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  • I need the meanings to these tarot cards?

    I did a online tarot card reading but before they reveal what the cards mean, they want you to pay and since I dont want to pay, I would really like if someone could tell me what the cards mean. I know the deck they used was The Goddess deck. It was a relationship reading for my self and my husband and these are the catergories and where the cards i picked were placed. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    love situation - "The Star"

    danelle's issues - "Knight of Swords"

    robert's issues - "Ten of Wands"

    challenges & opportunties - "Knight of Cups"

    danelle's advice - "Queen of Coins"

    robert's advice - "Five of Cups"

    possible outcome - "Page of Wands"

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  • Obsessive Picking?

    OK, My friend has this habit of picking at her arms mostly and it results in a bunch of little scabs and scars. Most of the time, I dont think she even realizes when she does it. It does bother her that her arms look pretty gross sometimes but she doesnt know how to stop picking. She says she itches alot so she'll start scratching and then it just goes from there. She literally finds things to pick, weather it be a pimple, dry skin, in grown hair, whatever, she MUST pick it. She's done this for as long as she can remember but it seems like she's doing it more often. Could this be a result of stress in her life or maybe a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? and how does she go about stopping this habit? Any help you can can offer is appericated and I'll be sure to let her know any suggestions. She does want to stop this so she is really just looking for any answers ( nice ones please) from anyone who may do this same thing or from someone who knows anyone like this?. Thanks all.

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  • Tonight is the last episode of Heroes......?

    Tonight is the last episode of Heroes until the new season starts in 07. Does anyone know what month and day the new season is due to air?

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  • What are your opinions on Gender Selection?

    Do you feel that it is right or wrong and if you had the money, would you do this and why?

    This is a dicussion that is going on in a chat room right now and I thought I would get other opinions. =)

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  • whenever i try to change my profile pic i am taken to yahoo photos and my pic isnt do i fix this?

    Once i click upload to change my profile pic i am taken to yahoo photos & my pro pic isnt changed. How do i fix this, its really becoming annoying, all i want to do is change a freakin picture!!! Why is this doing this??? PLEASE HELP and please dont answer with random words just to obtain points. It isnt fair to the people who truely need help. Also. is there a way to contact Yahoo directly? I cant do **** by going through the help section. Thank you to all who actually reply to this with a REAL answer.

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