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very much in love with God. matter most is making sure that I put God in the center of my relationship towards other people. this is to make us more closer and attached to him as his lay apostle.

  • baby dream interpretor please..?

    i had this dream a few minutes ago and posted this question right away so, i wont forget the details..

    here it is:

    I was at home with my whole family then based on my dream my mom gave birth to a baby girl then after i am taking care of the baby no instruction given what to fed the baby so basically i was doing it on my own.. but the way it showed in my dream the baby was totally ignored by the family..then the entire family decided to watch a movie but I decided not to go cus I have to take care of the baby but my mom keep on asking if i wanna come still, i said NO.

    but you know how dream was now im on diff setting.. i was with them.. im with my mom but im still holding my baby sister and we even named her "Janelle" then i left the baby to my mom cus im going to a washroom which she also did after.. there were lots of crowd outside the movie house.. one guy even talked to me in my dream asking me about something.. soon after my mom and i walked and bout to go home.. then, I just realized the baby is missing.. and my mom was like blaming herself. she was like describing she was just holding her and forgot whered she placed her (crying) then, we went back to the movie house searching for my baby sister janelle and i believe we still kept on lookiong..just to inform you people i have no baby sister.

    then i forced myself to get up cus im scared of whats gonna happen next.. please can somebody interpret my dream. thanks in advance.

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  • Kindly give me detailed answer as we are going to bangkok in 2 weeks...?

    from Thailand airport what is the best transportation we should take going to Wat Pho (reclining buddha)? cus were planning to get there as soon as we arrived Bangkok.

    if you suggest we take a cab/train/whatever means of transporation. Let me know the cost, distance and travel hours.. Thanks a bunch in advance.

    3 AnswersThailand1 decade ago
  • bangkok airport to sukhumvit..give me transportation detail how to get there?

    please give me an idea how to get there easier...cus were staying in all seasons hotel gold orchid.

    by train, by bus, by taxi and cost as well. thank u!

    4 AnswersThailand1 decade ago
  • advise concerning doha, qatar..lotsa question?

    I got a job offer in doha working to an oil and gas company. as the employer was saying he offered me to have my own personal driver. but then, I am still having 2nd thoughts I really cant decide if I wanted to grab it or not.. but I know the fact this is a great oppurtunity for me specially having this bad economy right now. I should feel lucky cus I got a good offer + a job. but, I am still worried because its in Qatar. Should I be worried? please help. need piece of an advice.

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  • hi quick question : MTR train operation service? is it running round the clock?

    please give me a quick answer as well.. as we are heading to hong kong tom. Thank you.

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  • one day trip to macau via hong kong?

    maybe anybody could help because my bf and i are planning to go to macau via hong kong even just for a day trip. this is our first time to travel abroad together so were really looking forward to find best places for us to see but were on a tight budget. we just wanted to see best part of macau and how to get there. advise cheap transport please.

    ->from macau ferry docking station where should we start? please give us detailed information how are we able to get there..what bus no. or train station we should be getting off? thank you in advance for people who can help. thanks!

    3 AnswersOther - Asia Pacific1 decade ago
  • canada tax assesment?

    hi, im currently here in the philippines having my long vacation... it just so happened my T4 soon will arrive at my canada address and a relative will mail it to me here in my manila address and now, i wonder if there's any office available here in manila where could help to assess my tax form sheet.

    and also, from my 2007 tax govt of canada screwed up the computation so when do u think ill have my refunds? what they only sent me is my gst/hst redund. thas it! haay.

    please help revenue canada.

    2 AnswersCanada1 decade ago
  • philippine passport holder going to lo wu, schenzen via hong kong ?

    please somebody give me an advise cus were going in hong kong next month and also part of our plan is to go to lo wu schenzen to do shopping but then again, i wonder before hand if we still require to get a visa? where can we get it here in our country of origin or we could just get it from the china border the day upon our arrival? please respond. thank you!

