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I animate with Flash, I make claymations, I make music, I fix people's computers, I make small games, I freak people out with my geekiness, I'm going to make a monowheel hovercraft this summer, I'm applying for several patents, I'm a fairly good writer, hate stupid and easily preventable spelling and grammar mistakes (but try not to hate the people who write them), am learning how to tolerate iMacs, am the second-coolest kid in my church, I'm not very athletic, I sunburn but rarely tan, my mom calls me a cavedweller because I use the computer in my room for long periods of time, I suffer from insomnia, I write my own code for my website ( which includes the page for the Meat Helpline Online, I'm a huge fan of Mr. Typical American (but not as huge as him, I'm actually pretty skinny), and I write long sentences to describe myself and my friends, and my enemies as well, and I have 74 characters left, and did you know that the word "character" has 9 characte