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  • Why do I gain weight back so fast?

    Over the last few months I've lost 45 pounds. I use to weigh 205 now I weigh 159. I didn't change my diet I just stopped eating as much and worked out more. But whenever I eat too many sweets or fatty foods I feel an immediate difference & my stomach pokes out sooo much. I feel like I probably weigh 165 when I just went & weighed in at 159. Why do I gain back soo fast?

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  • Why does my boyfriend talk about my friends?

    I have a guy bestfriend that my boyfriend always talks about he says "He's ugly" or "He's a lame why do you talk to that guy" or "who irons their jeans and puts creases in them? " I'll admit he is kinda nerdy but he always tries to diss him or laugh at him. Its not only with my best friend either any other guy he always says something they do is lame or that they're lame. I feel like I need to defend him but I don't want him to think I like him. He always say "I don't have to get jealous because all your guy friends are lames" Its like he has to insult any guy I talk to. Why does he do this?

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  • Is my boyfriend cheating and/or using me?

    My boyfriend & I have been together for 3 months. Everything was great at first, now he's changed. He use to text me all the time, now if I don't text him we don't text at all. He acts like someone whose lost interest but the other day when we broke up he asked for me back. But he still acts the same way! Also now he gets on facebook a lot more then he use to, he's always online but he use to never get on & when I see what's hes doing hes always liking this one girls pictures she post or liking her statuses but if I post a picture he wont even like it. He just treats me like crap but he's the one who wanted to be in this relationship still, I feel as though hes cheating on me or using me until he finds someone else. Is he using me?

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  • Why does he act this way?

    Me & my boyfriend of 3 months recently got back together because he begged for a second chance after making a hurtful joke. I thought that would be a sign that he changed his behavior but not even 3 days back together he acts the same way. The problem with him is he never acts like a boyfriend. I know he is capable of being romantic & all because he was a sweetheart when we first started dating, but he just doesn't try anymore or seem to want to. Now he's always making jokes that are NOT funny. He's always calling me dumb or ugly or joking about getting with other girls. We broke up because he made a joke saying "I'm only with you so I can get with your friend" How is that even considered a joke? I mean, I know he's joking but he does it too often & acts like I'm a guy friend not his girlfriend. He told me this was his longest relationship & that he loves me. He's 18 & I'm 16 I would think he was more serious about relationships than me. I don't understand, he acts like he doesn't want to be together but he practically begged for me back when we broke up. Why does he act this way?

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  • Boyfriend shows no emotions?

    My boyfriend of 3 months & I broke up for like 4 days because of something he said to me that hurt my feelings then he called me & tried to work it out. We're back together because I love him although we almost didn't get back together. When he first asked me did I want to go out again I said no because of how he acts. When we're in a relationship he acts as if he doesn't care. He is always treating his female friends better than me. He shows more affection towards them. He never says I love you anymore when he was the first to say it even though he struggled with saying that to me. He also has a hard time apologizing & expressing himself. I always make an effort for him to open up to me but he doesn't. The only way he shows he cares is when I suggests we break up. Then he says no we shouldn't. It is SO confusing, I don't understand him at all. I believe he wants to be with me because he would've never asked for a second chance if he didn't but why doesn't he show it?

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  • Is he over me already? What do I do?

    Me & my ex of 3 months broke up about 3 days ago. He told me he was with me because he wanted to get with my friend so I posted embarrassing pictures of him on Facebook to be spiteful. He called me that same night 41 times & texted me, but I didn't respond. The next day at school he was telling me how pissed off and hurt he was, but I walked away from him because there was a lot of people around and he was making a scene. Then I called him later that day & he said he would call me back, but he didn't try to call me back until around 1a.m, when I was already asleep. I haven't talked to him since because he didn't answer my text message I sent him when I'm sure he got it. If he was busy all he was doing was playing black ops all day. Do you think he's over me already since I didn't talk to him when he wanted me to? I can't seem to get over it even though he hurt me, I want to talk to him about it. What do I do now?

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  • Why would he say something so hurtful?

    My (Ex)boyfriend (we broke up yesterday) & I had been going together for 3 months hes 18 & I'm 16. Lately he has been acting different saying mean things & then saying I'm just joking & he has been acting like he wants to break up, like he's uninterested. Then yesterday he told me to call him & we sat there without him talking and he said would I be wrong if I just hung up the phone right now & his brother was around in the background while we were on the phone making comments like "your relationship isn't going to last long" "you need to break up with her" & stuff like this all the while he was agreeing with him so I said you should just break up with me if you don't want to be with me. Then he said ok I will after I see if this girl want to go out with me & his brother said that he looked like he was upset & said you must really care. Then my boyfriend said "Please, I don't care about this relationship, I never cared" which felt like a knife to my gut then he threw in "I was only using you to get with your friend let me text her & see if she up" I was so choked up that I hung up the phone.

