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  • Do these japanese sentences make sense?





    I'm pretty sure that the third sentence is ok, and the fourth is wrong, but not sure about the first two.

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  • How does this Japanese sentence translate?


    I'm working on a Japanese translation project for a grammar class, and I want to know what this sentence means.

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  • What do these kanji mean: 図事館?

    This is a word on my Japanese homework, and I can't figure out what it means. Any help?

    The homework wants us to use it in a sentence with either ~安いです or ~にくいです. Meaning we're supposed to connect it to a verb and say that it's hard or easy to do.

    Help please!

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  • How to answer this question?

    食べる時、何で食べますか。 I'm not sure what exactly this question is asking, or how to answer it. help please!

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  • which sentence is correct japanese?

    If I am trying to say "children want to see the ocean" would I write 子どもたちは、海を見てしたがっています。 or 子どもたちは、海を見をてしたがっています。

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  • Help with Japanese plain form adjective sentences?

    I'm confused about how to write a sentence with a plain form adjective. I want to say "The teacher's lecture was very interesting."

    Would that be written as


    or as


    Or am I completely wrong and need to write something else entirely?

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  • Why is my period so late? It's not pregancy, so what?

    I'm a 25 year old with a healthy diet. I'm normally super regular (every 27 days like clockwork), but last month I started 3 days early, and as of today I am a week late to start.

    I am having sex with a newish partner (8 weeks), but he's had a vasectomy, and we're still super careful about condom usage.

    About 10 days ago I got my normal pms signs - weepy, grouchy, mildly crampy, tired, etc. I've had intermittent crampy feelings since then, but no menstrual blood has come. Nothing - no spotting, no change in smell, no change in discharge, only the calendar and the cramps to indicate that my period should be here.

    I'm rather perplexed, and starting to get worried. I don't have health insurance, so I thought I'd see if anyone online had some insight before making an appointment with Planned Parenthood.


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  • Will dyeing with conventional color and manic panic at the same time work?

    I've been dyeing my own hair for years, but I'm stumped on this one. I have chin-length naturally dark brown hair that I bleached and dyed fuchsia two months ago. It is now faded to blonde with pale pink tinges, and I don't like it.

    I want to dye my hair a light to medium brown, but with stripes of blue and green and purple as highlights throughout. I was planning to dye in the highlights first and let them wait for the specified time, then dye over with the conventional color without rinsing the highlights. This has worked well for me before with getting multiple shades of artificial colors, but I've never tried it with a conventional dye in the mix.

    Does anyone have any tips or experience with this, or knowledge of why this would or would not work? Thanks!

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  • Does anyone else remember that the US put Saddam in power?

    Was anyone aware during the 80's? This guy was a US inserted leader, designed to leverage our position during the whole Iran CONTRA debacle. His insertion was brought about by members of the Reagan administration, who now work for Dubya! Why aren't people more pissed off at the appropriate target, which is the current US leadership? Why?!?!

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