    5 AnswersChina1 decade ago
  • first time HONG KONG travelers for 4 days and 3 nights.. can someone help and share some advise?

    its our 1st time my bf and i to travel outside the country and we choose hong kong, its his xmas present for me. sweet. enough of that, we already made our own itinerary: i just need some advise from people been to hong kong or lives in hong kong to give us an idea how much money we should allocate per agenda. thank you.

    1. airport to cityview hotel ( - by cab/bus (what bus no.)/train - how much?

    2. hotel to avenue of stars - by cab/bus/train - how much? which is advisable?)

    3. from hotel to hong kong island heading on to victoria peak- how much?

    4. then which train station should we take going straight to schenzen (lo wu commercial center) for shopping? please help me on this. haha!

    5. from hotel to ngong ping how much money to spend?

    hong kong citizens or people who feel like HONG KONG is their home for sure can help me on this.. if you can give a detailed answer, surely appreciated. Thank you.

    4 AnswersChina1 decade ago
  • SONY LAPTOP- please help!?

    i bought sony vaio here in canada and ill send it overseas but i was wondering if it would still be working out there... cus im worried for the power charging it might not work on 220V and get screwed and wouldnt that to happen...


    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • how long would it take for me to become a permanent resident here in canada?

    i am now working here in canada under a working permit status as an admin-secretary. however, needed to confirm if how many years more should I wait to apply and become permanent resident here in canada? cus i wanted to stay here hopefully for good if only thru God's will. Please help! Need more variable information.

    2 AnswersImmigration1 decade ago
  • how long will it take to become a permanent resident in canada?

    i'll be in canada soon and I would just like to find out if how many years of stay I should follow to apply for another status as a permanent resident and how long would it take to become an officially canadian citizen?

    3 AnswersImmigration1 decade ago
  • how long is the period of time releasing the canada working permit?

    completed the process already.

    *have an employer who will sponsor me.

    *I have an LMO released (received: Dec.2006)

    *submitted my papers to canadian embassy inclusive of all proper documents here in Manila based office.

    *had my final medical check up (accredited by canadian embassy) last January 2007.

    How long should I wait to released my working visa? I can't wait. I am now dying to start working their in canada. huhu!

    4 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • how much is the minimum wage in Calgary, Alberta CA?

    cus i've seen in Oprah Winfrey show that in some state in the US only earning $5.50 an hour. I am just curious to know if what about in Canada specifically in Calgary (largest province of Alberta). How much is the minimum salary per hour? is there any such thing exist in Calgary? cus I've been hearing there are no poor people living on that state. Thanks.

    4 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • how long does the canada working permit releases?

    Finally,I have my LMO approval and contract from the employer. Now, i am waiting only for my working visa to get released.. for how long do they usually released it? and is there any possibility immigration ignore and deny my application even though i have the LMO and all requirements have needed submitted to them already.

    2 AnswersCareers & Employment1 decade ago
  • CALGARY: what kind of lifestyle would I have for $2300CAD monthly?

    please go into detail: Thank you! I am very open to suggestions.

    *how much is the least (cheapest)rental I can find? perhaps basement room is ok with me.

    *how much transportation expense monthly can cost me?

    * food? what is the best place for me to go?

    * shop? like walmart and is there any 99cents store in calgary?

    PLEASE HELP! God Loves us!

    God bless to all, Merry Christmas!

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  • who can help me find companies in Calgary, AB thats searching for a Web designer?

    i am asking for someone can help me find companies that is in need of web designers? Thank you!

    4 AnswersCalgary1 decade ago
  • hi to everyone, can somebody give me the valuable information about calgary, alberta, canada?

    hope there's someone out there could help me know and share with me the important information like,

    *average cost of apt rental

    *transportation fare(per bus, nor train),

    *weather, etc.

    therefore which does give a full view and knowledge about the standard of living in calgary, alberta. So, in the near future I knew already by myself the budgeting and savings I'll make.

    In corteous by everyone that could possibly help me thank you so much in advance. Please give me complete details. Thanks again. Salamat.

    5 AnswersCalgary1 decade ago