    I really cared for him but I can understand if he didn't want to be with me i would have been okay with a simple its over I would understand that, but would he end it by being spiteful? I never did anything that could make him be so cruel to me. I know he does like my friend because of the way he has been treating her lately that's why it hurts. (she doesn't like him back she thinks he's ugly.) How can he claim to love me all while we went out, but hurt me like this?

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  • Wht is my boyfriend acting mean?

    My boyfriend & I have been together for 2 months. He's 18 & I'm 16. At first he was seer he would walk up to me & walk me places, text me goodmorning & everything. Now everytime I see him he bumps into me or pushes me or muffs me. Don't get me wrong I know hes joking but he does that EVERYTIME instead of saying hi or giving me a hug or acting like I'm his girlfriend. & he always fake hits me & punches me & he even choked me up today!! But he gives every other girl a hug when he sees them & is so gentle & nice. IM the one whose suppose to be his girlfriend hes suppose to treat me nice if anybody & he says he loves me but cant show it & wont break up with me. PLEASE HELP why does he treat me this way all or a sudden

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  • My boyfriend is unsure about us, should we break up?

    Me & my boyfriend have been dating 2 months hes 18 & Im 16 and he doesn't act like he cares anymore. We got into an argument yesterday so I broke up with him. Then we talked it out & he asked were we still together. & I asked did he want to be. He took literally a whole hour to answer & he said half yes & half no. Which hurt because he should be sure wether he wants to be together or not. I said choose whichever out weights the other so he said yes, but now I'm doubting the decision of staying together. If he isn't sure that he wants to be together shouldn't we break up? I don't want him to feel forced or just want to be nice I want him to be %100 committed not half. What do you think?

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  • Does my boyfriend like my best friend? (10pts PLS HELP!!)?

    My boyfriend has been super friendly to my bestfriend. He gave her a nickname funsize and he put his number in her phone. Me and her laugh at it because she wouldn't actually date him. But the other day he liked her new picture on Facebook, I don't find that wierd, but she says it is and he shouldn't like her pictures, so it makes me wonder. The otherday he was talking to my other bestfriend and gave her a nickname too (tallgirl was her nickname), so I think he's just trying to get to know my friends better. But we were walking down the hall & he asked my bestfriend "do you want to buy some candy, funsize" smilling and all when he hadn't talk to me and I was right there too! I just think he's being a little too friendly because he doesn't even talk to me as nicely as he does her or other girls. What do you think? Does he like her or is he just being nice?

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  • Is my boyfriend ready for a relationship? PLEASE HELP!?

    My boyfriend & I have been together for 2 months, he's 18 and I'm 16. The first 2 weeks we talked all the time now going into our second month together it seems like he doesn't care anymore or want to be together. He's always busy playing his game or hanging out with his friends and it seems like he doesn't have enough time for me, but when I broke up with him he said he wanted to be together. Then I look at his older brother's relationship & he doesn't even hang out with his friends, he's always with his girlfriend and if he's playing the game it's 'playing the game with my girlfriend' get it? I just feel like maybe me & him don't have the same ideas when it comes to a real relationship. I mean I know we're young and shouldn't worry about serious relationships, but I'm not asking for a serious relationship, just a little bit of his time and affection. I mean, he's 18 years old you would think he would be the mature one & saying this about me right? What do you think?

    Any input would help, thanks.

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  • Is my boyfriens a private person or is it something else?

    Excuse my insecurities but I just wanted to ask.

    I don't know if my boyfriend is just a private person and doesn't like PDA or if he's cheating or ashamed of me. When we're at school you wouldn't even know we were a couple, we hug occasionally but he hugs alot of his female friends. But when we're alone or there aren't many of his friends around he's okay with holding my hand and kissing me. We've known eachother awhile and he talks about our families knowing we go out so I think he really likes me and wants us to be serious , but other times I'm not sure. Is it that he's just a private person or he doesn't want his female friends to know we go out?

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  • Why do fans of celebrities act like they're famous?!?

    Why do some celebrities' fans act like they're the celebrities themselves just because their fave knows them like Lady Gaga fans and Nicki Minaj fans? They dont reply to tweets and stuff like they're a celebrity themselves.

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  • Where can I buy plus size clothes just for teens?

    Where can I find teen clothes like sun dresses and jean vests and half shirts like at forever 21 and Aeropostale for plus size teens? Every time I look the clothes aren't for teens they're for adults so they're not the same and way more expensive. Please & thank you!

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  • how do you delete anti virus 7 permanantly?

    this stupid thing keeps blocking all my sites and popping up wanting me to pay and i cant get rid of it because i don't know how to get rid of my symantec security thing

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