    I heard Your President have Covid-19 plus 200k of Death. Well the way we all see it, probably he deserves to be sick, according to Trump he wants to be hero and fight for his Nation against the virus but Refused go and Fight as man in Vietnam Battlefield.

    But he is not guilty, Clinton and Democrats Policy make that schit happened, cuz Clinton was another coward like Trump, probably worst.

    Politics2 weeks ago
  • I left 2 bottle of Beers for a month in my apartament Building, can i still drinking?

    I forgot the beers and have been passing a Month with 110 of heat and i wonder if i can still drinking with no problem.

    I just wanna a beer.

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  • We have to take Back the First Amendment that protect the Freedom of speech?

    No company can take that away from anyboy in America, it is our Constitutional Rights to say whatever we want to say.

    Recently some dude was telling me that he wants to hug me and i said hell nop please let me alone but he insisted, then i  told him, hey if you are a damn Phaggot is your damn bussines i am married and i love my wife, please phuckoff.

    So he Reported my comment and Facebook banned me for a month, What the...instead to be a Victim of sexual harassment i am the stalker according with Facebook standard algorithms, they called Community Rules.

    We have to do something ABOUT it, we are not able to explain the problem, we just banned we zero argument or appeal, that ain't Right.

    #StayHome People!!

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  • What Kind of People are Republican'ts?

    The judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg have not been buried yet and they already are staking her chair.

    Where are all values that makes Americans different than the Rest of the world, where is the moral, the dignity where... that is low, how can these people can sleep themselves that... is unspeakable.

    What happened to this Country??

    Americans become the most disgusting people at the world with zero respect for the Human dignity!!

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  • Happy Sunday, how many Barbarians we got Today?

    I know you all Americans don't like to be targeted as a Barbarians but Romans describes very disappointed how barbaric was the people from Germany and the British islands that is constitute the majority of emigrants durant 17th and 18th Century, that is why is pretty easy found Lastname like Muller, Gutenberg, Fhurer and a lot of more, now we got Mexicans coming from my arsshole so guys, i know you are dying for raise your hand so, hit it.

    #StayHome People!!

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  • Do i have to be ashamed for being Straight guy?

    Everywhere where i go Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Redig and YAHOO ANSWER and other Media are blocking my profile because i don't want to tell my ten years old son that is ok someother dudes phuckin him by his anus, what the phuck is going on do i have to be ashamed for being Straight person, all media some how is blaming us for no reason, just for be a normal dude, THIS is Enough we must to do something.. I got the Constitutional Right to say no, Basta!!